Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Worst PlayStation2 Game Ever

  What is the worst PlayStation2 game ever? Well In my own opinion, that game is Super Trucks Racing. This game is so glitchy and flawed, that in order to sell the game they had to bundle the game with PlayStation2 consoles. I love semi trucks and racing games, so what could possibly go wrong with this game? Well the controls are goofy, that they give EA Sports NASCAR Games look 10 times as better. In fact unlike NASCAR games, Super Trucks Racing uses the analog sticks to steer whereas the you use the D-pad to steer in EA's NASCAR Games.
   Super Trucks Racing was 99.9% Road Courses and to unlock the speedway, you could use a cheatcode that doesn't work at all. Yeah I've tried that cheat code a million times and the freaking speedway doesn't unlock. This game is horrid. I'd rather play Barney's Hide And Seek for the Sega Genesis.
   In Fact Barney's Hide and Seek for Sega Genesis is a better game. It's not glitched to my best knowledge. Why am I comparing a shitty PS2 game to what is possibly the worst Sega Genesis game of all time? I don't know why but it's the only shitty game I could compare it to.
  Super Trucks Racing is one of the worst PS2 games ever made hands down. Don't just take my word for it, go read other reviews and opinions of it on GameFAQs or IGN or, some other gaming website. The reviews pretty much agree that this game is a colossal peace of dogshit. 
The Official Playstation Magazinereviewed this game on 01/01/04 and gave it  a 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Things That Grind My Gears Number 1: Hot Topic's Clearance Sales.

    I haven't blogged since last year, so it got me thinking that I should be blogging again. One of the things that really grinds my gears is Hot Topic's clearance sales. That's right, the 50% off all clearance T-shirts. Whenever I go into a Hot Topic when they have this sale, it's always a jumbled up mess. Literally it's a real pain in the butt to go looking for a clearance T-Shirt? Why is that?
  Well for starters, all of the clearance T-Shirts are thrown into cardboard boxes that are not categorized into size. So everytime I go into Hot Topic looking for lets say a WWE T-shirt on clearance, I have to dig into an unorganized cardboard box to look for a T-shirt that they may or may not have if any that are in my size. It's really frustrating to look for T-shirts in this manner.
  This brings me to my second part of my complaint, the sizes. Is it me or is it that Hot Topic's clearance sales for their T-shirts, always seem to have too many smalls? I buy my T-shirts in a size XL because that way when I wash them they will shrink up so they'll still fit me anyway. I'm usually a large. I think that Hot Topic buys way too many size small T-shirts, because that's what 99.999% of the sizes are that are on the 50% off clearance sale. Really when I do find a shirt that I like, it unfortunately is a size small.
   It pisses me off every single time they have one of these sales. Sometimes you're better off buying on of the wristbands when they are 50% off. I got my Nine Inch Nails wristband and my NECA Lone Ranger badge that way. Why pay $15 for a replica prop badge from a box office bomb, when you can pay $7 for it?  Yeah sometimes their clearance sales can get you a good deal if you can get to the sale early enough I guess. WWE shirts seem to go really fast when they are on clearance.