Monday, August 27, 2012

TLC Has Offically Jumped The Shark

  I hate TLC. No not the WWE PPV Tables Ladders and Chairs, the TV channel TLC is what I hate. Why well they have this show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Who in the fuck is this so called Honey Boo Boo anyway? Well for those of you who don't know I will inform you. Honey Boo Boo is one of those children who are exposed on that show Toddlers and Tiaras. Now I saw a few minutes of this show on TLC today and after those few minutes I felt like shooting my 50 inch TV. Really I did. Why? Well for one the show is a waste of airtime and redundant. While TLC is at it, why don't they give every white trash redneck family their own reality show? That might be dumb enough to work. C'mon now TLC is no longer The Learning Channel if you ask me. Why? Well half of their shows are about freaks, fat people, bride to be's spending thousands of Dollars on Wedding gowns that they will probably wear once and end up getting divorced less than a year later, shows about midgets, and people who have infinity kids. We should stop watching TLC in order to stop feeding the freaks on this channel. TLC is as bad as MTV for crying out loud when it comes to irrelevant TV shows. I hate child abuse and this spinoff of Toddlers and Tiaras is legal proof of it. So Don't watch TLC or anything they air.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dumbest Google Search Suggestions Ever

  Today I was fooling around on Google and happened to come across a dumb search suggestion. so go ahead and try them out for yourself. My answers to these dumb questions will be in bold.
Section I: Questions.
  1. Is Pepsi owned by Coke?  Never in a billion years.
  2. Is Pepsi a Coke product?  Not where I come from
  3. Is Puerto Rico a state?      Not Yet.
  4. Is it illegal to download movies? Go ask the FBI and the MPAA.
  5. Is it illegal to dress up as Batman in Australia?  Go ask Bruce Wayne.
  6. Is WWE fake? Of course it is. It's scripted but the injuries are real.
  7. Is WWE going to stop being PG? Not anytime soon.
  8. Is Lord Tensai Asian?  No. he's Jewish.
  9. Is Batman an Avenger? Hell No. He's in the JLU.
  10. Is Batman DC or Marvel? He is DC dumbass.
Section II: General Suggestions
  1. Britney Spears is a three headed alien. This isn't from the Weekly World News only a Book title.
  2. Cars are coffins This is a bicycle enthusiast Magazine. 
  3. I am extremely terrified of Chinese People. WTF? 
  4. Lady Gaga is a man. No She's a Lady.
  5. I ate the divorce papers. Why?
  6. I ate Seabass while pregnant. Don't worry
  7. I ate my baby for dinner. Seek help.
  8. I ate my desk again. Call a doctor

    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    Twilight The Score Review

      Ok this isn't my first film score review, it's one of my many I plan on reviewing. I love film scores, I hate various artists soundtracks that have little or nothing to do with the movie. So since I love film scores I decided to buy all of the Twilight Saga film scores. Now each of the movies up to Eclipse had a different composer. Twilight had Carter Burwell, New Moon had Alexandre Desplat, Eclipse had Howard Shore. From Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 and 2, Carter Burwell returned to score the last two installments.
    The CD artwork
      First of all the score for Twilight is wa better than the movie. Why is that? Well the score doesn't have bad acting in it like the movie. It helps drown out the shitty acting in the movie. It does it well. It distracts you from the bad story and gets your adrenaline pumping. The score is probably the best film score of 2008. I'm shocked at why wasn't the score nominated for any awards. Here's why it should have been nominated, It was way different than any other film score of 2008. It's not really a symphony orchestra score either, it's more of a metal/guitar/synth score.
      Here is the Tracklist.
    1. "How I Would Die" – 1:53
    2. "Who Are They?" – 3:26
    3. "Treaty" – 1:58
    4. "Phascination Phase" – 2:04
    5. "Humans Are Predators Too" – 2:04
    6. "I Dreamt of Edward" – 1:06
    7. "I Know What You Are" – 2:37
    8. "The Most Dangerous Predator" – 2:22
    9. "The Skin of a Killer" – 2:58
    10. "The Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb" – 3:10
    11. "Complications" – 1:11
    12. "Dinner with His Family" – 0:38
    13. "I Would Be the Meal" – 1:24
    14. "Bella's Lullaby" – 2:18
    15. "Nomads" – 3:51
    16. "Stuck Here Like Mom" – 1:40
    17. "Bella Is Part of the Family" – 1:24
    18. "Tracking" – 2:19
    19. "In Place of Someone You Love" – 1:45
    20. "Showdown in the Ballet Studio" – 4:50
    21. "Edward at Her Bed" – 1:05
        The length of the album is 46:53.
      Overall I give Twilight The Score 9 stars out of 10 because it has a short length. I did like the track Nomads the best. It has a metal sound to it and can be used for a WWE entrance theme. I highly recommend this score.

