Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mattel BattlePacks Series 22 Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero

  Yesterday I went to Walmart to pick up a few items and did my usual routine check of the Toy Dept and found that they reset the mod and put out new WWE figures. Among the millionth case of E21 hit my store again and a few cases of B30 were put out. Everything was starting to look grim. Until I noticed they had new Battle Packs. My store hasn't had Battle Packs in Months . Literally it has been several months since my store got a wave of Battle Packs in and that was one case of BP21.
  So my store put out BP22. which one out of the three did I buy? Well it's not Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. It's definitely not Ryback and Jinder Mahal. Although I would buy that Ryback and Jinder Mahal just for the updated Jinder. I ended up buying the shortpacked Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Now I primarily bought Dolph and Vickie just for the updated Vickie Guerrero and the dented SmackDown MITB briefcase. Vickie is a straight up repaint of her B13 figure with one difference, her headscan is way better than her first figure. Something isn't right about her first figure's headscan. She seems a little crabby in her B13 figure. Anyway The Dolph Ziggler is just plain Meh. The headscan looks an awful lot like Trollface. I'll probably give the Dolph to my Nephews or sell it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment A-Team Corvette

  I am a huge fan of The A-Team. I knew that once Hot Wheels made the A-Team van, they would have to make Faceman's Corvette. As with the properly painted A-Team van from the Retro entertainment line, the 80s Corvette is a real home run out of the ballpark. Not only is the Corvette a perfect representation of the actual Corvette from the TV show. It is extremely detailed down to the wheels.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mattel Basic 31 Rosa Mendes

  Today I received my Mattel Basic 31 Rosa Mendes figure from a fellow member for $21. Which isn't a bad deal considering I have yet to find this set in stores in my town. I have seen B31 before at a Target but Rosa Mendes was not there. Anyway Rosa Mendes is a unique figure because her boots have heels on them. The heeled boots make her a little difficult to stand up properly. She's tricky to stand up but you can do it. Rosa is perfect height for a diva since she is 5'8 in real life. Her figure will be taller than Layla

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Best of Conspiracy Keanu

   Today I wanted to follow suit with my Best of Bad Luck Brian post with another one of my favorite memes, Conspiracy Keanu. So let's start some conspiracies.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Finally Got the Hat of my dreams

  Back in 2009 sponsored a NASCAR driven by Bobby Labonte. sponsored the NASCAR for one year. I used to love when it used to be called Ask Jeeves. Back in 2003 I always thought it would be cool if Ask Jeeves sponsored a NASCAR. Well Ask Jeeves is no longer called that anymore and they now go by Anyhow, I wanted the Pit cap when it came out because it had the mesh on the back. However in 2009 I did not want to drop $25 on a hat.
   There was no way in hell I would do it. So I basically forgotten about the hat until on and off of this year. I had to have that hat no matter what. So I knew this hat would be impossible to find online nowadays due to the hat only being made for a year. So I did a quick Google image search of NASCAR Hat and came across the hat I have been looking online for 4 long years.
   So one day I had stumbled across the hat on a website called AtTheTrackRacing for a mind blowing $8.99. I had to pounce on the deal because the hat was once $25 in 2009. So I bought the hat and It arrived on Monday. To my surprise the hat was unstructured but that isn't really that big of a deal for me since it has the patch on the crown which kinda gives it some structuring to the hat. The hat is easily my favorite mesh hat in my entire collection.
  So if you are a Fan or a search engine fan this hat is for you.

