Monday, January 29, 2018

Now That Mattel has the Jurassic Park License

  If you are following the toy industry or are a fan of Jurassic Park merchandise, you probably heard that Hasbro no longer has the Jurassic Park License. This is good news. Why so? Well for starters Mattel has a superior product compared to Hasbro. Mattel outdoes Hasbro in terms of scale and detail.
  Ever since Jurassic Park III came out and Hasbro made toys from that movie, they were never the same. You see in 1997 when The Lost World Jurassic Park came out the action figures of the humans and the dinosaurs were a lot bigger than their Jurassic Park III counterparts. When the third installment came out, Hasbro shrunk the figures down drastically. Instead of being around 4/1/2 inches they became 3.75 inches. That's a huge difference in scale. It seems that in 2001 and onward that Hasbro tended to get really really lazy when it came to scale unlike when Kenner still made them.
  Now onto Mattel getting the license. This is good news for both action figure collectors of the Humans and Hot Wheels collectors because this has so much potential for great toys. Mattel could make a Jurassic Park Movie Masters line that is in scale with the DC Multiverse line. This means we could get movie accurate versions of the human characters and versions of characters that Kenner bothered to make such as John Hammond.
  As for Hot Wheels this means we could possibly get scale diecasts of some of the iconic vehicles from the Jurassic Park franchise. We could see a Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz ML320's from The Lost World Jurassic Park and some of the InGen hunter vehicles from The Lost World. This is some amazing potential that I would love to see in the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line. Jurassic Park would fit right in with that line perfectly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Fix Dented Buckram on a Baseball hat

  I love hats. One thing I don't like about getting hats from online sellers is that sometimes the structured hat that you bought gets packed into a tiny little box. Once in that box the hat gets squished and the buckram gets all dented and out of shape. When you notice this you get kinda disappointed and probably won't wear the hat because it's all warped out of shape. However you probably didn't know that there is an easy way to fix this problem at home with a hairdrier. Yep that's right a hairdrier can straighten dented and warped buckram on baseball hats.
  A few days ago I received a hat from a buddy of mine who forgot he had the had under the seat of his truck. As you might have guessed the buckram was all dented and it looked like the creases in a fedora. So I decided I would fix the hat with the hairdrier trick. Here's what you need to do.
  1. Take hairdrier and plug it in.
  2. Turn hairdrier to the highest heat setting.
  3. Hold the hat upside down so that the crown is facing downward.
  4. Place the hairdrier inside the crown of the hat for a few minutes so the buckram gets heated up.
  5. Turn off hairdrier and straighten out the buckram with your fingers. Make sure you don't get the buckram too hot to touch
  6. Keep molding the buckram back to it's normal shape of the crown of the hat.
  7. If the buckram is still dented up redo the hairdrier trick a few more times and repeat the steps.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Father Knows Best

