Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Texaco Horse and Tanker Review

The real horse drawn tanker.
  The other day I received my 1991 Texaco Horse and Tanker bank made by Ertl. It is the 8th in a long running series. The Horse and Tanker should actually be called Horses and Tanker because their are two horses not one. Other than that The Horse(s) and Tanker is one of the most unusual Banks that were made for Texaco.
  Another minor error in the Horse(s) and Tanker is the color of the wheels. The Wheels shown in the actual tanker that the bank is based on are red, not black like the bank. Also on the side of the hose box it says Crystallite Kerosene. On the bank version it is on the left side. Oops!
  The box is very plain Jane. It's not very fancy and shows the drawing of the Horses and Tanker. Nothing really special about it. The box does give you a not so great description of when this tanker was used only to say it was used in the 1900s. I look forward to learning history through these and this one was not that informative.

On Top of Box
  Onto The Horse(s) and Tanker. The horses are made out of diecast metal and are somewhat detailed giving them faint white and grey spots on their backs and white stripes on their faces. The horses are hooked up to the tanker by molded plastic chains. Also the horses hitch pivots which is really cool. Don't hold it by the tanker alone because the horses are heavier than the tanker.
  Now the Tanker. The tanker is also a locking bank. The tanker has a plastic roof over where the driver sits. The Decals are stickers which is kind of a let down but ok. 

Front view.

   Look at the hose box and the early 1900s Texaco logo. It is simply stunning.
 Here is the tanker turning to the left. To the Left. To The Left.
 Here is an excellent shot of the horses spots.
An Alternate view of the Horse(s) and Tanker.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Miss The 90s

  It got me thinking the other day of how much I miss the 1990s. The 90s was a simpler time. A time of great cartoons that are better than the ones today. If I had a time machine, I could go back to live in the 1990s again and again. People would think that it would get real old really fast. In my mind, it won't.
  If I could go back in the 1990s, I could watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again. I sure do miss that show. I could go buy Sega Genesis games and play them too. I could buy them new. In the 90s we didn't have Twilight, or Robert Pattinson in movies. Bruno Mars and LMFAO were not polluting the Radio. Cartoon Network still played classic cartoons. Hasbro still had the Batman License. WWE was known as WWF. The WB Network was still on the air. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was making bad movies more enjoyable. Blockbuster still had stores.
  KB Toys was still in business. There was no social networking sites, and Twitter. Cellphones were uncommon. Nobody Texted while driving. On the downside there was no high speed internet, no HDTV and all videos were in fullscreen. Jakks-Pacific still had the WWE license. DVDs were non anamorphic widescreen.
  Boy do I sure miss the 90s.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stepmom Movie Review

  The other day I was channel surfing when I stumbled across a movie on ABC Family called Stepmom. This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Not only does this movie have bad acting, it is just too taboo for a movie.
  Stepmom is about a divorced mother who is diagnosed with Lymphoma played by Susan Sarandon. Weirdly enough and questionably she is living with her ex husband played by Ed Harris, and his fiancee played by Julia Roberts and the two kids that Sarandon and Harris had before their characters divorced. First off I find it weird and taboo for an ex wife to be living with her ex husband and his fiancee. Who in the hell does this sort of thing? Think about it for a moment and let that sink in your brain.
  Sarandon's character is dying of lymphoma and wants to spend enough time with her kids before she dies. This is problem number 2 with this movie, Susan Sarandon's acting. The way I viewed her acting is that she felt like an unstable creep who wanted to be with her kids while she was dying. She seemed like the type that wanted to murder her ex husband, his fiancee, and their two kids and kill herself. Sarandon was more like a homicidal maniac the way she wanted her kids to remember her when she would no longer be there to see them grow up. To prove the creepiness even more here, for Christmas gifts she gave her daughter a quilt with pictures of her and her daughter on it. She gave her son a magician's cape with pictures of her and her son on it. What kind of Christmas presents are these? Seriously who in the fuck would want a quilt with pictures of you and your soon to be deceased mother on it?
  The subplot is Sarandon and Roberts conflicting on how to raise the kids once she's gone. They butt heads a few times and eventually get along at the end. This brings me to the ultra creepy ending. The ending is extremely taboo, a picture of Sarandon and Roberts, her ex hubby and kids all together. I mean who takes a photo with your current fiancee and your ex wife and the kids? The family portrayed in this movie has issues,
  The score for this movie was composed by John Williams and is not one of his memorable scores. So this one will skip my collection. The director Chris Columbus directed better movies than this such as Home Alone.
  Overall I give this movie 0 out of 10 stars. It sucked. Don't watch it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 2012 Kmart Hot Wheels Collector's Day Sucked

