Monday, September 16, 2013

Batman Classics 1966 TV Moments Batman and Robin 2pack

  Today I finally received my Mattel 1966 Batman and Robin 2 pack. I ordered them from Amazon for $30. They are some of Mattel's finest work since they acquired the DC Comics license. Every Batman collector has wanted 1966 Batman figures for a long time. It has been worth the wait. The figures are extremely detailed and articulated.
   Now Adam West finally gets a Batman figure. It's good if you love YTMND or are a fan of the 66 TV series. Anyway onto the toy. The 2pack recreates the classic scene of Batman and Robin climbing up a highrise where the celebrity cameo would peek out the window.
  The figures are a bit skinnier than the Mattel Movie Masters figures. It's not a bad thing but, It may be a problem if you want to stand them up. The costumes are superb. Not to mention the capes. The capes have wire support on the edges which is a first for a Batman action figure. It would have been nice if Mattel would have made the capes out of satin, but that would be too expensive. The capes in the TV series were made out of satin.
  The scale is the same as the Movie Masters line. Robin is the same height as Faora from Man of Steel. Mattel seems to be giving some effort in making the Movie Masters line having scale for a change. Their headscans are excellent representations of Adam West and Burt Ward.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Worst Action Figure Ever

Here is an actual photo of Rodman in Drag
  I think I may have found the worst action figure ever made. It's technically a doll but I will call it an action figure because its Dennis Rodman. Back in 1996, Dennis Rodman released his Autobiography, Bad As I Wanna Be. While promoting his autobiography, Dennis Rodman wore a wedding gown. So some collector doll company thought it was a good idea to make a doll of Dennis Rodman wearing a wedding gown. That company was Street Players Holding Corp. They happened to name the doll Dennis Rodman Wedding Day. However they were sued by Dennis Rodman because they made the doll without his permission. Strangely enough, Street Players had a license agreement to make Dennis Rodman dolls but somehow didn't obtain permission to make the Wedding gown one

Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 5 Jurassic Park Action Figures that Should Have Been Made

  This got me thinking a couple days ago, Jurassic Park action figures that should have been made. Kenner really missed the ball on some important movie characters from the series. So who should've got a figure? Well here is who deserved action figures.
  1. John Hammond. Why on earth didn't Kenner make him? He was a very important character in the book and the movie. Let's face it he could have came with his amber cane and maybe a dinosaur skeleton. I guess the folks at Kenner thought that no kid wanted to play with an old man figure.
  2. Donald Gennaro. If there was anyone who deserved a figure, it would be Donald Gennaro. What kid wouldn't want a figure of a lawyer who got eaten on the Toilet. Donald Gennaro could have came with a toilet and a T-Rex Hatchling. Kenner you missed the ball again.
  3. Ray Arnold. Now why didn't Samuel L. Jackson get a figure for this line? He outright deserved it. I guess the fact that he was a chain smoker kind of screwed his chances of getting a figure. Ray Arnold could have came with a Raptor hatchling and some kind of computer thingy. I guess Kenner didn't say the Magic Word.
  4. Lex Murphy. Why didn't she get a figure? If Tim Murphy got a damn figure, she should have too. You know what's funny about her not getting a figure, she had an important role in the movie and still didn't get a figure. I guess Kenner only wanted to make Dr. Sattler. Damn You Kenner. I guess Lex Murphy could have came with some weapon and maybe a T-Rex?
  5. Dr. Lewis Dodgson. I can see why he didn't get a figure made, but he deserved one because he was Hammond's rival in the book and in the movie. He had a crucial role in making Jurassic Park go awry. He could have came with the money bag and the Barbasol can with embryos. Dammit Kenner.
  As you can see Kenner really missed the ball with some of the characters from the movie.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Does Walmart Own Lowes?

  It seems like many people believe that Walmart owns the home improvement store chain Lowes. However that is an outright lie and an urban legend. Today in my technical writing class somebody did an ethics speech on Walmart. One student happened to mention that Walmart owns Lowes. I raised my hand and said that is a misconception. Everybody told me that they do own Lowes. I didn't want to start an argument about and left them to be wrong.
  So how did this rumor start anyway? I don't know the answer to that particular question but I will post my theories on how it came to be. It is rumored that some of the members of the Walton family owns stock in Lowes. They might have had stock in Lowes at one time but not anymore. Basically this is just one of those boycott either store rumor. 
  Here are five ways to discredit this rumor.
  1. Lowes Sponsors a NASCAR Full time. Walmart has sponsored a NASCAR a few times on and off but they were mostly partial sponsorships or a one time deal, such as the number 50 car driven by Bill Elliot for one race to honor Walmart's 50th Anniversary in 2012.
  2. Lowes has been around longer than Walmart.
  3. Lowes does not have Walmart Private Fleet trucks pulling freight to their stores. Lowes doesn't have a private trucking fleet.
  4. A Walmart discount card won't work at Lowes, Neither will a Walmart credit card.
  5. Lowes sells Kobalt Tools which are exclusive to Lowes, and are not sold at Walmart or Sam's Club stores. 
  So long story short, Walmart does NOT OWN Lowes

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Best of Bad Joke Eel

   Today I thought I would write about one of my other favorite memes, Bad Joke Eel. His jokes are the best. Amiright?
I dedicate this post to my nephew

Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 5 Worst Jurassic Park Action Figures