  I thought I would write about helpful advice that my father had given my older brother when he took over my dad's appliance repair business. There's an old adage out there Father Knows Best. That is most certainly true. My Father knew how to do things a certain way and could do it efficiently. He's been around the block a few times to know what to do and how to do it.
  Now my father used to buy and use Snap-On Tools for his business. Snap-On Tools aren't by any means necessary cheap tools. They're quite expensive. Now when my brother took over my Father's business he got most of the Snap-On Tools that my dad bought over the years. My brother probably doesn't know what a Snap-On truck is or how to exchange a broken tool or for the most part what they cost. He learned this the hard way when my dad pleaded him to park the work van inside the back yard countless times. My old house had a huge backyard with a concrete basketball court that was fenced in to a certain point. The fence never extended out to the back alleyway. There was a light on the shed back there that illuminated the basketball court. My dad said that would deter thieves if you park the van inside the basketball court. Did my brother ever listen to my Father's helpful advice? Nope. He didn't listen. One night some thieves broke into my brothers van and stole all of the Snap-On Tools that my dad bought over the years.
  Another helpful piece of advice my Father gave to my brother that could have maybe prevented this was to leave all the seating in the van. My brother was using what I believe was a 1991 Chevrolet Beauville passenger van before he bought the 1989 GMC Vandura 2500 conversion van that would eventually get broken into. Anyway my brother was going to take the Beauville to the junkyard and before he did that like a fool, he removed all of the seats from the GMC. This was a stupid mistake according to my dad. You see the GMC conversion van's back bench seat would fold down alongside the 2 captains chairs to make a bed. My dad said he could have laid down all of the seats into a bed configuration and put the toolbox and all of the parts bins under the makeshift bed. This way would be thieves wouldn't be able to see anything. Did my brother take my dad's useful advice? Nope. What my brother did do was unbolt all of the seats and threw them into the Beauville and off they went to the junkyard.
  Now when my father would go on a service call to a gated community he knew that they would watch your speed there. My father always told my brother to slow down in these types of places so you wouldn't get a nasty speeding ticket from the security guards there. I recall my dad telling me that he went to the gated community on a call with my brother and my brother got a ticket for speeding. My father would try not to laugh at my brother for getting a ticket for speeding. He eventually stopped telling him to watch your speed in those places. I think my brother got at least 2 tickets in that gated community.
  One of the most biggest pains in the ass in the appliance repair business is changing a compressor on a refrigerator. It takes hours to do and can slow your whole day up. My father had a method of changing a compressor that was very efficient and time saving. He tried to tell my brother to do it his way but my brother insisted on doing it his way that took longer. I remember when my dad and my brother would return home from work saying we had a compressor to change today. They never liked changing them. I do believe my brother eventually took my dad's advice on how to change a compressor more efficiently.
  So in the long run Father Knows Best when it comes to helpful advice.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Windows Media Player Is So Smart that it's Actually Dumb

  I have a love hate relationship with Windows Media Player. I use it primarily to digitize all of my CD's onto my computer so I can sync them to my phone. However Windows Media player maybe a godsend but it's also a major pain in the ass as well.
  As of recently I have been getting more and more fed up with Windows Media Player when it comes to ripping new CDs to the computer. The problem is I have a new release CD and when I go to rip it, Windows Media Player has no damn clue what the CD is that I am ripping. I mean a few weeks ago I bought the new Shakira album, El Dorado and went to rip it to the computer and guess what happened, Windows Media Player had no idea about the albums existence when I went to rip it. This is ludicrous that Windows Media Player doesn't recognize a Shakira album. I mean how on earth can Windows Media Player not be able to recognize a Shakira album? Shakira is one of the most popular Latin singers on the planet and one of the most recognizable here in the US. Now here's the $64,000 question, Why can't Windows Media Player recognize a brand new album that has been released?
  Now it's not that hard to compile album info and data but it can be a hassle to keep track of all of the newest releases that come out every Friday. Now I understand that some albums are very obscure and that Windows Media Player probably won't be able to recognize at all when you go to rip them to the computer. Let's compare two different independent released albums here, Jim Witter's The Piano Men and Bonnie McKee's Bombastic EP. Which independent album do you think Windows Media Player automatically recognized when I went to rip it to the computer? If your guess was Pop Singer/Songwriter Bonnie McKee, your answer was wrong. The correct answer was Jim Witters tribute album of Billy Joel and Elton John songs.
  On Saturday I went out and bought the newest Styx album, The Mission and I went to rip it to the computer. When I put it in the CD Drive, Windows Media Player didn't recognize it at all. If you go to the find album info/update album info and type in Styx The Mission, you won't find the album on there at all. I'll give Windows the Benefit of the doubt here because Styx isn't as popular as they were back in the 1970s and early 80s. Why can't Windows Media Player recognize newly released albums? Windows Media Player is so smart that it's actually dumb. I don't understand half of the crap that this software does half of the time.
  I once went to rip the iconic O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack to the computer and Windows Media Player had listed several variation of this album under the find album info. As a matter of fact there were way too many versions with alternate tracklistings which had everything mixed up to beyond my taste.
  Today I finally got around to getting to a Target to buy the Exclusive edition of Katy Perry's new album Witness which contained 2 extra tracks on it. However as usual, Windows Media Player had no idea what this album was when I went to rip it to the computer. This really pissed me off to no end. Why can't Windows Media Player recognize a Katy Perry Album? Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. So surely Windows Media Player would recognize one of her damn albums. Instead of Windows Media Player recognizing it when I went to rip it, I had to enter all of the album info manually which was a pain in the ass nonetheless.
  What really pisses me off about WMP is that it fails to recognize the newest albums from today's big time artists. Why can't WMP recognize new release music. I've tried ripping newly released albums to WMP a week or so after the album is released but WMP still fails to recognize the albums and the artists. WMP won't recognize Lady Gaga but they'll recognize Gus Polinski and The Kenosha kickers. I so wish Gus Polinski and The Kenosha kickers were a real band. I'd listen to them all the time.
  I don't know who is really to blame for WMP not being able to automatically recognize newly released albums. Is it the programmers at Microsoft who fail to research new releases? Or is it the fact that so much stuff comes out at once and there's a huge amount of upkeep to keep track of all of it? I don't really have a solution but the find album info is useless.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Why a YTMND Movie Will Never Work

