Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Top 5 Worst For Dummies Books

  Today I was in Barnes & Noble looking around, when I happened to come across some of those For Dummies books. While I was looking at them, It came to me that some of the titles and topics were pretty dumb. I had do walk into the mall to prevent myself from laughing like a maniac at them because some of the titles were hilarious.
5. Beekeeping For Dummies By Howland Blackiston. Now here is a book that sounds remotely dangerous to me. Why in the hell would anybody want to learn beekeeping? I know I don't because I don't like bees. But if the person who is reading this book, doesn't follow the safety precautions, such as not buying the beekeeper suit, and ends up getting stung by a swarm of angry bees and on top of that dies from them not knowing that they are allergic to bee stings. It would take a dummy to do just that. The only use for this book is as a gag gift to a person who has a fear of bees.
4.The Royal Wedding For Dummies. By Julian Knight. All I can say about this is WTF? If there has to be the ultimate waste of money, it has to be this book. What else is there to know about this wedding? Let me summarize this for you, It's about the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it took place in England, and It's the royal wedding. There now you don't have to waste your hard earned cash on this. I checked and this actually exists. So this ain't no photoshop.
3. Medical Terminology For Dummies. By Beverly Henderson CMT and Jennifer Dorsey. Now wait a minute. So If I read this book, that means I can be a doctor? I see this book is only useful to a med school student, but I see it as a useful resource for quacks. Lets see here Johnny, I think you have a cold here but I am not sure. Let me check this For Dummies book here to double check to see if I'm right.
2. Eating Disorders For Dummies.  By Susan Schulherr, LCSW. Ok What is the point to this one? I am going to use this example for comedy so bear with me on my poor taste. If I wanted an eating disorder there are 2 options, vomit after eating, or not eating anything at all. See now you don't have to buy the book.
1. Building Your Own Home For Dummies. By Kevin Daum, Janice Brewster, and Peter Economy. Ok this book is a recipe for disaster. This book should have a disclaimer, ask a professional for help. If someone misread a step, then their whole house could collapse on them and kill them and then the publishers, and authors would get the pants sued out off of them in court.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why SyFy is the Worst Channel on TV

  Ok today I am going to rant about SyFy. To me this channel used to be great. Now it's just overflowing with garbage. Back when SyFy used to be called Sci-Fi Channel, there were great shows, such as Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the Stargate series which I never even watched. Here's why SyFy is the worst channel on TV.
   1. Too Many Ghost Shows. I tend to notice that Syfy has been showing way to many, Ghost Hunters programming. I used to watch Ghost Hunters, but after a while the show started to get stupid when a spin off program called Ghost Hunters International began airing which I never watch. Don't even get me started on Haunted Collector. Now don't get me wrong here, I do think that haunted items are interesting, but who in their right mind would watch a show about haunted items, every week. It would be the same thing over and over again. It would get real old really fast.
   2. Too Many Reruns of Older TV Shows. I tend to notice this trend a lot especially on weekday mornings. Sometimes SyFy will run marathons of old TV shows such as V, Early Edition, or Star Trek TNG. I don't mind watching Star Trek TNG. Why don't they show other programming that isn't from the 80s and early 90s? Why run marathons of old TV Shows? Well, here's my theory, I think that SyFy airs these older TV shows to fill in the airspace when they could be showing one of their horrendous Original Movies.
   3. Bad Original Movies. I suggest that you read my older post about why these movies are bad. because I don't feel like typing everything over again. But I'll tell you that They are all bad.
   4. Smackdown. If there has to be the most unrelated show to air on this channel, it would have to be WWE Smackdown. I like WWE but why does Smackdown have do go on a channel that has a science fiction theme? What does professional wrestling have to do with SyFy? Absolutely nothing. WWE and SyFy don't mix. Why? Well for one reason it is because Science fiction and professional wrestling are two different things and are totally unrelated. I know that WWE gave the rights to NBC Universal to air WWE Programming, but why SyFy. Couldn't they air Smackdown on USA on Friday Nights?
   Well there you have it this is why SyFy sucks now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Adeventures In Thrifting at Goodwill