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    How Hot Wheels Can Improve the Monster Jam Line.

      I love Hot Wheels cars. I even collect the Monster Jam trucks as well. Not all of them but ones that interest me. Now the Monster Jam line has improved a lot since Mattel got the Monster Jam license. They have improved the suspension system in the trucks, by making the wheels more bouncy and the tires bigger and eliminating the realistic 4WD turning mechanism. When you would push one of the first Monster Jam trucks, the axles would turn not making the truck go straight. That used to annoy me when I was little. I'm glad they changed that.
      Now how they can improve the line? Well one way they can do so is to stop making the Hot Wheels Original Designed trucks since they don't compete in Monster Jam. So making a truck of the Hot Wheels car Bone Shaker isn't the brightest idea if it isn't a real monster truck. Another way for improvement is to do away with the Edge Glow variations. Why should they? Well I don't think a glow in the dark monster truck is a good idea. It's just weird that they make trucks like that. Sure it attracts little kids but to an adult collector like myself I just see them as a waste of peg space. Now there is only one Mud Tracks truck I own and it is the Grave Digger pickup truck which is an accurate interpretation of the first Grave Digger made from a 1952 Ford pickup used as a mud bogger.
      Now the Travel Treads trucks are a good Idea to coincide with the haulers that they make but I don't trust a toy with removable wheels. I don't know if it will fall off when I push it. I don't have any and don't plan on owning them so doing away with them will help this line a lot. Another way this line can improve is if the made accessory packs, such as plastic cars to crush. They would be a huge seller.
      Now onto shelfwarmers. Mattel has corrected this issue a few years ago with the ridiculous amount of Grave Diggers that warmed the shelves like crazy. They have learned not to overpack certain trucks in cases. I guess you can call Grave Digger, the John Cena of monster trucks. Recently there has been a special series of Monster Jam Trucks called Then and Now, which is a 2pack of the first incarnation of a monster truck paired with it's current version. This is a cool idea which old school fans can get an original look truck with it's current look.

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Top 10 Hot Wheels Cars

      Today I was thinking of my top 10 Hot Wheels original design cars. It took me a while to compile the list so here it is.
    1. Hot Seat. Why the Hot Seat? Well for starters it is one of the most unusual Hot Wheels cars. It is based on a toilet. It was made from 1998 until 2004.
    2. Express Lane. Here is another unusual Hot Wheels car based on a shopping cart with an engine in the basket.
    3. Fast Fortress. Here is another unusual car based on a B-17 Flying Fortress but modified to become a 6 wheeled Hot Wheels car.
    4. Baby Boomer. This car is a baby carriage with an engine of course.
    5. Hot Tub. This car is based on a hot tub with water in the driver seat. A redneck inspired car.
    6. Radio Flyer Wagon. Do I need to explain this?
    7. Rail Rodder. This car is based on a locomotive. Also a Original Design Monster Jam truck.
    8. Whatta Drag. This car is an extremely modified BMW Isetta turned into a dragster.
    9. Straight Pipes. This car is a melting pot of parts from older cars, combined to make this Larry Wood Design.
    10 Shark Cruiser. A shark based car, has been painted as a Killer Whale and was turned into a Original Design Monster Jam truck as well.