  A few days ago I wrote about the top 5 Best Jurassic Park Action Figures. Well today I am writing the Sequel to the top 5 best Jurassic Park Action Figures with the top 5 Worst Jurassic Park Figures. As you probably know, Kenner's Jurassic Park figures were hit and miss when it came to the headsculpts and the poor attire choices they made. However nothing can compare to the stupidity of these 5 figures.
   1. Nick Van Owen. This figure is from series 1 of The Lost World Jurassic Park line. This figure looks nothing like Vince Vaughn and the whole hat thing is just plain wrong. I wonder who Kenner was really basing this on. It was probably someone from the book, Maybe Jutson who was in the original script. Also the dinosaur makes no sense whatsoever. However I do give Kenner brownie points for including the video camera.
Oh Look it's a Crocodile Dundee figure.
   2. The Evil Raiders. Ok these human figures make no sense whatsoever. They were made up characters by Kenner for the Jurassic Park Series 2 line. However Why would they make figures that aren't based on characters in the book or movie? A waste of plastic as far as I'm concerned.
3. The Dino Trackers. Ok these also make no sense because as I stated with the Evil Raiders, these were characters that were not in the book or movie, but made up by Kenner. Don't confuse them with the ones that are included in box sets and exclusives, those are repaints of these. The only one that kind of makes sense is Jaws Jackson because he looks like the Jeep driver.
4. Lynx. Ok this one isn't that bad but It makes the list because it is actually a preexisting dinosaur with a new name. There never was a dinosaur called a Lynx. The dinosaur is really a Lycaenops. Anyway this isn't Kenner's fault, it's Hasbro's.
5. Amanda Kirby. This figure was one of the first Jurassic Park III figures I've bought. Why does this make the list? Well she looks too generic, kind of like those Playskool Mommy and Daddy figures. Her headsculpt sure reminds me of one, Also it looks nothing like Tea Leoni. Her character was kinda annoying in JP3.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hot Wheels 2013 USS Enterprise NCC-1701

  On Tuesday I received the second thing on my wants list. Actually I ordered two of them. As you probably know, I collect Hot Wheels cars. I tend to buy all of the street and movie cars that are New Models. Hot Wheels put out a USS Enterprise in the basic line this year and it is extremely hard to find. I haven't seen any of them on the shelves in my area. Most of the online retailers are scalping this diecast at $10+. There is no way in hell I would pay that amount for a basic Hot Wheels car. So I was on Amazon looking for the Hot Wheels Star Trek Enterprise and found the battle damaged variant for $3. So I bought 2 of them. One to open and one to keep MOC.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Masters Faora

  Today I received one of two highly awaited packages from The first one was Faora from Man of Steel Movie Masters. Faora is a highly sought after figure and is really hard to find at retail. She is one of the best figures from the Movie Masters line. Faora is wearing Kryptonian Armor and the armors detail is superior. Faora is also smaller than the other Movie Masters figures but not by much.
  Faora doesn't come with any accessories except for her Kryptonian crest display stand. Faora seems like she will be the only other villain figure made besides General Zod. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Haddaway Is Not a One Hit Wonder

  When it comes to one hit wonder artists in the US, Haddaway's hit single What is Love? is often regarded as a one hit wonder. However Haddaway is not technically a one hit wonder in the US. He had another hit single called Life (Everybody Needs Somebody to Love). Life charted at 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song also charted at 3 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales Chart. Life was also a number 3 hit on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. In addition to those charts, Life also charted at 14 on the US Billboard Pop Songs Chart. So What is Love? basically overshadows Life in a landslide. However it is a shame that Haddaway only had two major US hit songs. Interesting enough, Haddaway's self titled debut album was certified gold for sales at 500,000 copies.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 5 Best Jurassic Park Action Figures

  In the past I have written about the best Superman figures, and the best Batman figures ever made. I have never done the Best Jurassic Park figures ever made before, so lets get cracking. I'll cover figures from all of the movies.
1. Sarah Harding. This figure is one of the few figures that Kenner actually got right. It's pretty much one of the rarest and most sought after figures out there. Not only does this figure have the attire right, the headsculpt is dead on accurate to Julianne Moore. They even got the dinosaur and accessory right by giving her a baby stegosaurus and camera. The net thingy is the only thing that doesn't make any sense with her.
2. Ian Malcolm. This figure is also from the Lost World Jurassic Park. Ian's head seems like its a reuse from Jurassic Park. Anyway the headscan is pretty decent for a Kenner interpretation of Jeff Goldblum. There are 2 different hair variations to Ian Malcolm, one with short hair and one with long hair. Anyway the figure is a major improvement over his first figure.
3. Nick Van Owen. This figure is one of two that has Vince Vaughn's likeness. Nick Van Owen from Series 2 is pretty rare and goes for a bunch of money. Unlike the Nick Van Owen with the hat from series one, series 2 version is much better. It comes with a cool camera accessory which reminds me of the one that came with the Jakks BCA cameraman. Nick Van Owen is a video specialist, not a tracking expert.

4. Alan Grant. Ok this is one of two figures from Jurassic Park III to make it on the list. Alan Grant is one of the only figures from this line to not have any torn clothes. Also the figure looks a lot better than the one from the first movie. Also the Compies are better than the ones that came with Dieter Stark because they are more realistic looking but are a bit out of scale compared to the 4 inch Alan Grant. I do want to add that the Jurassic Park III figures are smaller than the previous 2 movies figures.
5. Military Diver. Okay this figure doesn't make any sense in the least bit because he wasn't in Jurassic Park III. However he makes it onto this list because he is one of the most playable action figures that Hasbro came up with. The possibilities are endless with the diver. The figure may seem bland and generic but I kid you not he is one of the most detailed figures made. He has a sculpted Divers Watch. I freaking love divers watches.