  Today, My mom went to a custom framing place to see the progress on the frame for an old picture was coming along. I had no interest in the framing place so, thankfully there was a Goodwill store right next to the framing place. I only had a few minutes to look around so I can't tell you what some of the prices were.
  The moment I entered the store, I checked the toy section first. I usually check the toy section first to see if there is any old WWE figures, or Jurassic Park toys, or Batman toys and Hot Wheels cars. Alas Goodwill had neither of those. What they did had that didn't interest me at all were used Barbie dolls for $3 a piece. $3 for a beat up used Barbie is way too much. Even if I were a girl which I am not, I would never buy a used Barbie for $3. I did see plenty of stuffed animals in the toy section. I did eye up a large Stewie plush, however due to time constraints I didn't check the price.
   I then proceeded to check out the book/video selection, and happened to see a plastic storage bin with old 12" vinyl LPs and a bunch of old 7" 45s on the table. I had no interest in the old vinyls. Again I didn't even look through them and check the prices on them mostly due to the fact that there is a record store in town that sells used vinyls for $1 a piece. Then I saw a bunch of old VHS tapes. There again I didn't even bother to check the price because I don't use my VCR much anymore. I skipped over the books.
    Next I went to the T-shirt section to look for old WWE and Nine Inch Nails T-shirts. Sadly there were none. I briefly looked over the jackets and windbreakers, when an Air Products windbreaker caught my eye. I would have liked to have bought it, but I didn't check to see if it was an XL. Finally I proceeded to look at my favorite things, Hats. There wasn't many hats there but two of them in particular interested me. The two hats were probably Pepsi employee hats. One was a green Mountain Dew hat with the 1980s logo, and the other was a gray unstructured Diet Pepsi Max hat. They were $1.99 each and both appeared to be new, especially the Mountain Dew hat because it still had that cardboard crown protector thingy in it. So it came down to choosing a hat and I eventually chose the Mountain Dew hat.
    When I went to the check out, I had to wait a few minutes for the cashier to notice that I was waiting to pay for the hat. The cashier was dusting off clothing racks. When she was ringing up my item, she spent around 10 seconds trying to find the price, I showed her where the tag was on the hat and paid for the hat. On my way out, I noticed a plastic bin full of mint in package McDonald's and Burger King toys. I briefly looked at them, and Walked out saying to myself I remember that toy I used to have it. Sadly I'm 21 and No longer collect Fast food toys.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goo Gone and Used CDs

  Today I am going to let you on a little secret of mine on how to get rid of that sticky residue from stickers on used CDs. This little wonder is called Goo Gone. Yes I know Goo Gone is a funny name for a product. I sometimes laugh at the name Goo Gone because I find the name hysterical sometimes. Aside from the silly name this is the best product ever.
     I like to buy used CDs. Sometimes when you take the sticker off the jewel case, a sticky residue is left behind. You probably ask yourself, How do I get this sticky mess off my jewel case. Well the simple solution is Goo Gone Spray Gel. Now all you have to do is spritz a little bit of Goo Gone on the jewel case and wipe the case with a paper towel or rag or cloth. It really doesn't matter what you use to wipe with.
   Now Goo Gone is citrus powered and it leaves an orange scent behind. Don't panic because the scent will go away. Also Goo Gone is made by a company called Magic American Products. Make note that I haven't tried Goo Gone on any other residue such as chewing gum, Markers, Crayon, wax, lipstick or oil, or laundry stains. Since I haven't tried Goo Gone on the other things mentioned above I cannot tell you how good they work. I should mention that Goo Gone should be kept out of reach from children even though that is pretty much common sense. You don't want to have to call Mr. Yuk telling him that your kid ingested Goo Gone.
   I highly recommend Goo Gone with a Standing Ovation when It comes to cleaning sticker goo from used CDs. If I had to rate Goo Gone on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 10,000.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is the Point of Laugh Tracks

  Whenever I am watching a sitcom, I tend to notice that there is unnecessary laughter added. If there is anything that I hate when I watch something on TV it is confusing laughter. Really I noticed that sitcoms such as The Office and 30 Rock do not have laugh tracks and that is a good thing. You see laugh tracks confuse you when you should laugh at something funny. Most of the time laugh tracks play over a very unfunny joke.
    Personally I think that laugh tracks are only there to insult the viewers intellect. It's not the 1950s anymore. It's 2011 and the laugh track should have died years ago. Why are laugh tracks added? Well for one reason I believe they are added is to confuse the viewer when the should laugh at something funny. The second reason is that the laugh track is added to something that is really not funny. If a sitcom did not have a laugh track, it would be funnier to watch than one with a laugh track.
    Laugh tracks are an annoyance to all of us. Why do some modern day sitcoms still use this garbage? Well, in my opinion it's them pesky writers who think if they add laughter to a really stupid joke, the audience will laugh too. As I am writing this post, my mom is watching a sitcom downstairs, with a laugh track. I can assure you that the laughter I heard wasn't hers.
     When I see a classic sitcom with a laugh track, I don't know when I should laugh or not to laugh. I really think that a laugh track is the worst thing ever made by a human. No really it is. I was thinking what if the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a laugh track. If it did, the show would not be as funny as it is. The added laughter would ruin the riffing that Tom Servo, Crow, and Joel or Mike were doing to the movie. A laugh track would have ruined the show completely.
      I think that any classic sitcom released on DVD should be edited to omit the laugh tracks. Why? Well it will make the show's jokes more audible without the damn laugh track. Also without the laugh track, the show would be more hilarious than it would be with the laugh track. So that is why I hate laugh tracks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bruno Mars is Overplayed and I am Sick of Hearing Him Already

