Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Things I Collect

  I collect many different things. In fact there are too many things that I collect. Really there is. To tell you how bad this is, since Black Friday, I have acquired 4 new hats for my collection, and a diecast NASCAR. So yeah I do have an extreme collection of many things.
My Favorite Car Key
  1. Car Keys. How did I get into collecting car keys? Well to my best knowledge, I started collecting car keys when my sister gave my dad her old 1991 Subaru Loyale wagon. In the car there were a bunch of junk keys that she was about to throw out, and she gave them to me instead, one of those keys was an old worn out Mitsubishi key for one of her old cars. I believe it was the one that caught on fire. I'm not really sure but I am certain it is. Anyway after that day I became obsessed with car keys. When my grandfather was still living and no longer driving anymore, I noticed he had old gold Cadillac keys, and I asked him for them and he said yes. They were for his Cadillac that was stolen, I also have keys for my mom's 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, and other cars my family has owned.
  2. Trucker hats. Here is another thing I collect. Again I don't know how I got started collecting them. I believe it was after watching the movie Days of Thunder, seeing all of the old NASCAR trucker hats that the driver's used to wear. So I have many friends who are truckers who I meet and they give me hats because they know I collect them, Especially the ones who drive for my employer who I will not mention. to give you the jest of how many hats I own, I have a Rubbermaid bin full of hats, Two shelves in my closet full of hats stacked on top of one another, an old Circuit City handbasket full of hats and an old coke crate with some hats. As a friend of mine says, You only have one head and you can only wear one at a time.
  3. Hot Wheels cars. Well I have been collecting them since I was a little kid. So since I was born 22 years ago you can guess around there. I have tons of cars loose and mint. The majority are loose. The ones that are mint are my Trea$ure Hunt cars and TV and movie cars and some rare cars in between. I also have a respectable NASCAR diecast collection with cars both loose and mint. I have many 48 car carriers and they take up 3 bottom shelves and counting. This is one that will never be finished.
  4. WWE Action figures. I used to have a few Jakks ones when I was around 8-9 years old. I foolishly gave them away. Now in the Mattel days, I have a bigger collection than my Jakks ones. I started collecting again in January of 2011, after a friend told me about the SVR games and how the Create a Wrestler feature is pretty good. I bought SVR 2010 to make a Lady Gaga CAW and was hooked on WWE games and was hooked on them. How this connects to WWE Action figures, is one day I was in Kmart on my lunch when I saw a basic series 8 Maryse figure and I bought it, thinking I would make a custom Lady Gaga action figure with it, my friend said don't do that and I didn't. So that's how I got into WWE action figures.
  5. Score Soundtracks. Well If I hadn't got into Nine Inch Nails because of my friend, I wouldn't have bought the Oscar winning soundtrack, The Social Network by the man behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor and his associate Atticus Ross. After buying the Social Network soundtrack, I bought other score soundtracks such as ones from the Batman movies, and The Brave Little Toaster and The Stupids just to name a few. They are way better than Various Artists soundtracks although I own the Oh Brother Where Art Though soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Things That Aren't Gene Snitsky's Fault

