Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Paranoia that comes with owning an Automatic Watch

 I own two vintage automatic watches. One's a Bulova and the other is a Seiko. However my dad once told me that a magnet can screw an automatic watch up. So exactly what does a magnet do to an automatic watch? Well for starters the magnet can magnetize the springs inside the watch. This causes the watch to run fast.
  However once you own an automatic watch that isn't antimagnetic resistance, you get paranoid of everything around you. You start to fear if that everyday object next to you contains a magnet inside of it. I won't go near my subwoofer, or my CRT TV while wearing my automatic watch. Other objects that contain magnets are cell phones, magnetic back nametags, electric motors such as the ones found in power windows. Hard drives contain magnets as well. DVD Players, CD Drives and flip phones have them as well. Once you see the amount of stuff that contains a magnet in them the paranoia kicks in.
Rolex Milgauss
  Is there a solution to this? Yes there are several solutions to this dilemma. You can always buy a demagnetizer, They cost around $50 which isn't too shabby. Or you can get a very expensive antimagnetic watch such as a Rolex Milgauss for around $5k-8. Or you can avoid magnets all together like it's the plague.
  This always begs the question why aren't all automatic watches antimagnetic? I mean surely if Rolex could come out with a watch that has antimagnetic resistance why can't all other watch makers do so? Not everyone can afford a Rolex.