   I noticed that radio stations tend to play Bruno Mars all the time. Well I am sick of it. In fact I am sick of it to the point that I want to throw up or shoot my radio. In my opinion and guesstimate I believe he is played on the radio around 95% of the day. You know Bruno Mars really grinds my gears. If I am not mistaken he used to be a songwriter for other artists. He should have never became a singer, he should have stayed a songwriter. The fact that annoys me is that there are thousands upon thousands of other songs that can be played instead of Bruno Mars.
    Whenever a radio station plays The Lazy Song for instance, I switch the station. If the station that I switched to is playing the same song, I push the CD button in the car so I can listen to Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I find it funny that my mother is sick of Lady Gaga and I am sick of Bruno Mars and my mom doesn't care about him. Sometimes my mom says that the radio station plays the same songs over and over again which is true. Why is Bruno Mars overplayed? Maybe its the fact that he is a popular artist. Or is it a government music torture conspiracy to annoy the daylights out of radio listeners. Another thing that I cant stand about Bruno Mars is the music video for The Lazy Song. Not only do I find this music video to be racist because he is dancing with chimps. I don't want to go into extreme detail about it.
       When I wake up in the morning I will turn on the TV to watch Jump Start on VH1 which is a show that shows music videos. Even there I can't get away from him. Especially when they show his music videos. If I feel lazy and don't want to change the channel, I will play MST3K while watching his music video. Playing MST3K or Mystery Science Theater 3000 the long way is when you crack jokes at a movie or TV show or music video to make the pain go away.
        Bruno Mars is a great songwriter that's the only positive thing I can say about him. Other than that, he is annoying to hear every 10 minutes on the radio. He is way too overrated. If you have read my older post about the bands or artists that I hate, you probably noticed that he is at the number one spot on the list. So Here's a tip for radio DJ's out there. Stop Playing Bruno Mars. Play some other artist out there there's like a million of them to choose from.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Mom Told Me Never Laugh At Babies

  When I was about 4 or 5, my mother was babysitting my little nephew. He was sitting in his highchair and doing something stupidly funny that I don't recall what it was that he was doing that made me laugh. My mother told me not to laugh at what he was doing because it would encourage him to do it again. What was my mother thinking when she said that? So basically she said that when you laugh at what a baby does, the baby will repeat what he was doing. What my mom said made no sense to me whatsoever. I kind of just went along with it without thinking it over. Well now 16 years later, I thought of what my mom said was kind of stupid. I mean if you laugh at what a baby does, wouldn't that make the baby happy also? I think that when you laugh at a baby doing something funny, that makes the baby seem loved and that he did something cute. Come to think of the baby repeating what he did by me laughing at the baby would be a call for an encore. Of course babies have no concept of what an encore is. Just the thought of what my mother had said when I was 5 was really stupid. It still makes no sense today. I think that when a baby does something very funny, you should laugh at the baby's actions.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pet Inheritances

   You know what is the stupidest thing that people do? Its having their pet inherit all of their money and possessions. Where is the common sense here? First off pets have no concept of money. You don't see dogs walking into Petco buying Purina Dog Chow by themselves. So why would somebody give their pet all of their money? Is it to A. Leave Out worthy recipients. Relatives, friends etc. B. To cause controversy. Shock value perhaps? C. Bragging rights. I can't think of an example for C so bear with me. There ought to be a law against pet inheritances. Really there should be a law. Why? Well lets see here, pets have no concept of money. They can't take care of themselves. How can a pet pay taxes? Does the IRS have a form for pets to fill out? I think that this is the most idiotic and dumbest thing that people do. I would never leave my home and things to my dog because I have a brain. I wonder what the lawyer thinks of the people who will everything to their pets. They're probably thinking that the pets owners are whackjobs. What happens when the pet dies? Does the pet have a will too? Another thing who takes care of the pet and what if the caretaker mishandles the pet's money? I'm sure the caretaker "wouldn't mishandle the money" to take care of their expenses such as help save my house from being taken by the bank. Personally pet inheritances are a waste of time and money and cause a great deal of grief and headaches for heirs who are more worthy than a pet.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gamestop Used Game Rant