  Ok a few days ago I noticed a sign in Kmart for their quarterly Hot Wheels Collector's Day. It's an in store event that is geared towards Hot Wheels Collectors and offers the chance to get new castings and exclusive colors. Also there is a chance to get a mail away form for an exclusive car.
  Now on to why the first event of 2012 sucked. First off There were not a lot of cars there to look through. They usually have a huge amount of open cases of them laying around the toy department. There was only 1 different 2012 New Models street car available that I did not have. It was a 1968 BMW 2002. The event usually has a few new release models that you can choose from. Sadly since I only collect street cars there wasn't much I could want except for a Thrill Racers Volcano Dodge XP-09 which I also bought. What really annoyed me the most about this in store event was that there were no order forms for the exclusive 1955 Chevy Panel truck mail away. It was because of either 2 things. Thing 1 is I got there too late. Thing 2 could be that they never put them out. They did however had a 8.5x11 postcard of the artwork of the exclusive car which was free. This was a total let down. What a way to kick off 2012 Kmart.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newgistics Sucks

  I actually found something worse than UPS Mail Innovations. It's called Newgistics. I recently bought a Mattel WWE Legends Andre The Giant from Matty Collector and they seemed to have downgraded their standard shipping method from UPS to Newgistics. And if you think that UPS Mail innovations tracking updates are bad. Wait until you see Newgistics tracking. You see these mail prepping services are horrendous and never deliver good tracking updates. It's like they don't care at all. I ordered this figure2last Thursday. As of February 7th 2012 the package has just departed from the shipping facility. I got the shipping notice on Friday. I am really annoyed at the laziness of Newgistics. Stay away from Newgistics.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Consequences of Wiping Old TV Shows

  When my Uncle comes to visit for Christmas he mentioned that he remembered an old game show called Queen For a Day. The show was like a reality/game show where women would tell their sad story and whoever got the most applause from the audience would win the show. I later went on the internet to check this show out, only to find out that most of the episodes were wiped. When old TV shows were wiped, the shows were erased on the tapes so they used again to tape a new show. This was one of the dumbest things to ever happen in the history of civilization.
  History had its great mishaps but this one unintentionally harmed future generations to come. I mean today's generation who hear stories and memories of old TV shows from their relatives, would like to see what the show was like to get a better grip on it. Seeing is believing as they say. Your imagination can only give a gist of what your relative remembers. Seeing the old TV show would help you understand the era and attitudes of the people of the past.
  I can understand why they wiped the old episodes. They were trying to be thrifty and help save on new tapes. If only they knew that the consequences would never be the same when they did wipe the old episodes. I have a theory that not all of the episodes that were ordered to be wiped have been wiped. In other words some TV Stations kept a complete library of the episodes of everything that they aired. NOTE THAT IS MY THEORY!
  In Retrospect wiping was the worst thing in the history of TV. Nowadays we learned from our mistakes and don't wipe things since there is a demand for TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray now

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Fresh Beat Band: Music from the Hit TV Show Review

The album art.
  Today I am going to review another CD. It's something that I have never done a review of before. I will be reviewing The Fresh Beat Band: Music from the Hit TV Show. It is the soundtrack for the hit TV show on Nickelodeon called The Fresh Beat Band which is the only decent non animated show on their former Nick Jr block. I'm 22 years old and I have to admit this show is interesting.
  Where to begin. To start off the CD has 20 tracks. 19 of those songs are from the TV show itself. Track 20 is bonus track not from the TV show called Bubble Guppies. Why this was included is beyond me. This track is out of place on my behalf. That is the soundtrack's only flaw. The soundtrack opens with the show's theme song titled The Fresh Beat Band Theme and ends with Great Day which is the show's closing theme. All the songs are very catchy and upbeat. From an adult standpoint, the songs can be nauseous and can have a Gitmo torture playlist feeling to it. Even though I am not the shows target audience I was very impressed with the CD.This should have been released when the show came out. I don't know why there was a delay till now.
  The overall length of this soundtrack is 40:20. It goes pretty fast considering that the average length of the songs are 2 minutes.
Track Listing.
  1. 1. Fresh Beat Band Theme
  2. 2. Here We Go
  3. 3. A Friend Like You
  4. Just Like a Rockstar 
  5. Reach For The Sky
  6. I Can Do Anything
  7. Bananas 
  8. Music (Keeps Me Moovin')
  9. Good Times
  10. Loco Legs
  11. Get Up and Go Go
  12. Another Perfect Day
  13. Shine
  14. Stomp the House
  15. Surprise Yourself
  16. We're Unstoppable 
  17. Friends Give Friends a Hand
  18. Freeze Dance
  19. Great Day
  20. Sun, Beautiful Sun *(Bonus Track from The Bubble Guppies)
  Overall I give this a 9 out of 10 stars because of track number 20 not being on the TV show. You can buy the CD or download it from or other Big Box stores now.