Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story of Homer the Dalmatian

  Today I thought I would write a post about something that was very special to me, my old Dalmatian, Homer. Back in September of 2004 I was a freshman in high school and it had been about 2 years since my Basset Hound died from cancer. So a friend of my sister in law found this Dalmatian walking alongside the road, and she had the door open, the Dalmatian was so scared that he jumped into her car with her children. So they took him to their house and and named him Buddy. Unfortunately for them, their landlord said that they cannot keep the dog. So she asked my sister in law if she knows anyone who would like the dog. So my sister in law asked my mom about the dog. So Mom asked me if I liked Dalmatians. I told her yes. So we went to the house to see the Dalmatian. I went to see the dog and put out my hand for him to sniff. The moment I laid eyes on him I said can we keep him? He was an older Dalmatian with a cropped tail. Mom Said yes and we took Buddy home. My older brother named him Homer which I wouldn't have thought of  at all.
Homer Catching a Milk Bone Not Photoshopped 
  Homer was a treat loving dog. He had arthritis and would squeak in pain if you hugged him or put your hand on his back when he was laying down. He loved to play fetch. He would play fetch for about a year until we moved up to my current house, when arthritis wouldn't let him play anymore. We had Homer until 2008 when he sadly passed away from cancer of the lymph nodes. RIP Homer ????-2008

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lady Gaga Looks Like Stephanie From LazyTown

  I was thinking today of how much Lady Gaga looks Like Stephanie from the TV show LazyTown. When it comes down to the hair style and color anyway.
Lady Gaga

  The picture of Lady Gaga is from the 2011 cover of Vogue. Duh. Well there are also other similarities with the two of them. Both have the same name, but spelled differently.

Stephanie from LazyTown

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dumb Question of the Day

  Today I did a Google search and found this stupid question. It made me laugh real hard.
I couldn't get the whole screenshot so here is the link to the whole question with some more answers. Now We all know that Nicki Minaj looks nothing like Stephanie from LazyTown, except for the pink hair and their ethnicity. I'm not sure if the OP is Trolling or just plain stupid. I can see were they think they are related by the fact that Nicki sometimes wears a hot pink wig just like the actress who plays Stephanie. So I hope you got a good chuckle out of this.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Mattel Build A Figure's Suck

  If you collect WWE action figures, you probably know that there is a Michael Cole build a figure promotion going on at Toys R Us only. Each Best of PPV figure comes with parts to build the Michael Cole figure. John Cena comes with the Arms, Triple H comes with the Torso, Daniel Bryan comes with the Head and jacket, and Bret Hart comes with the Legs and Pelvis. Now why does this promotion suck? Well to start, Mattel has horrible distribution when it comes to stores. Some stores get some waves of figures when others don't get the same waves. What sucks is that Mattel has overpacked John Cena once again. The King of the Shelfwarmers, The guy who claims you cant see him, and who can overcome the odds. Well In all my Trips to TRU I happened to only see John Cena multiple times and Daniel Bryan once. I didn't buy the John Cena because I had purchased the Arms and torso with a Loose Tommy Dreamer figure from a fellow wfigs.proboards member, the same guy who I bought the Hurricane from. Anyway I have never seen the Triple H figure or the Bret Hart figure, so Luckily another fellow member on had the legs and would give them to me if I only paid for shipping. I gave him an offer of $5 and he accepted the offer and I should be receiving them in a week or less. So now I don't have to set foot in TRU for a while. Also Many people who are trying to complete their Michael Cole will probably end up with a legless Cole for the rest of their lives unless they resort to a scalper, paying $50 or more for one, or if they just want a completed Michael Cole, they could shell out $80 or more on eBay. Build a Figures are a major pain in the neck to collectors. They are frustrating and can put a dent in your wallet. Not to mention that the price for a BoPPV Elite has risen from $20.99 to, $24.99 at TRU, talk about scalping.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Tattoo Ideas: Twilight

  The other day I was really bored and decided to do a Google image search of Twilight tattoos and to my surprise people are actually stupid enough to get themselves inked with Twilight. This has got to be the worst tattoo idea ever. The people who get a Twilight tattoo are going to regret it later on down the road. One day if that person has children,the child will ask their mom, who are those people on your arm? The mother will reply, oh that is a tattoo of something that I used to like when I was younger, I no longer like Twilight.
Now here are some excellent examples of this.
Super Fail

God Help Us!