  I love the website YTMND. That site spawned many memes and fads that are based off hit movies, TV Shows, celebrities and video games and even an obscure sex offender just to name a few. Now how on earth would a movie based on an entire website work? It wouldn't. It can't be done at all. I'm saying this because a YTMND movie would be the ultimate form of copyright infringement.
  They can always claim it's a parody which is protected under the first amendment but lawyers from Hollywood would still be suing and the film would probably be stuck in developmental hell for all eternity.
  For instance one of the biggest fads from YTMND was an obscure Nick Jr show called LazyTown. You might have heard of LazyTown due to the highly successful meme, We Are Number One which helped raise awareness for Stefan Karl's pancreatic cancer and helped cure it. However at one time LazyTown didn't embrace the meme that spawned from YTMND. YTMND had made LazyTown look like a creepy kids show due to a 14 year old girl with pink hair and 2 adult males on the show and the rest of the characters were puppets.
  The other problem with a YTMND movie would be the whole plot of the movie. This would be a huge block when it comes to what the point of the movie would be. I would assume if a YTMND movie would ever be made it would be like the 1941 Olsen and Johnson movie Hellzapoppin'. I love Hellzapoppin' it's total insanity with tons of slapstick and running gags, just like YTMND fads have.
  If a YTMND movie was ever to come about, getting certain actors to reprise their roles from the classic movies and TV Shows that Made YTMND what it is would be a huge problem. For instance several people that YTMND fads were based on have since passed away such as Brian Peppers, Gene Wilder have in recent years.
South Park's Disclaimer
  The movie would cost a ton of money via licensing the different characters that are owned by different copyright holders. Not only this but if they would go through with a movie like this it would need to have a disclaimer like South Park and Robot Chicken has. In fact Robot Chicken's disclaimer is Any actual names or likenesses of celebrities are used in a fictitious and parodic manner.
  Now by having a sort of disclaimer like the ones that are seen on South Park and Robot Chicken is probably the safest bet to go with if they do make a YTMND movie. The Robot Chicken disclaimer best describes YTMND in a nutshell especially the parody manner.
  Although it would be cool to see a movie based on YTMND fads coming together, the chances of that happening are slim to none. If your looking for a YTMND movie you could just watch Finding Forrester which inspired YTMND from the start. Or you could just watch every movie or TV show that made YTMND what it is today.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How The Salvation Army Can Improve Family Day