1. The fact that the 2011 American Music Awards sucked last night.
2. The sinking of the Titanic.
3. Autotune.
4. Barney the Dinosaur.
5. The death of Steve Jobs.
6. General Motor's Bankruptcy
7. The Penn State Scandal.
8. Joe Paterno getting fired.
9. The Hindenburg disaster.
10. Outsourced getting canceled.
11. TWA Flight 800.
12. Typos
13. Greenlighting iCarly.
14. Letting Kanye West host the 2009 MTV VMA's
15. Lady Gaga's meat dress.
16. Green Lantern being a box office bomb.
17. KB Toys going out of business.
18. Circuit City going out of business.
19. Blockbuster Video filing for bankruptcy.
20. You being late for school.
21. You being late for work.
22. The Toyota gas pedal recall.
23. The Missingno glitch on the Pokemon games.
24. Hannah Montana.
25. Charlie Sheen.
26. Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage.
27. Giving the Kardashian's their own show.
28. Justin Bieber.
29. The Great Depression
30. The Room
31. Tommy Wiseau's strange accent.
32. Illegal immigration.
33. The Ford Pinto.
34. Maryse Ouellet getting released.
35. The economy's current condition.
35. Red Ring of Death.
36. WWE going PG.
37. Home Alone 3&4.
38. Greece's economic crisis.
39. Fred.
40. You getting fired.
41. You getting an F on your report card.
42. You dropping out of high school.
43. You're dog's death.
44. Kane losing his mask.
45. Your girlfriend dumping you.
46. Cap'n Crunch cutting the roof of your mouse.
47. Disney buying Marvel.
48. Jimmy Johnson not winning the 2011 Sprint Cup.
49. Mattel moving the Legends line to Matty Collector.
50. The Annoying Orange.
51. High Fructose Corn Syrup
52. Old People driving Buick's.
53. Old age.
54. New Coke.
55. Window's Vista.
56. The Star Wars Prequels.
57. Howard the Duck.
58. Troll 2.
59. Twilight.
60. Solyndra.
61. The spread of Communism.
62. 9/11.
63. The Enron scandal.
64. WMG muting YouTube videos.
65. Pearl Harbor.
66. Obamacare.
67. Inflation.
68. Being drafted to ECW.
69. Hurricane Katrina.
70. Gas prices.
71. The check engine light coming on in your car.
72. Hummers getting 10 MPG.
73. The Cuban Missile Crisis.
74. Annoying commercials.
75. Commercials being so loud.
76. NASCAR switching from Unocal 76 to Sunoco.
77. Crappy lifetime movies.
78. You not getting your promotion at work.
79. Jeremy Mayfield getting banned from NASCAR.
80. You getting carded at the liquor store with your fake ID.
81. Getting put on hold with a customer service representative.
82. Memorex CDs not burning right.
83. Blu-Ray DRM.
84. Your action figure collection falling over.
85. The rust on your car.
86. You getting thrown out of a bar.
87. Canceling Freakazoid!.
88. Your lousy summer vacation.
89. Homeless people.
90. The Cleveland Show not being canceled yet.
91. Canceling King of the Hill.
92. Greenlighting Allen Gregory.
93. The Critic getting canceled.
94. Locking the keys in your car.
95. Your house getting broken into.
96. Keeping America's Funniest Home Videos on the air.
97. Amish people not having electricity.
98. Cicadas.
99. The $.99 Cent Store charging you sales tax bringing your item to over $.99 cents.
100. Movie ticket prices.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Dirt Devil Model 103 Hand Vac Review

  I recently acquired an old Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac from my sister and brother in law. It used to be my brother in law's Hand Vac before he got married to my sister in 1999. Back in 2008 my I stayed at my sister's house for a couple of days in the summer, when they were cleaning the house. In the family room they had the Dirt Devil Hand Vac being used to clean up the dog hair in the dog crate. I immediately tried out the Hand Vac because I love vacuum cleaners. My nephew told me that their one dog was scared of it because the cloth bag inflated, and not meaning to scare the dog, tested the myth and confirmed it. The dog is afraid of anything. I tried the Hand Vac on the squares of carpet that they had over the tile floor and was very impressed on the pickup it had. I asked my sister if I could have it and she said no. A few more trips to her house with the same question ended up with the same answer no.
  A few days before my 22nd birthday, my sister called my mom and asked her if I still wanted the Hand Vac. My mother said your sister asked if you want the Hand Vac and I immediately said yes. So on November 11th my mom went to my sister's house to babysit her kids. I couldn't go because I had to go to work on Saturday for 9 AM. So my Sister told my mom to take her kids to our house so they can sleep there and We can drive to your house after the Penn State game on Saturday. So my mom brought my niece and nephews and the dog that is scared of everything to our house and the best for last the Dirt Devil Hand Vac.
  Now onto the review. The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac is an iconic Dirt Devil hand held vacuum. This vacuum was introduced in 1984. I don't know what year this one was made but I assume 1984. This is the model that put Royal's newly founded Dirt Devil brand on the map. The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac has a red cloth shakeout bag with a black Royal logo pattern on it. There is a paper dust bag adapter available for it. For a hand held vacuum it has a very descent sized cord. It has a 2 amp motor and is very compact and lightweight.
  The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac ironically outperformed the Hoover PortaPower we have in our garage to clean the car. Since my mom had taken her 3 grandkids, their dog that sheds like its going out of style, I decided to give the Hand Vac the car test. The results were outstanding. I had no trouble picking up the dog hair in the cargo area of the Subaru Outback, with the Hoover PortaPower, I have to scrub the wand to get the dog hair out, with the Dirt Devil I had to just move the Hand Vac up and down, and there was no pet hair anymore. I cleaned underneath the car mats and the mats themselves and compared to the Hoover, the Dirt Devil, beat the competition away. The only con about the Dirt Devil is that the cloth bag when it is inflated can get in the way of the car interior's contours.
  I highly recommend the Dirt Devil 103 Hand Vac. If you find one at a garage sale, or thrift store, buy it, it's worth the investment. eBay can be a bit expensive because if someone is selling a vacuum cleaner on there, they think it is rare and worth a ton of money, when it is just a common item.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome To America Now Speak English