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Jakks-Pacific Vs Mattel Round 2

      One of my first blog posts was a comparison of the former maker of WWE action figures, Jakks-Pacific and the current licensee Mattel. Last time I compared their basic style rings and Mattel won by a landslide victory.  However Jakks-Pacific did things a little differently than Mattel does currently.
      Round One: Obscure Figures
      Unlike Mattel, Jakks-Pacific took risks and made referees and commentators and managers and even a cameraman which was a cheap reuse of the BCA Referee only with a different right forearm and hand so you can place a camera in his hand. Mattel on the other hand had is afraid to give us Referees, Managers and Commentators. Although they made Vickie Guerrero in the basic line and Michael Cole as a Build a figure respectively. However Mattel's problem is that they are afraid that if the make the authority figures that they won't sell well. Us fans want a referee Mattel! However if they did make a referee, it would be a Toys R Us exclusive Build A Figure, which is a major pain in the neck due to short packing the one you needed to complete your figure. Winner- Jakks-Pacific 
    Round Two: Distribution
      I didn't collect many Jakks-Pacific figures only sporadic BCA's when I was 8 years old. But Mattel collectors hate Mattel's horrid distribution network. It's a nightmare some waves turn up in some stores and doesn't appear in other stores. However I have heard Jakks-Pacific had great distribution during their run with the WWE license. Now in the Jakks era a wave of figures would show up in CA and within a few weeks would be in every store across the country. The economy maybe a factor in Mattel's part but I wish they had the distribution power of Jakks. Winner- Jakks-Pacific
    Round Three: Quality
      When it comes to quality and continuity, Mattel pwns Jakks-Pacific. For instance Jakks figures were not in scale with each other when it came to height except for figures like Big Show, The Great Khali, and Andre the Giant, which were taller. So height wise, a Ruthless Aggression Rey Mysterio was the same height as Undertaker. Now Mattel does the exact opposite, they have their figures in scale with one another so Rey isn't the same height as Undertaker. Mattel however has scale issues with Diva's. Jakks had no continuity whatsoever when it came to tattoos. For instance RA15 Gene Snitsky had his back tattoo, whereas his ECW figure didn't have it. He never got that tattoo removed. When it came to joints, Mattel also kicked Jakks ass. Mattel has tight joints and kneepads whereas Jakks tended to be loose. and would have your figure fall over due to the loose joints. Winner-Mattel
    Round Four: Weapons
      Jakks gave us a weapon with every figure from the TTL era all the way to the RA era. It would be steel chairs, title belts, trash cans, anything you could think of. Mattel on the other side doesn't give accessories and weapons when it comes to basic figures with the exception of Battle Packs which are basic figures. Mattel only gives weapons usually with Elite figures and FlexForce crap. Winner- Jakks-Pacific.

    Final Score
    Winner: Jakks Pacific


    Sunday, August 5, 2012

    The Sultan of Brunei Vs Jay Leno

      Ok if you are a car buff like myself, you probably heard of The Sultan of Brunei's car collection and you probably have heard of Jay Leno's car collection. Now Both have interesting car collections but sadly The Sultan of Brunei has Jay Leno's car collection beat by a longshot. Why? Well for starters, the Sultan of Brunei has an odd taste for exotic cars. With all of the power and money the Sultan of Brunei has, he can have automakers such as Ferrari custom make him, sedans and station wagons. He also has been known to buy concept cars as well, such as the Bentley Dominator 4x4 SUV.  I actually like the Sultan of Brunei's taste in cars, because I am a huge station wagon buff. How many cars does the Sultan of Brunei own? About 2,500 cars. You couldn't drive one every day with that many.
    Dennis Gage has seen Jay Leno's Collection
       Now I couldn't get an accurate amount of cars that Jay Leno owns but the consensus of the internet says its between 84 and 200. I wish I can have a more accurate amount but there wasn't one due to Wiki Answers results popping up and as a college student knows, It ain't accurate. So Jay Leno does have mostly which I believe are American cars in his collection. I know he owns a Dussenberg, a Stanley Steamer (Not the Carpet Cleaner), a Chrysler Turbine, Muscle cars, maybe a few motorcycles. My Classic Car hosted by Dennis Gage on SPEED. I don't know if that show is still on anymore to be honest. I have seen them feature Jay Leno's Garage a few times.
     So Money talks when You come from royalty.