I Think we have seen enough here. I rest my case.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Never Leave Your Phone in Your Pocket

  Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson after I came home from working an 8 hour shift all by myself. I came home tired and pooped. I emptied out my right pocket that contained my wallet and keys but forgot to empty out my left pocket. I left my shorts to go get washed. It wasn't until I went to get dressed this morning that I couldn't find my cell phone. I started to panic. Then I was like Oh Shit. Yep Oh Shit was right. My shorts and phone went through the wash. I knew it my phone was ruined. And yet it was. Well The phone was old and chipped up from being in my pocket with my keys and had water stains from being in there in the rain. It was about time for a new one. I told my mom don't you check pockets when doing the laundry and she said no. I told her if this were a laundry business we would have been sued for someones cell phone getting destroyed due to your negligence. Oh well Lesson learned the hard way. So we headed to the AT&T store to go buy a new phone. I had a phone already in mind, The Samsung Rugby II. Yes a milspec phone. It even came with a USB cable so I can send pictures and music to my phone and vice versa.  So Check your pockets at the end of the day so this doesn't happen to you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Garage Sale Permits

  One thing I find really stupid is garage sale permits. What is the point of them? Well In my opinion it is a way for the development's homeowners association, or local municipality's government to make money on areas that don't want high amounts of traffic. One thing that pisses me off about garage sales is when people don't take down their sign for their garage sale that had occurred some time ago. I love garage sales. You can find just about anything at one. But a garage sale permit may be imposed to discourage garage sales in a way also. They might discourage them with a permit, for the people who nail up signs on every telephone pole who never take them down after their garage sale is over.
  While I do not agree with garage sale permits, I can see how Beverly Hills wants you to have a permit for one. In this instance, Beverly Hills is a wealthy populated area of Los Angeles California. Many celebrities live there and I am sure they don't want to see extra traffic coming to a garage sale in Beverly Hills. It would seem tacky and very distasteful for someone of that caliber to hold a garage sale in an area that has Millionaires living there.
  On the other hand garage sale permits are an unnecessary way for municipalities to make money. if they want to make money they should focus on work permits for houses that are being renovated. They sell more work permits than garage sale permits.
  There is a townhouse development near Hazleton Pennsylvania, called Park Crest. My mom one time picked up a brochure from them and they had several absurd rules. One of them was NO Garage Sales. That is madness compared to a garage sale permit. What if I lived there and wanted to have a garage sale? It's a god given constitutional right to have one. Well maybe not a constitutional right but you get my drift.    So That is my opinion on garage sale permits and why they are stupid and don't make any sense except for Beverly Hills. So Long Live The Garage Sale 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Should be Banned

  Do you know what Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is? If you don't it is in just about every mouth care and skin care product out there. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS for short, is a detergent or in other words basically soap that is used as a foaming agent in most toothpastes and some mouthwashes. SLS has been clinically proven to cause canker sores also known as mouth ulcers. They are very painful. I've suffered from them since I was a little boy. I used to get them frequently in my younger days. Now since I made the switch to SLS free toothpaste. I only get one about once a year if that.
  The sad thing is that the toothpaste manufacturers insist that SLS is a necessary ingredient in toothpaste. They will argue that SLS doesn't cause canker sores at all. Here is Tom's of Maine bullshit.

What is it? Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a foaming agent naturally derived from coconut and/or palm kernel oil. SLS has a long history of safe use in a variety of consumer personal care products.
  What does it do?
We use SLS in our toothpaste to properly disperse the ingredients and ensure easy rinsing.   What are the alternatives?
SLS is not the only foaming or dispersal agent available, but we believe it is the best choice due to its long history of safe use, its lack of odor or taste, and its low level of concentration in our products. For those of our consumers who prefer to use a toothpaste without SLS, we also offer a line of SLS-free toothpastes which use glycyrrhizin, derived from licorice root, to foam and disperse ingredients:
  What are the risks? We are well aware of the widespread Internet rumors regarding SLS and its use in shampoos, toothpaste, and other products. At Tom's we are concerned about the safety and efficacy of our products, so we take these rumors seriously. Specifically, we have heard claims that SLS is linked to cancer, cataracts, liver or kidney damage, and other maladies. These widespread rumors have been investigated by respected publications such as The Washington Post and The Berkeley Wellness Newsletter, both of which have called them a "sham" and a "hoax." The American Cancer Society has also created an information page debunking the claims. So rampant are these rumors that they are even addressed on the Urban Legends website, which provides additional reputable sources of information about SLS research. We, too, have researched these claims extensively and have found them to be completely unsubstantiated. As formulated for cosmetic use, SLS has not been found to cause cancer in any recognized scientific research studies. When used in our toothpaste, SLS has limited contact with the gums and is then rinsed out. In the body sprays, a very low level of SLS is used, just enough to disperse the fragrance oils. And to ensure consumer safety, a clinical study was run on the body spray to verify that this level of SLS in the product did not cause irritation when left on the skin. At the levels used in our products, SLS has no known toxicity—not even when ingested. Because of its superior foaming properties, SLS is included in various formulations in other manufacturers' products, including industrial ones. Use of SLS at varying levels and in different formulations is, of course, completely unrelated to its use in Tom's of Maine products. There is some research which shows that people with an existing gum condition called recurrent aphthous ulcers may experience more rapid healing if they temporarily use a toothpaste without SLS. Tom's of Maine recognizes that no two people are alike, and even with pure and natural ingredients, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction that is unique to them. As with any product, be sure to discontinue use if you experience discomfort or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for your individual body chemistry.
  As you can see there they do give you an alternative solution. To be honest I bet you 10 to 1 that their SLS free products are 100% harder to find in the store. Now why should SLS be banned? Well SLS has been linked to be a major cause of canker sores. Also I should add that SLS is used as a garage floor cleaner. Do you want the same thing that is used to scrub garage floors in your toothpaste or Mouthwash? I don't think so.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sam Raimi's Oldsmobile

