Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 5 Best Batman Action Figures

Unlike my previous posts about the worst Batman action figures, I decided today I would post about the top 10 best Batman Action Figures.
Combat Belt Batman
1. Combat Belt Batman. Now Combat Belt Batman was the first Batman figure released for the Batman The Animated Series toy line. As you probably guessed this Batman's attire is based on the one he wears in the TV Show. It is probably the few Batman the Animated Series you will ever need. Combat Belt Batman came with a snap on utility belt, with handcuffs, a spring launched grappling hook, and a Batarang.
2. Robin from Batman The Animated Series. This Robin figure is probably the only Robin you'll ever need. As with Combat Belt Batman, Robin appears in the way he does in the TV show. Unlike Combat Belt Batman, Robin comes with a glider. This robin figure has been released a couple of times with the same accessory as a repaint. Still a good figure in my opinion.
Power Cape Batman
3. Power Cape Batman. Power Cape Batman is another true to the series painted figure and is the most accurate of them all. Power Cape Batman is from the Batman Beyond line. Power Cape Batman is painted black unlike the others that are clear, and has two cloth wings that are attached to his back and clip on his wrists, he also comes with clip on jets that go on his legs. I highly recommend it.
Detective Batman
4. Detective Batman. Detective Batman is another true to the series figures. This Batman figure is from The New Batman Adventures series when the show was redesigned. Unlike previous Batman figures, this one had wider shoulders and had a rubber cape that went over his neck. Still a great figure that I highly recommend. 
Retro Batman
5. Retro Batman. Retro Batman is from Batman Mask of The Phantasm. This figure also appears in the Animated Series in a couple episodes in flashback form. Unlike other Batman the Animated Series Figures, Retro Batman, has taller points on his cowl an older bat logo on his chest, no spikes on his gauntlets, and a utility belt with pockets, kind of like a WWII GI ammo belt. This is another figure that you must own.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Reasons Why UPS Mail Innovations Is Ineffective

  When I checked the status of the tracking info for my WWE Series 12 Alberto Del Rio figure, I noticed that It moved from Groveport Ohio to Logan Township NJ. I live in Hazleton Pennsylvania, and my package went from Ohio to New Jersey. This is messed up big time. Last time I checked, Pennsylvania is between New Jersey and Ohio. So sending this package to Logan Township New Jersey is pointless. Here is the distance between Groveport Ohio and Hazleton Pennsylvania 454 miles, equivalent to an 8 hour and 4 minute drive. Now from Groveport Ohio to Logan Township New Jersey is 506 miles and is equivalent to a 9 hour and 6 minute drive. UPS Mail Innovations give your package the complete run around. Now from Logan Township New Jersey to Hazleton Pennsylvania is 107 miles or a 2 hour and 8 minute drive. Believe me this is really a screwed up logistics system. Why in the Hell can't UPS deliver a freaking package to the state it is going to without taking it to another state that it doesn't belong in? Does a package being sent from Ohio to Pennsylvania have to be sent to a sorting facility in New Jersey? No it does not. I don't think that UPS doesn't give a fuck about how ineffective their UPS Mail Innovations is. They don't belong in the mail prepping business in the first place. If UPS loves logistics so much why won't they fix this damn UPS Mail Innovations. FedEx Smartpost is better than this shitty service called UPS Mail Innovations.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Chevron Cars Wendy Wagon Review.

