Friday, May 30, 2014

Bending A New Era 59Fifty

  Back in 2009 I won a custom New Era 59Fifty snapback hat designed by famous graffiti artist Claw Money in the Mountain Dew Green Label gear promotion. Anyway I kept the hat with a flat brim and with the original sticker on it until now. I had been contemplating whether I should bend the brim or not and to take the shiny sticker off.
  Well after many years of contemplating, I finally decided to bend the brim and remove the sticker. I rarely wore the hat because the flat brim actually hurt my head. No really It did so I avoided buying flat brimmed New Era hats. 59Fifty hats are meant to be bent. So take the freaking sticker off and bend the brim. It won't damage the hat at all. The fashion police aren't going to come to your door and arrest you for bending the flat brim and removing the sticker.
   I have seen a few people who have bought 59Fifty's and bent the brim and removed the sticker. I saw a person at work who had on what looked like a 59Fifty with a bent brim. I asked him if that was originally a flat brimmed hat. He said it was and I would never wear the hat like my son has his flat. I was proud of that man for bending the brim on his 59Fifty. I know another person who has two of them from different Minor League teams, guess what he bent the brim and took the sticker off of his hats as well. Those two people I saw with bent 59Fifty's aren't thug gangsta's. They bent their hat's like a respectable baseball player does.
   In fact the official on field hat of the MLB and MiLB is the New Era 59Fifty. Now 99.9% of the players bend the brims slightly or bend it fully. Having a bent brim blocks the sun out of your eyes. Having a flat brim, doesn't help that much. There are a handful of players who don't bend their brims, and they look like a poser from the hood.
  So in the end you can bend the brim on a 59Fifty hat.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Love Hate Relationship With MusicChoice

  I love MusicChoice. They are a great alternative when there is literally nothing interesting on TV. MusicChoice is a series of commercial free music channels that are available through certain cable companies. There is a plethora of different types of music ranging from pop to classical with over 40 channels. You're probably wondering why it's a love hate relationship. Here's why.
  MusicChoice gets a lot of album information wrong. That's right they screw up the original album title where the song is originally from. You mostly see this on the MusicChoice 70s channel, where a majority of the songs played according to MusicChoice are from some sort of compilation album such as Didn't It Blow Your Mind: Super Hits from the 70s Vol 15 or something along those lines. Nothing pisses me off more than incorrect album titles. Now we all know that those songs come from an original album from the artist right? Yes they do, but why does MusicChoice have to list them from a greatest hits album or some other compilation album? I guess the programmer are just too lazy to put down the original album title or go take the time to research what album it was originally on.
  Now my second biggest gripe is the facts about the artists. MusicChoice has been known to put incorrect info about the artist from time to time in the Did You Know section of the screen. Another thing that grinds my gears to no end is when there are no facts for a new artist. Instead they put music industry history facts, or that music copyrights end 70 years after an artist dies. This is common on the Metal channel since they probably don't want to put facts about certain death metal bands being satanic or whatnot. You see a lot of facts about guitar history there.
  Finally my third biggest gripe is the Stage and Screen Channel. This channel is great if you like film scores or Broadway songs. But there is a catch if you are a film score aficionado like me, the film scores are played during the nighttime hours and the downside to that is that the Broadway Songs get the most airplay during the daytime hours. I have gotten so disgusted with the Stage and Screen channel that I don't put it on anymore.
   So there you have it why I have a love hate relationship with MusicChoice.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lightsabers Then and Now

Back when the original Star Wars movie came out in 1977, the Lightsaber's were much different then they appeared in 2005's Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Why is that you say? Well for one the designs are slightly different in episode IV than in episode III.  For instance the belt clips. In the prequel trilogy, the lightsabers attached to a Jedi's belt via a Bridgeport Rig like device, where a black knob would slide onto a rig on the left side of the belt. In the original trilogy, they were hung on a belt via a d-ring on the bottom of the hilt and a hook on the belt.
  That's a pretty big noticeable difference there. That brings me to my next argument, the activator buttons. In episode IV, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber had a different activator button than it did have in episode III. WTF George Lucas. You've already ruined continuity with these stupid prequels with the lightsabers slightly different design features. Also the Handgrips are slightly different in the prequels than their original counterparts, ie Obi Wan-Kenobi's lightsaber had rougher handgrips in episode III.
  Also lightsabers weren't used like every second in the original trilogy unlike the prequels.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lady Gaga Haters

What I say to all of the haters
  I have been slacking on my blogging lately so please excuse me for that. Anyway as of lately I have been surrounded by Lady Gaga haters. My mom and my Aunt can't stand her. My aunt thinks that Lady Gaga is a lesbian whereas in fact Lady Gaga is bisexual and likes men for the most part. In addition to my aunt's perception of Lady Gaga, she also thinks her outfits are just too strange. I respect that statement, because that's very understandable, but that's what most of her haters think of her.
Lady Gaga doesn't understand the Hate
  My mother on the other hand thinks that Lady Gaga is pig. My mother also has a nickname for Lady Gaga, she calls her Lady Caca. My mother absolutely HATED Lady Gaga's newest album, ARTPOP. My mother didn't like how most of the songs were about being touched and sex. She also hated the album art and thought it was dirty. The other day I was looking at the lyric book from ARTPOP in the car and my mother saw some of her poses in the pictures, and asked me if I had no shame. I gave her a dirty look and explained it was an art form.  
  I used to hate Lady Gaga for some reason when she first burst onto the music scene. I guess it was those weird outfits she wore. I never even listened to one of her songs to give her a chance. I eventually listened to one of her songs, Alejandro, back in 2010 in my friends car and I had no Idea who it was. That song got into my head and I guess it was Karma getting me.
   So please stop hating Lady Gaga and stop giving her a deaf ear and give her music a try.