The Oldsmobile in Drag Me to Hell
  You probably heard of director trademarks. If you don't know what they are I'll explain. A director trademark is something that is featured in all of their films in some way. All directors have them and Sam Raimi is no exception. One of his many Trademarks in his films is his beige 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 sedan. It first appeared in The Evil Dead as Ash Williams car, and in Darkman and Crimewave and Evil Dead 2 and in modified appearance, Army of Darkness as the Deathcoaster. It is also in his western, The Quick and the Dead, not as a car, but disguised as a wagon. I don't know where it is exactly but Sam Raimi will never tell us neither will Bruce Campbell either. Also The car played the role as Aunt May's car in the Spider-Man trilogy. If there ever was an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement for an Automobile, this car would certainly win it.
The Evil Dead

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Moms from Dance Moms and Toddlers in Tiaras are Fat

  My mom was watching that god awful sitcom on Lifetime called Reba, when a commercial for Dance Moms came on. I was eating my dinner when I said to my mother, that those moms are fat. She noticed that too. I wondered why the moms from Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras are fat and ugly. It's one of those things that are in the back of our mind. Why do the pressure their kids so much for dance recitals and beauty pageants? My theory is that the moms could never be a pageant queen or a ballerina because of their obesity and massive ugliness. These Moms are thus taking their dreams and living it through their kids. In the end the kids pay the price not the parent. These moms turn into psychotic moms when things do not go their way. What is really shocking is that it is just about every mom on these shows is in some way shape or form obese and ugly. Maybe if they had made healthier choices with the foods they ate as a child they might have become a beauty queen or a dancer. I don't watch these shows because they make me want to vomit. They exploit the children.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Caroll Shelby Passes Away at 89

  Thursday was a sad day for the auto industry and auto enthusiasts. A legend has passed away. The Legendary Carrol Shelby, who was a retired race car driver and active auto designer passed away on Thursday from Heart Failure at 89. His influence and work in the auto industry will forever be remembered for bringing us, the Shelby Cobra, The Shelby GT500 Mustang, GT350 Mustang, GTH Mustang, and his help in the design of the original Dodge Viper. He will never be forgotten. Sadly he had a heart problem his whole life and won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1959 having nitroglycerine pills under his tongue. The Ford Motor Company will sadly miss his help with their partnership together. His Mustang will probably still be made. He is with the motor gods now. Rest In Peace Carrol Shelby

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Unexpected Happened

  On the way going down to school to take my sociology final today, I happened to see driving on the otherside of the interstate, a International LoneStar semi truck. I was so excited that I believe that It gave me a good luck on my final today.  The second part of the good luck was that I got $36 for my Human Resources Management book. Not so much luck for my Sociology book. They were switching to an updated edition in the fall. Ironically the book will still be used for the summer classes and they weren't even buying back the book.  Seriously WTF?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker as Rowdy Burns
  Who is my favorite actor ever? Wanna take a guess, he is a Hey It's That Guy Actor. It's Michael Rooker. If You don't recognize the name he played in many films, mostly supporting roles. He mostly plays a total badass who doesn't give a hoot about anybody. He has a raspy voice and is really a great actor. He can play a NASCAR driver, a Detective to a redneck to a deadbeat dad.
Partial List of Movies with Michael Rooker
  • Days of Thunder
  • Cliffhanger
  • JFK
  • Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
  • Tombstone
  • Mallrats
  • The 6th Day
  • Skeleton Man
  • The Replacement Killers
  • Jumper
  • Eight Men Out
  • Light of Day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Annoy the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

  The other day I was remembering a series of calls that originated on 4chan to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from pawn stars. The calls were about if they had a certain classic video game. So here are steps on how to annoy the staff.
  1. Call (702) 386-0606 that is their phone number.
  2. Ask the employee who answers the phone if they have Battletoads or what they will give you for a copy.
  3. When Employee gets irate call them back multiple times. You should get a different one every time.
  4. Record call and put on YouTube
  Battletoads annoys the heck out of them.