  I recently bought The Chevron Cars Wendy Wagon on because there aren't any Chevron gas stations in Pennsylvania. Wendy Wagon was the second Chevron Car that was released in a series. She was originally released in 1997 along with Sam Sedan and Tony Turbo.  Also in 1997 Wendy Wagon was in a Chevron with Techron commercial done in Claymation by Aardman Animations. Now Wendy Wagon is not my first Chevron Car that I own. My first one is Brent Blizzard. I bought him on a trip to Arizona back in November of 2006 when I went to visit my Brother and his family.
Wendy Wagon and her box.
  Now Wendy Wagon is well, a green station wagon, as her last name implies. Wendy Wagon has a black roof rack, and black side view mirrors that actually work. Wendy's wheels are a silver metallic color, with real rubber tires. Now to compare Wendy Wagon with Brent Blizzard, Brent has plastic wheels and tires. Like all Chevron Cars, their rear license plate says Techron. Wendy has green eyes with blue eyelids. Her eye movement is her eyes blink when you push the car down and push her. Wendy's two front doors open also. Her hood also opens up just like she does in the commercial when she shows off her engine when talking about Techron.
  The box art for Wendy Wagon is just like her commercial. On one side of the box, she is parked next to the gates of a school with a soccer ball in front of her, the one that bounced off of her in the commercial and you see the child peeking up over the schoolyard wall whose soccer ball hit Wendy. The front of the box is a cropped picture of the sides. Overall this is a very cool toy especially if you are a station wagon enthusiast like myself. For an adult collector this toy may seem babyish to other adults.  If you are contemplating buying her don't let the babyish factor scare you, they make great conversation pieces.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh No Not UPS Mail Innovations Again

  On Saturday I ordered WWE Basic series 12 Alberto Del Rio from Toys R and my package is being sent through that damn UPS Mail Innovations again. I blogged about this horrendous service that UPS offers. I'll go through explaining this process again for those of you who don't know. UPS receives the package, and prepares it to be delivered through the USPS. Now the tracking information is shittier than the USPS' Track and Confirm where if your lucky enough, your package might get a tracking update once in a while.
  What annoys me is that for the $5.28 I paid to have the figure shipped could have went to UPS to deliver the package instead of their Mail Innovations crap. Or Better yet they could of shipped it USPS for the amount of money. UPS Mail Innovations Sucks big time. I think that when you choose to have something shipped that they should give you options at least to what shipping service you want so you don't get stuck with this so called UPS Mail Innovations.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Hate The Kia Hamsters

  While I was flipping through the channels the other day, I saw a Kia Soul ad with those stupid hipster hamsters. To add to my raged fury, the commercial featured the hamsters and robots dancing to that god awful Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. I wanted to scream because, I hate hamsters that are urban thug hipsters. I don't even know what category they actually are. But did they have to have LMFAO's song in the ad? No I HATE LMFAO. I've Had it up to my brains with hearing that awful song on the radio. That has got to be the WORST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! I thought I was safe from that horrible song when I watch TV. Well I guess I'm not then am I.
  Ok now I've got the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem rant out of my head, and on to the hamsters. These Hamsters are annoying. Why are they annoying? Well considering the fact that by having Hamsters dressed like urban gangbangers and driving a car that is uglier than the Nissan Cube doesn't do it for me. I like the older commercials with the Hamsters when Kia took shots at the Scion XB and the Honda Element, portrayed as a toaster and a cardboard box. I interpreted it as the Scion XB as the cardboard box and the Honda Element as the toaster. Now these ads are being played over with one hit wonder rap singles which makes me want to hate them even more. The CGI hamsters are really getting old now. And I think that Kia has gone way too far with these damn Hamsters. Once is enough. These commercials are cute once. The second time around they are vomit inducing. Hamsters that are the size of humans won't sell me a Kia. In fact I'll never buy a Kia because they are crap. So there you have my Kia Hamster rant.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Old People Drive Buicks