Monday, August 12, 2013

100 Lady Gaga Facts

  Today I thought I would post another Facts post. This time it's Lady Gaga.
  1. Nobody can actually read Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  2. Lady Gaga isn't a man, but a Lady
  3. Lady Gaga can hear silence
  4. Lady Gaga can speak braille 
  5. Lady Gaga once won American Idol using sign language.
  6. Ladies open doors for Lady Gaga
  7. Lady Gaga can gargle peanut butter
  8. Lady Gaga can slam a revolving door
  9. If Lady Gaga had a weakness she would be Supergirl
  10. Lady Gaga can play the violin with the piano
  11. Lady Gaga knows it wasn't Gene Snitsky's fault
  12. Lady Gaga once won a staring contest while blinking
  13. Lady Gaga can buy a Parental Advisory CD at Walmart
  14. Lady Gaga can see John Cena
  15. Lady Gaga can start a fire underwater
  16. Lady Gaga doesn't want fries with that.
  17. Lady Gaga can beat a brick wall at tennis
  18. When Lady Gaga looks at Medusa, Medusa turns to stone
  19. Lady Gaga doesn't get shark attacked,the shark gets Lady Gaga attacked
  20. The reason it rains is because the rain wants to be closer to Lady Gaga
  21. Lady Gaga can run in the rain and not get wet faster
  22. When Lady Gaga falls in love she breaks it
  23. Lady Gaga can see your bet, raise you without any chips
  24. When Supergirl takes a day off she calls Lady Gaga to fill in for her
  25. Lady Gaga can kid a kidder
  26. Lady Gaga is the only person who can chew cotton candy
  27. Lady Gaga changed her own diapers
  28. Video didn't kill the radio star, Lady Gaga did
  29. Curiosity didn't kill the cat, Lady Gaga did
  30. Lady Gaga is Supergirl's heroine
  31. Lady Gaga can speak Icelandic in three different languages
  32. Lady Gaga fought the law and the law lost
  33. Lady Gaga can swim in an empty pool
  34. Lady Gaga can scream louder than several teenage girls while her mouth is closed
  35. Lady Gaga leaves messages before the beep
  36. Lady Gaga made Journey stop believing
  37. When Lady Gaga crosses the street cars look both ways for Lady Gaga
  38. What does Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman have in common? When they were kids they wanted to be Lady Gaga
  39. If Lady Gaga doesn't know it it's not worth knowing
  40. Lady Gaga isn't allergic to anything, allergens are allergic to Lady Gaga
  41. When Lady Gaga walks up a flight of stairs they automatically become escalators
  42. When Lady Gaga recycles paper it turns back into a tree
  43. Lady Gaga doesn't watch porn, the porn watches Lady Gaga
  44. Lady Gaga doesn't go to church, the church goes to Lady Gaga
  45. Lady Gaga's 5 Hour Energy lasts 10 hours
  46. Supergirl is Lady Gaga's secret Identity
  47. Lady Gaga can make onions cry
  48. Lady Gaga can believe it's not butter
  49. Lady Gaga once donated blood to one girl, she is now known as Supergirl
  50. Lady Gaga Trick Or Treated by herself as a child
  51. Lady Gaga can beat a royal flush with only two cards
  52. Lady Gaga is in the Guinness Book of World Records just for being her self.
  53. Lady Gaga didn't copy Madonna. Madonna copied Lady Gaga
  54. Lady Gaga doesn't go to the bathroom. The bathroom goes to Lady Gaga
  55. Lady Gaga reads tomorrows paper today
  56. Lady Gaga once scored 100% on an exam just for writing her name
  57. Lady Gaga is what Willis was talking about
  58. Lady Gaga can tweet a novel
  59. Michelle McCool once impersonated Lady Gaga, the end result was an I quit match in the WWE
  60. Lady Gaga can defeat The Shield
  61. Lady Gaga gets her tattoos done with a jackhammer
  62. Lady Gaga taught the inventor of the piano how to play it
  63. Lady Gaga can watch all of the videos on YouTube within a day and still have time to eat breakfast
  64. Lady Gaga always wins even when she loses
  65. Supergirl's cape is Lady Gaga's handkerchief
  66. Lady Gaga can install a program without accepting the terms and conditions
  67. Lady Gaga finished the song that never ends
  68. Lady Gaga finished the Neverending Story
  69. Whenever Lady Gaga says something wrong, She is right
  70. Lady Gaga won the Tour De France on a big wheel
  71. Lady Gaga can find a needle in a haystack
  72. Lady Gaga doesn't have a shadow
  73. When Lady Gaga was young Santa sat on her lap
  74. Lady Gaga sang rain rain go away and it did
  75. Lady Gaga can retweet her own tweets on Twitter
  76. Lady Gaga's phone doesn't autocorrect her
  77. Lady Gaga ended Ryback's hunger streak
  78. Lady Gaga can shoot the dog in Duck Hunt
  79. Lady Gaga can pump her own gas in New Jersey
  80. If you have $5 and Lady Gaga has $5, Lady Gaga has more money than you
  81. Lady Gaga wasn't a girl scout, Lady Gaga was a Lady Scout
  82. Lady Gaga can laugh with a straight face
  83. Lady Gaga once played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun and won
  84. Lady Gaga defied MC Hammer and touched it
  85. Lady Gaga can win a game of Connect Four with only 3 moves
  86. Lady Gaga can do a wheelie on a unicycle
  87. Lady Gaga can unscramble an egg
  88. Lady Gaga can delete the recycle bin
  89. Lady Gaga once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King and got it
  90. Lady Gaga is the only person who can get away with wearing raw meat
  91. Lady Gaga once won the World Series of Poker with Yu Gi Oh cards
  92. Lady Gaga can drive on the right side of the road in England
  93. Mr. Brown can't moo but Lady Gaga can
  94. Lady Gaga can get blackjack with one card
  95. Lady Gaga is the Fourth Prime Color
  96. The Chicken crossed the road because Lady Gaga told him to
  97. The Caged Bird sings for Lady Gaga
  98. Lady Gaga is so hot, smoke follows her whenever she enters a room
  99. Anything you can do Lady Gaga can do better. Lady Gaga can do everything better than you
  100. Lady Gaga approves this fact

