Thursday, September 24, 2015

Obscure Hot Wheels Car of The Day Number 1: Syd Mead's Sentinel 400 Limo

  Today I thought I would start reviewing what are in my own opinion, obscure Hot Wheels cars. These cars may be obscure to them being relatively unknown in the modern world, or cars that were only made once such as an ex Corgi casting.
The original artwork for the Sentinel 400 Limo
  Syd Mead is a well known concept artist and futurist. Some of his designs have been featured in hit movies such as Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens and has even spread out to the video game industry as well. So in 2002 Mattel for some odd reason thought it would be cool to make one of his concept art into a Hot Wheels car. So they did they chose the Sentinel  400 Limo from his book Sentinel which features a ton of car concept art. Out of all the cars that were in that book they chose the Sentinel 400 Limo. So far the Sentinel 400 Limo is the only concept art of Syd Mead that has ever been turned into a Hot Wheels car.
   This car is one of my favorite Hot Wheels cars. It rolls smooth and it looks great when placed next to other iconic movie cars such as the DeLorean Time Machine or the 1989 Batmobile. The Sentinel 400 Limo has been re released and repainted a couple of times since it debuted in 2002. However those cars are painted nothing like the original 2002 First Edition. If you ever see the 2002 First Edition, buy it it's worth every penny.