  If you happen to be a big thrifter like I am, then you probably know that on Wednesday's The Salvation Army has Family Day. Now on Family Day almost everything in the store is 50% off. However there is one little teeny weenie exclusion, a certain color tag is excluded. This week that color tag was yellow.
  This is what really annoys me about family day. The color tag that is excluded in the 50% off sale. The items that you usually really want on family day are the ones with the excluded color tag. This is really insulting to the shopper. I don't want to pay full price for the item that I want there. I want it to be 50% off.
  I like to buy a lot of clothing there to test my shop scissors on to see how well it cuts through them. As for the past 3 weeks of going to the Salvation Army every Wednesday morning has been a waste of time for me. I'm trying not to spend my money at thrift stores as much anymore but The Salvation Army's color tag exclusions on Family Day really ruin it for me.
  I see something really cool and nice and it's excluded this week. What a shame. I saw a few nice items this week that were excluded and it got me thinking why do I even bother coming here anymore? Recently The Salvation Army has become a hit or miss place anymore to find anything good. I noticed that their selections of certain items have diminished significantly. One of those items is men's hats. I've found a lot of nice sometimes brand new hats there in the past for really good prices. Sometimes I found them on Family day where the hat prices were the excluded color tag. That didn't bother me at all sometimes. It's the bigger ticket items or obscure things that I see that annoy me. They haven't stocked any new hats in about a month or two.
  Other things that irk me about Family Day is that they sometimes don't include furniture. That makes sense in a way. I would never buy a couch or a chair from The Salvation Army. My uncle swears off on going in there since he once saw them one morning spraying the furniture for bed bugs. My uncle has a nickname for The Salvation Army, he calls it The Bug Store since they spray the furniture for bed bugs like the Orkin Man.
  If the Salvation Army really wants to improve Family Day they need to include ALL color tags in the 50% off sale not exclude one color. It's that one day of the week that is like their Black Friday. It really couldn't kill them to include everything at 50% off since they all got the stuff for absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. It's not like they can take a loss on anything. Rant over.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dumping Junk at USAgain Dumpsters

  We've all probably have seen those green and white colored used clothing dumpster bins around since they have become quite popular in recent years. However there is one problem with these donation dumpsters, the dumping of junk that isn't clothing or shoes. At my Walmart they have 3 of these USAgain dumpsters in the top of the parking lot and everytime I seem to go past them I notice a trend, bags of junk left there that people don't bother to put in the dumpster because they are too lazy or my personal favorite CRT Television sets.
  Now in bold lettering all over these USAgain dumpsters it clearly states USED CLOTHING AND SHOES ONLY. I don't think anyone ever takes notice to this policy. People love to dump everything in front of these used clothing bins. I think a lot of people in my opinion do this after they have a yard sale and just take the unsold junk and leave it in front of a dumpster. Heck one time I saw a person dump a huge trailer full of stuff in front of a USAgain Dumpster and didn't bother to put a single thing inside of it. It was all boxes of stuff that didn't sell at their yard sale. This is a problem with illegal dumping but it's a grey area since it's technically donations.
  As a matter of fact most thrift stores won't take old CRT TV's for donations since nobody want's them. Well maybe except for the classic gamers who have systems like an NES or Sega Genesis. Every time my area has a huge electronics recycling drive they fill up the amount of stuff they can take within an hour or two and then they can't accept items anymore, thus leading people to dump their unwanted CRT TV at the nearest USAgain dumpster.
  The fact that people disobey the clothing and shoes only rule doesn't surprise me one bit. People just don't give a damn about it. If they want to get rid of it they'll get rid of it. Just don't dump a bag full of old Baby toys and moldy clothes. It's disgusting to see what people leave in front of these dumpsters once they are exposed to the elements such as rain or snow.
  The overflow of donations that people dump in these dumpsters is what gives these donation dumpsters a bad rap. It's not just USAgain dumpsters that fall victim to this dumping and overflow, other competitors such as Planet Aid suffer from overflow. Secondly the other problem which helps feed the fire here is the fact that these dumpsters are found in just about every parking lot from here to eternity. I wonder how often Planet Aid empties their dumpsters out. I've never seen their truck around cleaning them out.
  A solution to this dumping problem with these dumpsters can be solved by cities and townships passing ordinances limiting the amount of these dumpsters that can be allocated to a parking lot or geographical area. These dumpsters need to be limited to where they can be placed and how many you can place in  a parking lot. These dumpsters are nothing but trouble and makes illegal dumping acceptable