  Are you under the age of 50? Are you in the market for a new American Car? Have you considered Buick? If you haven't considered buying a Buick its probably because you don't want to be caught dead driving an old people's car. Considering that I have no interest in modern day Buick's is because they don't appeal to my taste. I do however have interest in certain Buick cars such as the Roadmaster, Grand National, 1971 Buick Riviera and the Buick 8 and any vintage Buick.
  I know that this comes to our minds once in a while, but we really don't think of the details on why they buy them. Lets face it one time or another in our lifetime we get stuck behind a little old lady who can just about see over the steering wheel, driving her Buick Park Avenue way under the speed limit, making us late to our destination. Are old people attracted to Buick's because they offer some sort of Senior Citizen discount, that is only known to people who are 65+? Or is it because Buick has an old person magnet that attracts the senior citizens into the showroom to buy one? Or is it the bland, unattractive styling that drives the old people to buy one?
Tiger Woods + Buick = FAIL
  Well General Motors has been trying for years to attract a younger crowd to buy Buick cars. I believe that it is partially General Motors fault that they let the Buick brand fall to a certain demographic. In fact I think the moment that made Buick uncool was when Buick left NASCAR in 1991. Then Buick started to sponsor golf. As a matter of fact, don't a lot of old people like to watch golf on TV and play golf? Yep they sure do. I know there are a lot of young people who play golf also. I also think that when Buick started to sponsor golf, they went downhill. Way Downhill. Also getting Tiger Woods to be a spokesman for Buick was a worse decision. If Tiger Woods can't convince a person younger than 55 to buy a Buick who else can? I remember when GM had those ads a while back with the ghost of GM designer Harley Earl to convince someone younger than 55 to buy a Buick. In fact most people who were younger than 55 when those ads aired wouldn't even know who Harley Earl even was. I remember watching that commercial with my dad and he told me who that was.
  Buick's are the number one selling import brand in China. That's right China. I find it ironic that the number one import car brand in China is Buick and in the USA there isn't a Chinese car in sight. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the reason for Buick being so big in China is due to it being a status symbol long ago. In the USA Buick was considered a doctors car. I do have a doctor that owns a Buick and she's pretty young. But at least somebody fits the old target demographic.
  What pisses me off is that GM can't get the younger crowd to buy a Buick. No matter how hard they try, GM dun goofs and they attract the old people. David Dunbar Buick, the founder of Buick, probably never imagined old people being the ones buying his cars the most. In fact David Dunbar Buick was 49 years old when he founded Buick in 1903, six years shy of the current demographic. He's probably rolling around in his grave with those statistics.
  If General Motors wants to save Buick they need to get their priorities straight and turn this brand around before it sees itself being discontinued. Or better yet the Chinese would love to buy the automaker Buick. They could rejuvenate the brand. To this day I don't have any interest at all in a new Buick because they are bland and unattractive.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dollar Tree's No Refund Policy

  If you have ever shopped at Dollar Tree, you probably thought that you would never even need to return your purchase. Well if you have, you can't get your lousy Dollar back. I know what you're probably thinking. Why in the hell would I want to return something for $1? It's a measly $1. Well Apparently Dollar Tree states their policy here. "So that we may continue to provide you extreme value for $1.00 when shopping at one of our retail stores, we reserve the right to limit quantities, do not offer refunds, and consider all sales final. We will gladly exchange any unopened item with the original receipt, however, we do not offer exchanges on seasonal merchandise." On behalf of my opinion that is complete baloney. Not only are they cheating us out of our $1 or whatever the total maybe, but chances are that we don't want to exchange our item, we just want our damn dollar back.
  Seriously I'm surprised that Dollar Tree hasn't been sued over this No Refund Policy. Here is a made up scenario. If I bought lets say 100 flashlights at their store, and then I found out that the flashlight giveaway, I was in charge of getting those 100 flashlights for had been canceled at the last minute. I then go to Dollar Tree with 100 flashlights and demand my $100 back because we don't need them anymore. The employee or manager says you can exchange it for any item in the store. Well it turns out that I don't want any item in the store for exchange. I want my $100 back. Now I am stuck with $100 worth of flashlights, and out of $100. Now I believe you can file a lawsuit in small claims court to get your $100 back.  I am not a lawyer, so I don't know what your chances of success will be if  you do sue them in small claims court.
  Most of the items in Dollar Tree are junk, and are not worth returning, such as toy soldiers, greeting cards. I guess the message that they are trying to send to us is that is you were foolish enough to spend that dollar on a crappy item, and now your stuck with it. Ha Jokes on You. I have a job and can afford to spend a dollar here or there. But I am pointing out how stupid this policy is. It's ridiculous. So spread the word on how stupid and redundant this policy is.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Pennsylvania Smoking Ban Should Include Bars