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jakks Pacific Dixie Carter Action Figure

  I despise TNA Impact Wrestling because it's a horribly run company by Dixie Carter. So I thought I would buy her Internet Exclusive action figure. It's available on or Ringside Collectibles for $19.99 or $29.99 if you want the autographed one.
  I don't care that much for Jakks figures but this one is a real Knockout. Ba Dum Tsss. All joking aside. Jakks really Hit a Home run with Dixie Carter going out of their way to make her. Firstly Dixie Carter was given a pleather skirt, which is highly unusual for Jakks to do. Secondly they gave her a cloth sparkly top which is very unlike of Jakks. Jakks also Nailed the headscan right on with her as well.
  This figure is one of the best Jakks figures they have ever made. And they haven't made many good figures either aside from the Snitsky RA figures. So now you see my only TNA figure I will ever own. I Highly recommend any wrestling fan pick her up for their collection. Put it on display in the
bathroom it makes a great conversation piece.
  The Picture to the right is a comparison of the scale of a Mattel Vince McMahon to a Jakks DI Dixie Carter.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunoco Stickers

  One of the many things that are free are those Sunoco stickers that say Sunoco Official Fuel of NASCAR. They are for a promotion where if you are spotted with one of those stickers on your car at a Sunoco gas station, you will win 5,000 gallons of free fuel. I believe this promotion is called Sunoco Free Fuel 5000.
  I've actually looked up if anyone ever won the 5,000 gallons of gas. To my surprise I never found out if anyone ever won the free fuel. I don't think anyone has won to be honest. This leads to my next point, the cars you see these stickers on. My dad once made an observation that the only cars you see the Sunoco stickers on, are the really old crappy cars.
Eager to win the 5,000 gallons of free gas Aren't we?
  Here is an example of a crappy car with Sunoco Stickers on it. You noticed the car is covered with Sunoco Stickers. The owner of that crappy Chevrolet Celebrity is either using those stickers to coverup the rust, or is too lazy to paint the car, or really eager to win the 5,000 gallons of free fuel.