  One of the things that really grinds my gears is that more and more forms and applications and signs in America are in Spanish. I believe that English should be the official language of the United States of America. Why? Well for one reason, printing and creating forms in English would save the United States Government on printing and paper costs if they don't make forms in Spanish. Another thing I believe is that if you want to become a United States citizen, there should be a requirement that you can speak the English language. Not only some words in English, all of it. In addition, writing English fluently should also be a requirement as well.
  Not having English as an official language of the United States, promotes laziness with the immigrants who come here for a better life. I am not bashing immigrants in any way, I'm not racist. I'm just pointing out how some immigrants think that we should adapt to their language. Historically speaking, did you know that all of the signs on the RMS Titanic were in English only? Another interesting and ironic fact I would like to give you is that India has more English speakers than the United States has. Makes you go huh doesn't it? The problem with having job applications in Spanish, is that for the management staff at their potential employer, probably doesn't speak or read Spanish, so they would have to go to a non management employee who speaks Spanish, to translate their job application and or give the applicant their interview if they are selected. See the problem here? If you don't you are probably unaware of this epidemic.
   I think that Congress has to do something about this problem. Did you know that when Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and Joe Biden were still US Senators, they voted no on making English the official language? See who you have running our country, the Three Stooges. The real Three Stooges would do a better job in office.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Troll 2 is the Best Movie Ever Made

  After seeing clips from the 1990 movie Troll 2 on YouTube, I decided to buy the movie on Blu-Ray. People say that this was the worst movie ever made, but I however disagree. Troll 2 is one of those movies that is so bad that it's good. It is an unintentional comedy by my standards. Everything about this movie made me laugh so hard that I couldn't stop laughing after the movie was over.
They're Eating Her, And then they're going to eat me. OH MY GOD!!!!
  Troll 2 contains, bad actors, a story that has nothing to do with the first Troll movie, which I have to admit I never saw it. First off the actors who were cast in Troll 2 were local actors from the Salt Lake City area, thought that they were going to be cast as extras, boy where they sadly mistaken. Second the entire crew spoke little English whatsoever, I believe the director did speak a little and wanted the actors to read the script "As is". Troll 2 has some memorable scenes, such as when Michael Waits (George Hardy) yells at his son Joshua for Pissing on Hospitality and telling him You Can't Piss on Hospitality, I won't allow it. Another Infamous scene was when Arnold (Darren Ewing) witnesses a girl getting eaten by the Goblins, "They're Eating Her, and then they're going to eat me! Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" As he says that quote a fly lands on his forehead. A common joke associated with this scene is that the fly won an Academy Award for his acting in Troll 2.  Everything about this movie is laughable from the acting to the story. The Director was so embarrassed by this movie, that he used a pseudonym when it was released.
  The movie does have some positive things about it. The score for Troll 2 was composed by Carlo Maria Cordio was excellent for a film score considering it was a low budget movie. Troll 2 is great for riffing. There is even a Rifftrax available for it. It is also a great comedy.