  Today I went to a 40th birthday party for one of my mother's friends daughter. It was held at a bar my mother's friend didn't pick the location. Since I don't touch alcohol ever, and being used to eating in restaurants that have 100% no smoking, going to a bar would be different. In fact if you grown up in a nonsmoking household, you can't deal with the smell of cigarette smoke yet alone breathe. Apparently the Pennsylvania statewide smoking ban excludes bars and casinos. WTF? I mean if you are going to go all of the way with banning smoking in all public places, then you don't exclude anyplace. I never go to the casinos in PA and I never will because of the factor of allowing Smoking. I can't stand tobacco or the smell of the smoke. If I were governor of Pennsylvania, I would make a serious amendment to the smoking ban that is already in place in the state. My plan would be a Complete smoking ban. That means, you can't smoke in bars or in the casinos and even clubs so I can make the experience more enjoyable for nonsmokers. Also at the party, I heard two people who were there for the party having a conversation about how awful the smoke was. I was practically choking in there. Wake up Pennsylvania and think things through.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100 Colonel Miles Quaritch Facts

  1. Colonel Quaritch won American Idol using sign language.
  2. Colonel Quaritch's tears can cure any disease. Too bad Colonel Quaritch doesn't cry.
  3. Colonel Quaritch got into a knife fight once. The knife lost.
  4. Colonel Quaritch finished The Never Ending Story.
  5. Colonel Quaritch can fire 12 rounds in a six gun.
  6. Colonel Quaritch once ordered a Big Mac from Burger King and got it.
  7. Colonel Quaritch once ordered a Whopper from McDonald's and got it.
  8. Colonel Quaritch is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
  9. When Colonel Quaritch has heartburn he doesn't use Prilosec he uses Napalm.
  10. When Colonel Quaritch goes to the airport, TSA agents grope themselves.
  11. Colonel Quaritch can watch Blu-Rays on a Betamax player.
  12. There's only one thing that Colonel Quaritch can't do, which is lose.
  13. Guns don't kill people. Colonel Quaritch kills people.
  14. Colonel Quaritch can win a staring contest while blinking.
  15. Colonel Quaritch doesn't give a singleyou know what about this fact.
  16. The word phobia is Latin for Colonel Quaritch.
  17. The perfect bedtime story goes like this. Once upon a time, Colonel Quaritch. The End.
  18. Colonel Quaritch once got into a fight with Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris was never heard from again.
  19. Captain America isn't a super soldier. Colonel Quaritch is.
  20. Colonel Quaritch wasn't a boy scout. He was a man scout.
  21. Colonel Quaritch can get blackjack with one card.
  22. Colonel Quaritch won the World Series of Poker with Pokemon cards.
  23. Colonel Quaritch can read Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  24. Ladies open doors for Colonel Quaritch.
  25. Colonel Quaritch can handle the truth.
  26. Colonel Quaritch once let a guy live. Naw Just kidding.
  27. They say it was curiosity that killed the cat. In reality it was Colonel Quaritch.
  28. Colonel Quaritch will never have a heart attack. (His Heart knows better)
  29. Colonel Quaritch can laugh with a straight face.
  30. The Navy Seals didn't kill Osama. Colonel Quaritch did,
  31. Colonel Quaritch knows that it wasn't Gene Snitsky's fault.
  32. When the fire department catches fire, they call Colonel Quaritch.
  33. How much Whiteout does Colonel Quaritch use? None because Colonel Quaritch never makes mistakes.
  34. Colonel Quaritch once won Iron Chef America by simply cooking instant Ramen noodles.
  35. Colonel Quaritch scared The Brave Little Toaster.
  36. Crow, Tom Servo, and Mike riffed on Avatar once. They were never heard from again.
  37. Colonel Quaritch once killed a gun.
  38. Whenever Colonel Quaritch plays Chutes and Ladders, he treats the chutes as ladders because he's not some pansy who can't climb up a plastic slide.
  39. Colonel Quaritch is the only one who can try this at home.
  40. Colonel Quaritch played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun and won.
  41. Getting murdered by Colonel Quaritch counts as a natural cause of death.
