Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chief Charlie Swan Facts

   Today I thought I would do another one of those Fact joke posts. I came up with this one about my favorite character from the Twilight series, Chief Charlie Swan.
  • Behind Chief Charlie Swan's mustache is fist
  • Chief Charlie Swan once got into a fight with Chuck Norris, the loser had to grow a beard.
  • Chief Charlie Swan can Slam a Revolving Door.
  • Ladies open doors for Chief Charlie Swan.
  • Chief Charlie Swan's mustache has a mind of its own.
  • Charlie Swan doesn't act like a patriot, a patriot acts like Charlie Swan
  • If you have $5 and Charlie Swan has $5, Charlie Swan has more money than you
  • Charlie Swan doesn't like his meat rare, He likes common meat like a cow
  • Guns don't kill people, Charlie Swan kills people
  • There's only one thing Charlie Swan can't do, which is lose
  • The perfect bedtime story goes like this, Once upon a time, Chief Charlie Swan, The End
  • Chief Charlie Swan can handle the truth.
  • Chief Charlie Swan can hear silence
  • Charlie Swan knows where Carmen Sandiego is.
  • Chief Charlie Swan is the reason why Waldo is Hiding
  • Charlie Swan can light a fire underwater
  • Charlie Swan's mustache is made of steel
  • Charlie Swan has bigger balls of Steel than Duke Nukem
  • Chief Charlie Swan can shoot the dog in Duck Hunt
  • Charlie Swan once Grounded Bella for life. She is still serving that sentence.
  • Chief Charlie Swan traveled from Forks Washington to Pennsylvania to Arrest Jerry Sandusky
  • Charlie Swan can Pump his own gas in New Jersey
  • If Chief Charlie Swan had a weakness his name would be Superman
  • Chief Charlie Swan uses a Federal Signal Thunderbolt as his alarm clock
  • Charlie Swan can make a Paraplegic run for their life... in that case Billy Black
  • Charlie Swan's tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries
  • Chief Charlie Swan can fire a Colt Single Action Army in double action
  • Chief Charlie Swan can shoot 12 rounds out of a six shooter
  • Chief Charlie Swan is the only person who can deflect Chuck Norris' Roundhouse Kick
  • Chief Charlie Swan has conducted more Drug busts than any other police chief in the United States.
  • Charlie Swan can order a Big Mac at Burger King and get it
  • Charlie Swan can order a Whopper at McDonald's and Get it.
  • Charlie Swan can videotape a train and not get into trouble. 
  • Charlie Swan is the only person who can try this at home.
  • Charlie Swan is The Most Interesting Man in The World

Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I Get Mixed Up: Office Depot and Office Max

  One of the things I get mixed up frequently is Office Depot and Office Max. Why is that? Well for starters both companies are office supply stores. Both have the word office in their names. It's confusing sometimes. I'm only 23 and I get things like this confused. What's wrong with me? This is something a 90 year old would get confused. A lot of people I know get the two companies confused. Thankfully Office Max and Office Depot are going to merge so I won't have to get their names mixed up anymore. Or will I still get them mixed up?
  Who knows what this merger will bring in the future, a name change perhaps so us customers won't get their names mixed up. I can envision scenarios of the confusion of Office Max and Office Depot. Here is an example I envisioned.
Jim: Hey Eddie did you get the ink we needed?
Eddie: Yeah Jim I did get the ink.
Jim: Where did you buy the ink at?
Eddie: Office Max.
Jim: Eddie you're an imbecile. I told you Office Depot had the best ink prices so go there.
Eddie: Well I get confused about which store is which. You did say Office so I wasn't sure which store it was so I went to Office Max.
Jim: If only Office Depot and Office Max were the same company.
  This post is one of the many in my new series called Things I Get Mixed Up. So in addition to toy reviews and thrift store finds I needed to bring some random back into my blogging since I have been having a case of writers block recently since my monthly post count has been lagging.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mattel Basic 28 Damien Sandow

The Intellectual Savior For The Masses
  Last Thursday I was on looking to see if they put out any new basic figures. Thankfully they did have some of series 28. Damien Sandow was one of them. So I pounced on the opportunity to buy him. A week later he arrived. UPS Mail Innovations had shipped him. This time I had no complaints at all about their shipping timing. They have improved a lot since I had blogged about them in the past years of this blog's lifetime.
  Anyway Damien Sandow is wearing pink trunks and has purple kneepads and black elbow pads. My main gripe is that his left leg is bent slightly for some odd reason. I noticed this happens often since Mattel switched to the new packaging design for their basic WWE figures. Also The headscan is pretty good for his first figure.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Higher Education

Higher Education
  On Thursday, I ordered Higher Education on for $6. I couldn't wait for it to hit retail because I wanted the School bus so badly. It's actually one of the best First Editions of 2013. Scratch that it's actually the Best First Edition of 2013. Last years best First Edition was Crushtation which was another unique bodystyle that was shaped like a lobster.
  I like Michael Vaters who owns and drives the monster truck Black Stallion and happen to collect his trucks since I bought the Then and Now 2pack of Black Stallion and since accumulated 2 more of Black Stallion. I also needed Higher Education since I am a sucker for School Bus Monster Trucks. Anyway the crushable car is a white sedan which isn't bad.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Toys R Rant