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    Hot Wheels New Models Rant

      Yesterday I went to Walmart and did my usual run to the toy dept. To my surprise I saw they put out some new Hot Wheels cars. The pegs were dry the last time I was there. So I looked to see what was new, and to my surprise the Subaru WRX STi was there but I was disappointed to find out it wasn't in the first color, blue, but red. So I bought it anyway because I like Subaru's along with 2 of The Dark Knight Rises The Bat, one to open and one to leave MIB, and one 2013 Dodge Viper SRT.
      Now what really pisses me off is that Mattel makes a run of the original color and then makes more later on in another color that is probably more widely available than the first color. If you are a New Models completest like myself, you probably want the original color that it debuted in instead of the variant repaint. This has happened to me about 3 times already in the last few years. It happened to me when the Toyota FJ40 came out. My store never got the wave with the yellow one so they got the one with the blue one. Then it happened twice this year, the first was with the Ford Falcon Race Car and now with the Subaru WRX STi. It's annoying that Mattel's horrible distribution is partially to blame for this nonsense. Who else to blame? Well I'm sure the design team had something to do with this as well.
    Picard reacts to the DeLorean Repaint in Black
      Mattel has been making some questionable decisions when it comes to New Models repaints. For instance the 2010 New Models, DeLorean DMC-12 had been originally released in a color that looks like Stainless Steel, shortly after that came a repaint this time in gold which is understandable because there were 3 DeLorean DMC-12's that were painted in 24 Karat gold. Lastly they released a mind boggling repaint this time in Black. Were they on something when they thought this up?  They did this with another iconic car, the Buick Grand National by releasing a repaint in Maroon and the Dodge Lil Red Express in Purple.
      Are the people at Mattel who greenlight these stupid repaints on drugs? Seriously I'm sure they are thinking that the target demographic for Hot Wheels cars which is mostly kids wouldn't even notice the repaint isn't accurate. Well guess what Mattel, People do notice, it's the car enthusiast and Hot Wheels collector who do. I'm sure they don't care whatsoever what we think of these repaints. I sometimes like them and buy every New Model repaint. I do when there is a new Ford Mustang or Shelby Mustang in the New Models. I have a Hot Wheels Ford dealership playset and I think it is ok to buy one of each color to make it look like your dealership has some variety of inventory. For some reason I haven't bought every color of the Ford Boss Mustang Leguna SECA. Maybe because I am trying to cut back on my spending.
      Sometimes the repaints make sense and sometimes they don't. Modern repaints for cars make sense, ones of iconic cars do not make sense in the least bit. Sometimes the repaint is worth more money in the long run sometimes it isn't. Well there is my Hot Wheels rant. Stay tuned for more along the way.

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Frequent Items Lost in Shopping Carts

      I have a book called Encyclopedia of the Weird and there was a page on things that are frequently lost. So that inspired me to write today's blog post. I am a cart pusher at a major big box store and I can tell you some of the things that we find and have to tun in to customer service.
    1. Canes
    2. Purses
    3. Coupon wallets
    4. Empty unused plastic shopping bags
    5. Forgotten bags the customers paid for but forgotten
    6. McDonald's toys
    7. Old shoes
    8. Credit/Debit cards
    9. Military ID's
    10. Umbrellas
    11. Used Tires
    12. Used Car Parts