  42. The book Worst Case Scenario discusses ways to run from many different deadly animals. The page entitled Running From Colonel Quaritch simply says good luck.
  43. Colonel Quaritch defied MC Hammer and touched it.
  44. Colonel Quaritch had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow, and anywhere that Colonel Quaritch went the lamb was sure to go. So he killed it.
  45. Colonel Quaritch is the only person who can give 110%.
  46. Colonel Quaritch once talked an Amish housewife to buy a toaster.
  47. Colonel Quaritch scared the black out of Michael Jackson.
  48. Colonel Quaritch beat a wall at tennis.
  49. There are only 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because Colonel Quaritch is going to take his AMP Suit.
  50. 5 out of 5 doctors recommend not annoying Colonel Quaritch.
  51. Colonel Quaritch Counted to infinity twice.
  52. Colonel Quaritch once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.
  53. Colonel Quaritch can speak Braille.
  54. Colonel Quaritch can speak sign language.
  55. Colonel Quaritch once won a game of connect four with only 3 moves.
  56. Colonel Quaritch can delete the Recycle Bin.
  57. On a high school math test, Colonel Quaritch put down violence for every answer. He got an A+ because Colonel Quaritch solves all of his problems with violence.
  58. Colonel Quaritch once pumped his own gas in New Jersey.
  59. Colonel Quaritch can slam a revolving door.
  60. Colonel Quaritch can do a wheelie on a unicycle.
  61. Death once had a near Colonel Quaritch experience.
  62. Colonel Quaritch's dog is trained to pick up his own poop because Colonel Quaritch doesn't take crap from anyone.
  63. Colonel Quaritch once caught Missingno in Pokemon Red. Nothing happened to his game.
  64. Colonel Quaritch can strangle you with a cordless phone.
  65. Colonel Quaritch can play the violin with a piano.
  66. Colonel Quaritch eats the core of the apple first.
  67. Colonel Quaritch once punched a man in the soul.
  68. Colonel Quaritch can drown a fish.
  69. Colonel Quaritch can make a paraplegic run for his life.
  70. When Colonel Quaritch gives you a thumbs down, he is actually pointing at where you are going to go.
  71. Colonel Quaritch can kill two stones with one bird.
  72. Colonel Quaritch can see John Cena.
  73. Colonel Quaritch can swim through land.
  74. Colonel Quaritch can play CDs on his iPod.
  75. Colonel Quaritch can sneeze with his eyes open.
  76. Colonel Quaritch can unscramble an egg.
  77. Colonel Quaritch can gargle peanut butter.
  78. Colonel Quaritch can hear silence.
  79. 79 Na'Vi were killed by the time it took you to read this fact.
  80. Colonel Quaritch can win at Solitaire with only 18 cards.
  81. Colonel Quaritch can clap with only one hand.
  82. Colonel Quaritch is the only living person who is known to have deflected Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick.
  83. Colonel Quaritch doesn't want any fries with that.
  84. Colonel Quaritch is the reason you didn't get a PS3 this year.
  85. Colonel Quaritch wrote that episode of Freakazoid, the one about Huggbees. And he did it while making love to Wonder Woman.
  86. Colonel Quaritch has a buddy of his whose an expert on Colonel Quaritch facts.
  87. If you have $5 and Colonel Quaritch has $5, Colonel Quaritch has more money than you.
  88. If Colonel Quaritch had a weakness, his name would be Superman.
  89. Colonel Quaritch can drive on the right side of the road in England and not get into an accident.
  90. Colonel Quaritch didn't die in Avatar, He just fell asleep from boredom.
  91. The Government tried to steal once, Colonel Quaritch made it sit in time out.
  92. Colonel Quaritch doesn't act like a patriot. A patriot acts like Colonel Quaritch.
  93. Colonel Quaritch got an email telling him that he won $475 million in the Nigerian lottery, responded and get his check in 2 days.
  94. Colonel Quaritch's idea of gun control is both hands on the weapon.
  95. Colonel Quaritch knows where Carmen Sandiego is.
  96. Colonel Quaritch once went on a wild goose chase and caught the goose.
  97. Colonel Quaritch has bigger balls of steel than Duke Nukem.
  98. Even though all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't do it, Colonel Quaritch put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
  99. Colonel Quaritch can play PS3 games on his PS1.
  100. Colonel Quaritch can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Top 20 of The Worst Songs Ever