  You know what really aggravates me when I do my online shopping? It's bad website management. That's right websites that don't take things down once they are sold out and unlikely going to be restocked ever. That's what I especially hate with I love Mattel WWE figures and I sometimes look on Toys R Us's website to see if they have anything new. They do... but it's usually 99.9% of the time out of stock for shipping and that's almost all of the items they have on there.
  So when I look for figures and I see tons of backstock from 2010-2012 on there I get all excited thinking they have it when they do not have them. Well that leads me to my main point of this post. Toys R is poorly managed. The people who run that site don't take things down that are long sold out and aren't going to be restocked ever again. The problem there is people who see that on multiple visits to the website aren't going to visit it again due to everything on the website being sold out. It's a turn off to buyers. I know something has to be done about this problem or it won't be fixed. More people will be ticked off and not go to the website or their stores for that matter. So please fix this problem.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

13 Companies You Didn't Know Are Japanese

 Yesterday I bought a bunch of vintage trucker hats and one of them was an all mesh Bridgestone hat from circa 1974 judging by the logo on the front. Anyway that got me thinking of companies that are Japanese that people don't think they are. So here is a list of companies that you wouldn't know are Japanese.
  1. Bridgestone Tires
  2. Maxell 
  3. Uniden 
  4. Brother Industries
  5. Citizen
  6. Kenwood Electronics
  7. Olympus
  8. Pilot Pen Corporation
  9. Sega
  10. Sharp Corporation
  11. Subaru
  12. TDK Corporation
  13. Epson 
  14. Roland Corporation

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kenner Superman The Animated Series Supergirl

  Back in the 1990s when Batman The Animated Series was on TV, there was another animated series that was on during the 1990s as well, It was Superman The Animated Series. Superman The Animated Series wasn't as good as it's animated Batman counterpart but It had it was still a good show and is still rewatchable.  Anyway Since Batman had action figures to tie in his animated show, why not give Superman his own toyline based on his show? Well to be honest the Superman The Animated Series figures weren't as successful as the Batman figures were.
Her Animated Series Appearance
   The main problem with the Superman TAS line of figures was the lack of villain figures. The line was 97% Superman and his variant suits such as a dive suit and his space suit to ridiculous costumes that make you want to bang your head against the wall. Now where was I? Oh yes the % of figures in the line.  There was about 2% villain figures and 1% other. That 1% is what I am going to review. During the show's third and final season the writers decided to introduce Supergirl to the series in a 2 part episode, Little Girl Lost which shows her origin in a nutshell and how she would prove save Superman's butt when he got captured. Anyway I guess the folks at Kenner were getting desperate for other characters to make and thought that Supergirl was a good idea. It was one of their best figures during the late 1990s. Now onto the figure.
  Supergirl is one of those figures that is an underdog of sorts. It's unusual and perfect at the same time. Supergirl's only flaw is that her legs are molded into the skirt and the skirt isn't accurate. However don't let that turn you away from her. She also has a removable cape which is made of plastic, not cloth like the Quick Change Superman figure has. She stands the same height as a Jurassic Park figure made by Kenner. One of the best things about this figure is that the Boots are detailed. The boots have molded treading on the soles which is pretty cool for a Kenner figure. Usually Jurassic Park figures had molded boots with treads.
  Her headscan gets some gripe from fans but I think it's great. Her hair is detailed to the lines of locks and even includes a hairband which shows that the folks at Kenner went all out on this figure.
The Armor
   Now the accessory is just a Neuron Star Superman suit modified for Supergirl, If you are unaware of what Neuron Star is, It's Superman's Space Suit. So the snap on armor will only fit her. She also comes with wings that fire missiles. Another flaw is with the whole armor is that this is completely inaccurate because Supergirl didn't wear the armor in the TV show.
  Final Thoughts. Well Overall I give the figure a 9 out of 10. It's a very unique figure that has great detail and is different from the rest of the figures from that line. It does have a few quirks such as that god awful armor. They should have included Streaky the Kent's pet cat from the Animated Series. Streaky is also one of the Superpets who is Supergirl's pet cat but doesn't have any Superpowers in the TV Show.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

10 Movies that should be made/rebooted or remade

  A coworker and I have daily discussions on movies especially ones that are based on Comic books. So I decided to come up with a post on movies that should be made or remade.
First the ones that should be made
  1. Streaky the Supercat 
  2. Krypto the Superdog
  3. Beppo the Supermonkey
  4. A movie that centers on the Superpets.
  5. A Movie about the last Voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  6. A Justice League Movie
Now the movies that need a reboot.
  1. Supergirl
Now movies that could be remade.
  1. Midnight Express
  2. Death Wish
  3. The NeverEnding Story

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Captain America

The Star Spangled Truck With a Plan
  After I got off from Work today I stopped in Kmart on my way home to see if they put out any WWE figures or Monster Jam trucks and came across Captain America. I finally Found Captain America. I refuse to buy these trucks from eBay sellers because they rip you off. So I found the Star Spangled Truck With a Plan. The truck is a First Edition. According to the packaging it says New Deco which doesn't make sense in anyway whatsoever because this is a brand new fresh casting. I almost bought this truck in the Demolition Doubles 2pack with Wolverine but passed since I didn't want a second Wolverine. The truck has a Plastic Shield on the back which can come off so you will have to be careful with it. It also has the helmet wings which can break off if you are not careful with it.  The Crushable car is a red station wagon.