  Whenever I go into Gamestop which is vary rarely, I look at the used PS2 games and I am appalled that Gamestop accepts used games without the original box and manual. I am a person who isn't a hardcore gamer or game collector but buying a game without its original box and manual is pretty pointless. Ok first off why on Earth would Gamestop take a game for a trade without the original box or manual? I guess they'll do anything to make a quick buck. Back to the rant. If you look at the majority of the used games in the store, you'll notice that like 97% of them don't have their original box and manual. It grinds my gears and turns me away from buying the game I want. Well for one thing, I like to have the original box and manual to go along with the used game that I bought because the original box doesn't stick out like a sore thumb like the generic Gamestop one they have. Second, If I buy a used game without the box and manual, and I don't know how the controls are set up on the game, how am I supposed to know how to control the game? Where is the common sense here? Another thing that I hate about Gamestop is that they take scratched games. I mean really? Anything to make a quick buck here people. Before I purchase a used game, I take it to the counter and ask the employee if the disc is scratched, and if it is, I don't buy it. Simple as that. The reason why I hate Gamestop is because they take a game if it is missing its original box and manual, and if the game is scratched. This is why I always skip over buying Fire Pro Wrestling Returns at Gamestop because the one that they have doesn't have the original box and manual. So That is why I hate buying used games at Gamestop.

Friday, June 10, 2011

25 Bands And Singers I Hate.

  When I was eating Oreo's and milk today I had a revelation for a blog post. It wasn't stupid or idiotic. It was a list of things that I hate. Today I will list all of the bands and singers that I hate.
  1. Bruno Mars.
  2. Britney Spears.
  3. Gym Class Hereos
  4. Tool.
  5. The Black Eyed Peas.
  6.  Far East Movement.
  7. Justin Bieber.
  8. Flo Rida.
  9. Eminem.
  10. Foster The People.
  11. LMFAO.
  12. Rhianna.
  13. The Civil Wars.
  14. Maroon 5.
  15. My Chemical Romance.
  16. Pink.
  17. Wiz Khalifa.
  18. Fall Out Boy.
  19. Selena Gomez.
  20. Billy Ray Cyrus.
  21. Miley Cyrus.
  22. Augustana.
  23. The Jonas Brothers.
  24. Trey Songz.
  25. Jason Derullo.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Funny Things to Say to Telemarketers

  Are you sick of telemarketers harassing the living daylights out of you? If so this list is for you. Here are funny responses to say to those pesky telemarketers.
1. No Speak English.
2. Hi thank you for calling the Insert city name here suicide hotline. How may I help you?
3. No thank you. Would you like to buy my car?
4. Hi thank you for calling The Shady Lady Escort Service. How may I be of assistance to you today?
5. Pretend to have a domestic dispute with your wife like an episode of Jerry Springer.
6. Ask them on a date.
7. Tell the telemarketer that they are the 9th caller and tell them that they just won Lady Gaga tickets.
8. Ask them to babysit your kids.
9. Hi thank you for calling Porn Land where the elite go to beat their meat.
10. Hi Thank you for calling Poison Control center. What is your emergency?
11. Thank you for calling the anonymous drug tip hotline. Who would you like to report?
12. Ich spreche kleine Englisch. (I don't speak English in German)
13.  Use a soundboard of a celebrity and harass them with the soundboard.
14. Tell them that they just called a crime scene and that they are considered a prime suspect.
15. Tell them they just called a gay bar.
16. Act like an old person and tell them about the good old days.
17. Thank you for calling the Kmart call off line.
18. Tell them that they stole your dog.
19. Ask them for directions.
20. Tell them that you Backtraced the call and that they've been reported to the cyber police and that the consequences will NEVER be the SAME because ya dun goof'd.

