Friday, June 6, 2014

I Finally Found Planters Peanut Oil

  I never blog about food, but I have been searching for Planters Peanut Oil because I had a conversation with my Aunt whose husband used to work for Standard Brands who owned Planters Peanuts. We somehow got into a discussion about whether or not Planters still made peanut oil since I couldn't find it on stores shelves. Walmart didn't have it, Giant didn't either. By dumb luck today, I was in Boyer's Food Market in Hazleton, PA where of all places I found Planters Peanut Oil.
  I was so excited that I found the peanut oil. I wasn't going to buy it because I didn't need it. I immediately called my Aunt on my cell phone to tell her and my uncle the good news that I found Planters Peanut Oil, which seemed like I had discovered a long lost civilization. I think that the cause of me finding the Planters Peanut Oil was because of the fact my Aunt sent me an antique cast iron Mr. Peanut bank which i received in the mail today. It must have been a good luck charm or a sign of some sort that I was destined to find Planters Peanut Oil.
  On a side note I went to Walmart today and found that they had remnants of Mattel Elite 27 where there was one Rob Van Dam left, but It was a collectors nightmare when you don't have enough money to purchase it. I didn't like the headscan on the Elite 27 Rob Van Dam, so I passed on it. I'll wait for his basic when it hits stores shelves.