Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Happened to Cartoon Network?

  I remember when my cable provider started to carry Cartoon Network back in the mid 90s. It was a great channel back then when they showed nothing but classic American cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and any Hannah-Barbera cartoon.
 Then sometime during the mid 90s they reached out into producing their own original programming called Cartoon Cartoons. A precursor to this was a variety show featuring different animated shorts done by different animators called The What A Cartoon Show. Some of these shorts eventually evolved into their own Cartoon Network series. This launched several of their classic iconic cartoons such as Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, I Am Weasel and Cow and Chicken were all launched in 1996 with the Powerpuff Girls started in 1998.
  However in 2004 Cartoon Network began it's slow decline into crap city. They started to show programming that was live action. One of these shows was called Out of Jimmy's head. It was half animated half live action and was kind of like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit kind of feel to it. Out of Jimmy's head was originally a made for TV Movie about a boy who goes on a field trip to a Disneyland type theme park and gets into an accident and is given a brain transplant with the founders brain since all of the people in the character costumes are licensed Brain Surgeons.
 Flash forward to today and Cartoon Network is still descending into a network Identity crisis. Cartoon Network has resorted to rebooting classic shows such as Teen Titans and The Powerpuff Girls and Looney Tunes. However these reboots are nothing but terrible and get horrible backlash from the fans of the original source material. For instance take a look at Teen Titans Go!, if you were a fan of the original series like I am you know this shameful reboot is just a major middle finger to fans of the original series. Cartoon Network had to turn a good serious series and reboot it into a hideous comedy. The series got a lot of backlash from fans as it should have.