Monday, June 6, 2011

WWE Needs To Bring Back Gene Snitsky Since Kharma is Pregnant

  As we learned on last weeks episode of Monday Night RAW, Kharma had announced she was taking a leave due to pregnancy. Well now since the WWE has a pregnant Diva again, all they need to complete the picture is to bring back good old Gene Snitsky to "Cause Kharma to have a miscarriage" just like he did to Kane and Lita's baby. You see if the WWE rehires Gene Snitsky, they could have another It Wasn't My Fault storyline with him. The WWE really needs Gene Snitsky to "Kill" Kharma's Baby so they have a feud between Kharma and Gene Snitsky. There are people who think that Gene Snitsky was a baby killer. To me personally Gene Snitsky is my hero not a baby killer. I think the WWE Universe would all love to see Gene Snitsky punt a baby again. That baby punt was probably what Gene Snitsky will be best known for in his time he spent in the WWE. Also WWE needs to have Snitsky say It Wasn't My Fault when Kharma blames him for the death of her baby. I doubt the WWE will rehire Gene Snitsky due to the fact that he doesn't like the writers. So It would be the WWE's Fault if they didn't rehire Gene Snitsky.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It Wasn't My Fault

 Today I am going to rant about two unwanted obsessions I didn't see coming at me like an atom bomb. These 2 obsessions have changed my life forever. So It Wasn't My Fault I got obsessed with them.
  1. Lady Gaga.
This song started it all.
  Once upon a time back when Lady Gaga burst out onto the music scene, I hated her and I never heard any of her songs. I hated her because she seemed to be very weird with her strange outfits and what she wore to meet the Queen of England. Flash forward to the end of July 27th 2010. It was a Sunday and I had gotten off from work at 5. My Friend had invited me to go to the see a double feature at the drive in movie with his girlfriend. I agreed to come along. We went to go see Despicable Me and Salt. On the way down on the 41 minute drive the radio was on in the car when I heard a song called Alejandro. I thought to myself, damn this is pretty good. I didn't even bother me to ask my friend who was singing this song. On the drive back home the radio was on again, and yet again the song Alejandro was being played. I began to sing the chorus in my head. I really liked this song but at the same time was hesitant to ask who the artist was. So I arrived home around 1:30 AM. I could have gone on the computer and googled the song but I was too tired.
The Australian edition of the Fame Monster
   On Monday the song totally skipped my mind until Wednesday when I went to Dunkin' Donuts with my friend. When we got into his car Alejandro was being played yet again. So I asked him who is singing this song. He said Lady Gaga. I gave my self one of those slap on the foreheads like they do in the I could of had a V8 commercials.  That's it that there moment changed my life. I then became obsessed over Lady Gaga when I bought The Fame Monster at Walmart on Friday night. By the way I am one of Lady Gaga's few Straight male little Monsters. Buying that CD triggered me to buy The Fame, The Remix, an import The Remix, The Remix CDs of The Fame Monster Singles, 4 Lady Gaga posters, A t-shirt, wristbands, and the Australian uncensored version of The Fame Monster, The Cherrytree Sessions, and other remix EP's.
   Yeah Lady Gaga changed my freaking life. so my Lady Gaga CD collection is starting to catch up to my Nine Inch Nails CDs.
Snitsky says It Wasn't My Fault!
     2. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw series and Gene Snitsky. 
     It wasn't until mid December 2010 when I bought my first Smackdown Vs Raw game for PS2. I bought Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 new for $20 at Gamestop. Now if it wasn't for my friend at work who told me he bought SVR 2011 for PS3, I got interested in the game when I asked him about the Create A Wrestler feature. I asked him if it would be good for creating Lady Gaga. He told me that he downloaded a Lady Gaga CAW because he has online play and so he could create Trent Reznor to fight Lady Gaga. So After work I headed over to Gamestop and bought SVR 2010.
     I went home took a shower, ate and played SVR 2010 and then I went on the Internet to get a CAW formula for Lady Gaga. The rest is history after that day. I later proceeded to buy SVR 2009, 2007, 2006. Now on to Gene Snitsky. When I was creating a wrestler, I noticed that under Pennsylvania cities there was Nesquehoning and I thought why in the hell would Nesquehoning be on there. So the next time I worked I asked my friend why Nesquehoning was on SVR. He told me because there was a wrestler from there named Gene Snitsky. I live in Hazleton and I never even heard of Gene Snitsky. My friend told me that another coworker met him. After knowing that he is not in the WWE anymore, I decided to buy WWE toys after I bought the WWE diva Maryse at Kmart. The week after, Kmart was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I bought Kane, John Cena and I got Maryse again as my free figure. I was going to sell it to my friend at work but it backfired when he didn't have $10 on him. So I struck a deal that he would bring me his Snitsky figure for the Maryse figure. He gave me a bonus figure his double of Mattel's Big Show. I found that ironic because on SVR 2007 I tried career mode with Snitsky and My first match was with Big Show and I lost.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Is America's Funniest Home Videos Still On When We Have YouTube?

