Tuesday, January 24, 2017

High School Class Fundraisers that Student's Can't Attend.

  I've noticed a trend in some high school class fundraisers in my area, that you have to be 21 to attend them. This is completely illogical since the students benefiting from this fundraiser aren't allowed in. Your probably thinking what kind of idiocracy is this crap. Well for starters one type of fundraiser is called A Night At the Races. This type of fundraiser is where you bet on a pretaped horse race and most of the proceeds benefit the class. Now this is where the stupidity kicks in, being 21 or over to attend the event. I get it that you have to be 21 in order to gamble, but at least allow the students to help out at the benefit for their graduation class.
  A simple solution to this problem would be to NOT allow the students to gamble or allow them near the betting area. They can always work at the concession area, sell tricky tray tickets or clean up after the event. This is reminds me of a local movie theater that serves alcoholic beverages where you have
to be 21 or accompanied by an adult in order to see a G rated movie. Yes that's right you have be 21 to go see a G rated film there. Here's a solution to this problem, have the waitstaff carry those little penlights to check ID's of theater patrons.
  Although having a class fundraiser where you have to be 21 in order to attend is quite stupid. What I don't seem to get is why do they pick a fundraising event where you have to be 21 or older to attend it. The senior class that is benefiting from these class fundraisers need to help out at them. When I was in high school I don't recall having a class fundraiser where you had to be 21 in order to be there. I remember having to sell frozen pizzas that you had to carry home from school, chocolate sales and other stupid nonsensical items to peddle at everyone in your family.  Man those were a total pain in the ass when one of your family members ordered 5 frozen pizzas that weighed like 100 pounds when you had to walk with them to your dad's car that was several blocks away from the school.
 I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore so I don't have to peddle frozen pizzas that benefit stuff that I won't attend such as the prom or some class trip. I don't know why I bothered to sell these things because I never attended the prom and I still don't regret it. So the next time your high school class is holding a class fundraiser make it an event where EVERYONE can attend not just the adults

Friday, January 20, 2017

Raiders of The Lost Garage Episode 1

  I'll be periodically blogging about my cleaning up and organizing all of my Father's tools in the garage. My mom doesn't approve of me going through the garage and pillaging it. I'm just trying to consolodate all of the tools my father used to hoard.
   Many years ago when my Father had his appliance repair business he used to buy Snap-On Tools. Now you probably know that Snap-On Tools are not cheap at all. They are a quality made tool that is backed by a lifetime guarantee. However long story short when my older brother acquired the my father's business after my dad had his heart attack, my brother's work truck was broken into and the thieves stole 95% of the Snap-On tools that my dad had bought in the 80s. Snap-On doesn't replace stolen tools if you don't know so if someone steals yours you're shit out of luck there.
   My dad had a handfull of Snap-On Tools left over that somehow never went to my brother when he took over the business and now I ended up with them. It's still an ongoing process sorting out the many tool boxes in the garage to organize into the tool chest. I thought I had accumulated all what was left of them. So I thought. Today as I was consolidating some tool boxes I looked on the one shelf and I spotted what looked like a hole punch tool. I picked it up and upon closer inspection of it I noticed it said Blue-Point Kenosha Wisconson Made in USA on it. If you don't know already, Blue-Point is a brand of tool made by Snap-On that also has their lifetime warranty. I had no idea what this tool exactly was until I went on the computer and typed in the model number: CF-71 upon my search results came up that they are a Spark Plug Gapping Plier tool. now Snap-On no longer makes this type of tool and in case you are wondering what happens to your lifetime warranty, Snap-On will give you a modern equivalent no questions asked.