Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bombastic EP CD Review

  Finally Bonnie McKee has released her EP Bombastic in physical form. First it was available as a digital download on iTunes or Google Play, those seemed to be the only two places you were able to download it, Now the long awaited wait is over to get a CD release of this EP.
  Now you can buy the CD directly from Bonnie McKee since she is an independent artist right now. Her online store is here
 The CD is an autographed copy, which is also a plus since the CD is only $5.99 plus $2 for shipping. Bombastic is in a digipak case, not a jewel case which is also a plus, It gives the CD a more Nine Inch Nails feeling to it since it comes in a digipak. On a side note you can't get the CD in a normal record store to my best of knowledge.
  The tracklisting for Bombastic is
  1. I Want It All
  2. Bombastic
  3. Wasted Youth
  4. Easy
  Oddly enough the CD does have a barcode on the back of the digipak, I guess this is for in case retailers want to carry the CD. It's pretty cool for an independent artist to get a company to press CD's for them. If Trent Reznor was able to do it when he had his own label, The Null Corporation than anyone can do it.
  Bombastic is an amazing EP. First off it has been long overdue for a followup album to Trouble which was released on September 28th, 2004. The 2 best songs on the 4 track EP are Bombastic and Wasted Youth. In fact all of the songs on the EP sound amazing on my Altec-Lansing Speakers.

Friday, October 2, 2015

You Didn't Make That: Jeep DJ-5

Today's post will be very brief. A couple of years ago Jeep had a Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher hat on their merchandise site. If you don't know what Jeep DJ5 is, it was a Jeep that was made for the USPS back in the 1970s. Anyway Jeep never made the Jeep DJ5 Dispatcher, AM General made it. So I don't get why it was even on their website. I guess it was a Jeep Thing that I wouldn't understand.