Monday, May 7, 2012

WWE Releases Goldust

  Yesterday was a sad day for the WWE. They released Goldust, AKA Dustin Runnels. He was released not in a storyline or contract expiration, only due to an altercation that happened backstage at last Tuesday's SmackDown Taping. He will be missed. It's sad that he stopped wrestling in 2011 after an injury to work backstage and how in his last years he was downgraded to a jobber. Goldust really did have shattered dreams.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pawn Stars Drinking Game

  Did you ever watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel? If So there is now a drinking game based on it. Whenever there is a marathon of the show grab a few buddies and play along. Everytime Rick, Corey, Old Man, or Chumlee say that they have a buddy of mine whose an expert in X, or I need to call in an expert in these sort of things, or any variation of the buddy of mine, everyone takes a drink. Please don't do this because it is very dangerous. Use soft drinks instead of alcohol to be on the safe side.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 Essential Hess Trucks You Must Own

  I've been thinking of what to blog about lately and had an idea, then a better one and then the best one out of many different topics so today I will list 5 Essential Hess Trucks that you must own.
5. 1970-71 Hess Fire Engine. This Hess Truck is based on one of the fire engines that was stationed at the Port Reading Refinery.
4. 1980 Hess Training Van. This is one of the most unique Hess trucks ever made. It is a GMC Motorhome and was used to conduct training seminars at Hess gas stations.

3. 1982 First Hess Truck. Chronologically speaking this is not the first Truck. It is a replica of the 1933 Chevrolet that Leon Hess used to deliver fuel oil.

2. 1984 Hess Tanker Truck. This Hess truck is what real Hess delivery Tankers look like today.

1. 1966 Hess Voyager ship. This is one that is not a truck at all. It's a replica of the Hess Voyager Tanker ship Hess used to have. It is also very valuable.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Vintage Thrift Store Find

Fox Body Mustang
  Today I went thrifting again. This time it wasn't the Salvation Army, it was to an independent thrift store. I was looking at the toys, when a Yellow plastic car caught my eye. The car was one of those big indestructible sandbox toys. At First I thought it was made by Gay Toys, now known as Processed Plastics. To my surprise It was manufactured by Testor Toys, the company who makes the plastic model kits. I bought their snap together C-130 Hercules today at the Grand Opening of Micheal's Art's and Crafts. The car is a Testor ToysS series No. 1000. At first I thought the car was a late 70s to early 80s Ford Mustang or a some sort of Chevrolet. Well my first hunch was right, it was a 1979 Ford Fox Body Mustang. I could tell because of the wheels that the toy had on it were the same as a real 79 Mustang. I paid $0.95 for the toy. It will make a great conversation piece.  I'll post pictures when I get my camera charged.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honda Just Won't Learn

 Today when I was in the barbershop, I was reading the March 2012 edition of Automobile, when I stumbled across an article about the Honda Fit EV. For those who don't know what an EV stands for, its an abbreviation for Electric Vehicle. You won't be able to buy the car, just a no purchase option lease. Geez does this sound familiar? It sure does. I saw the wonderful documentary called, Who Killed The Electric Car and it talked about how almost all Electric Vehicles are lease only, screwing over the people who would like to buy one after they become attached to the car. History does seem to repeat itself. In this case I will predict the Honda Fit EV's fate, they will be all bought up and crushed. Remember the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle? You probably forgot about that by now. Well like the Fit EV, the FCX Clarity is also a lease only deal. This is what annoys me. It's a conspiracy that the car companies know that they won't make money on replacement parts on these alternate fuel vehicles because the cars don't have many moving parts, thus having less parts to get broken and needing to be replaced. Plus the Oil companies are behind the obstruction of Electric cars on the mass consumer marketplace. Face it the price of a barrel of oil keeps going up an up and won't be going down anytime soon. In fact it won't. So electric cars will be the only option when a barrel of oil gets to the price of $500. So listen up Honda, Please sell this to consumers instead of the no purchase option lease, it's getting real old now and people would want to keep it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Elusive International LoneStar

A Trucker and his Badass Truck
  Have you heard of the International LoneStar? If you haven't, you aren't a fan of semi trucks or a trucker for that matter. The International LoneStar is the baddest truck on the road today. It really grabs your attention and makes you do a double take when you pass one. The truck is retro styled truck, inspired by a 1937 IH pickup truck. Sadly seeing the International LoneStar is a real treat. You rarely get to see one on the highway. It is very elusive and expensive. Independent Owner/Operator drivers mostly own them not major trucking companies because of the high price tag. If you go to International Trucks LoneStar Page you won't find a price for it.
I've only seen two of them in real life and I was amazed at how awesome they look like in real life. Everytime I go on the Interstate I am always on the lookout for an International LoneStar.