  Today my parents were watching America's Funniest Home Videos on ABC Family when I said to myself why in the hell is this still on. To tell you the truth, this show should have died when YouTube was established in 2005. Why should you watch America's Funniest Home Videos when you can look at similar videos that are equally funny without the laugh tracks on YouTube. It's a mystery. I think that ABC wants to try to combat the internet age with a dying TV show running since 1989.
   What's the point to this dying show since YouTube came along? If I want to see fat people falling, I could just go onto YouTube and search fat people falling without seeing Tom Bergeron give me a description of what is expected to happen in the Funny video and without the unnecessary laugh tracks. With YouTube you have wide range of stupid videos of people getting hurt or something going completely wrong and people acting like idiots on webcams all uncensored. With AFHV you have the video censored. Why sit at home watching funny videos where you can go on YouTube and watch the same type of videos where people get hurt or an accident happens with out commercials. I know there are ads over some of the YouTube videos now. So one or two of them is only a slight annoyance. Finally in the long run America's Funniest Home Videos is a classic suffering a slow and painful death that I hope ABC will pull the life support plug real soon. Who even watches this show anymore? I know I don't

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Hate It When DJ's Talk Over Songs

  Do you want to know what really really really grinds my freaking gears? It's when Radio DJ's talk over the songs. Yes I believe 99.9999% of the population agrees with me upon this one. Nothing annoys me more than when a DJ talks over the intro or outro to a song. Number one it is disrespecting the artist. Lets think for a moment. If you were a musician and or singer, would you like some blabbermouth DJ talking over your song? I think not. It's kind of like Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, only with a DJ and a song being played on the radio. It goes like this, DJ- Yo Lady Gaga Imma Let you finish your song after I tell the listeners about the huge party at a local nightclub. The DJ ruins the intro while talking over song. Now here's my problem with talking over songs on the radio Can't the DJ wait until the song is over to say what they want to say? Or why don't they say what they want to say before they play a song? I just don't understand this at all.
   Personally I think that DJ's that talk over songs are windbags and have no respect for doing that. Seriously DJ's have no respect whatsoever for the artists that they play on the radio. They use their gift of gab to the listeners annoyance. If I ran a radio station I would fire any DJ who talked over a song. Or better yet my ideal radio stations would not have the DJ talk at all. What a relief that would be. I would also cut down on commercials too. Do you ever wonder why there are so many commercials on the radio. My theory is that it is to pay these blabbermouth DJ's their salary. If they would do away with these ridiculous on air personalities we, would never hear as many commercials and we wouldn't have to hear the DJ talk over the damn songs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Hate Rain

  You want to know what really grinds my gears? Well if you do I'll let you in on a little secret, It's rain. Why rain you ask? Well I'll tell you why. First off I hate the rain because I like to wear hats. Your probably asking yourself right now why I care so much about a lousy hat. Here's why I don't like to wear hats in the rain. Once upon a time I got a brand new NAPA Racing hat, and I decided to wear it to work one night. That was a mistake I would never forget. You see that night I went to work it poured rain and my brand new hat got drenched. I was so pissed off that I vowed to never wear a hat in the rain again because it would get ruined. I have a fear that if I wear a hat in the rain it will be ruined because of this. If you are wondering what kind of job I have it is an outside job. By the way the NAPA hat was free. I think that they should make shower caps for baseball hats so when it rains your hat stays dry. Kind of like the hat protectors for police hats.
  The second reason I hate the rain is the fact that I have a leather wallet and I had a bad experience with the rain also. Leather wallets and rain don't mix. One day at work it was pay day and it poured and I got my wallet and paycheck wet. Thankfully I was able to get my check dried off when I got home that night. I have a simple solution to protecting your leather wallet from the rain. All you need is a simple Ziploc sandwich bag. It doesn't even have to be a Ziploc bag, you can use the store brand one. I don't care what you use. Then take your leather wallet and put it inside the sandwich bag and zip it closed. Then your wallet will be protected from the rain.