    1. Friday by Rebecca Black
    2. Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
    3. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
    4. Hey Soul Sister by Train
    5. Like A G6 by Far East Movement
    6. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
    7. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
    8. Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears
    9. Every Song Ever Sung by Justin Bieber
    10. The Time by The Black Eyed Peas
    11. Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy
    12. Superbass by Nicki Minaj
    13. Chacarron Macarron by El Mudo
    14. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5
    15. Chased Through The Woods by a Rapist by Waking The Cadaver
    16. Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65
    17. House on Fire by Slam Bamboo
    18. White Lies by Slam Bamboo
    19. Cry Like a Baby by Slam Bamboo
    20. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy by 1910 Fruitgum Company

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    O'Hare Airport is the Worst Airport Ever.

      Every time I visit my uncle in Chicago, I have no choice but to fly into O'Hare International Airport. While O'Hare International Airport may have the title of World's Busiest Airport, it is also the worst airport ever, and in the United States.
    Confusing shit.
      O'Hare International Airport is the worst airport for many reasons. The number one reason is it's layout. Now O'Hare Airport, is way too big and the terminals are spread too far apart from each other. From past experience from traveling with my mom who has had both knee's replaced, and my dad who can't walk very far without stopping, to take a breather for a moment, this airport can be a real annoyance. One of my complaints about O'Hare Airport, is that it is not friendly to people who can't walk far due to some sort of disability. Sure there are those Club Car vehicles that pick up handicapped people and take them to one terminal to another, but flagging one of them down is a real pain in the butt. One time at O'Hare, my mom tried to get one of these vehicles to take my dad to the terminal. So we waited for about approximately 15 minutes and we finally gave up on trying to get one. My dad is not in a wheelchair just to let you know. On to the length from terminal to terminal. Another problem with this airport is that you have to walk really far to get from let's say one of the three TSA Checkpoints to a terminal that is the farthest one down. You probably have to walk about 1/2 a mile to get to it. Now add two parents who can't walk real fast and you have a really bad designed airport. Then if you are arriving to this mess of an airport, getting to the baggage claim is a real pain in the neck. Why? well considering the baggage claim is like maybe a mile or so from the terminal. Add two parents who can't walk real fast and when you finally arrive at the baggage claim, your bags are the last ones off.
      The next big pain in the neck of this airport is the constant renovation. Jeez if I had a Dollar for every time this airport is being renovated, I'd own the bank. One time I was at O'Hare and I needed to use the restroom. The nearest men's restroom, was like two wings of terminals away. Then you have to walk like a mile to get to the damn restroom. By the time you'd get there, you would have crapped or wet your pants already. It seems like every damn time I fly into this Airport, there is some kind of renovation.
      Another reason O'Hare is the worst airport is the high chance of your flight getting delayed or canceled. One time we had to fly into this airport because my cousin died. It was around Christmas time, and we were flying back to Pennsylvania. There was snow, and first our flight got delayed, delayed again and finally canceled. Thankfully we did get a flight home that day but we were lucky to do so. Now I found from my own experience that if you have a stopover at O'Hare, your connecting flight has a high chance of getting delayed or canceled. I have another horror story about this airport, during a stopover on our way to Las Vegas, our flight was delayed for like 2 hours or something I don't really remember.
      So Traveler's beware of O'Hare International Airport, the worst airport in my opinion. You've heard about my personal experiences with this hellhole, with handicap accessibility, flight delays, and the constant pain of renovations and the bad layout. The next time I go visit my uncle, I'd rather take a bus or drive.