Friday, July 29, 2011

Batman Mask Of The Phantasm Expanded Soundtrack Review.

   For all of the fans of Batman The Animated Series out there, you've probably have seen Batman Mask Of The Phantasm. If so, you know about the great score composed by the late Shirley Walker, who also composed the music for Batman The Animated Series. Originally the Batman Mask Of The Phantasm soundtrack was released on CD and cassette through Reprise Records, a division of Warner Bros. Records on December 14th 1993. I will compare the Reprise Records release to the La La Land Records release.
Original Release
  The original release contained 10 score tracks and the end credits theme performed by Tia Carrere. The original release runs 27 minutes shorter than the expanded release from La La Land Records. The 10 score tracks on the original release are in order as they appear on the CD are, 1 Main Title, 2 The Promise, 3 Ski Masked Vigilante, 4, Phantasm's Graveyard Murder, 5 First Love, 6 The Big Chase, 7 A Plea For Help, 8 The Birth Of Batman, 9 Phantasm and Joker Fight, 9 Batman's Destiny. The 11th Track is I Never Even Told You performed by Tia Carrere. I bought the original release used for $4.99, and I felt that Shirley Walker got the middle finger given to her on this release. The original release is more of a score sampler than a score soundtrack to me. 
The Expanded Edition
   The La La Land Records Expanded Archival Collection is a much better release.  For one reason it is the complete score. Reason number two is that is remastered, so there is more oomph to it and it makes it more audible. The expanded edition is a limited edition pressing of 3,000 copies. Now the expanded edition has 20 tracks instead of the 11 on the original. The expanded edition's track list is as the following with comparisons to the original release. Track 1 Main Title (Expanded) to 5:01 from the original at 1:35. Track 2 The Promise (Expanded) to 1:25 from its original length of 0:46. 3 Ski Mask Vigilante (Expanded) to 4:28 from its original length of 3:06. Track 4 Fancy Footwork, which is a previously unreleased track. Track 5 Phantasm's Graveyard Murder which is expanded but not labeled on the La La Land release from its original length of 3:43 expanded to 3:52. Track 6 Bad News/ Set Trap/ May They Rest In Peace is a previously unreleased track. Track 7 First Love which is expanded to 1:59 from it's original length of 1:35. Track 8 City Street Drive/ Sal Valestra/ Good Samaritan is a previously unreleased track. Track 9 Birth of Batman (Expanded) to 6:01 from the original at 4:17. Track 10 The Joker's Big Entrance is a previously unreleased track. Track 11 is The Big Chase which is expanded to 5:40 which is 0:08 longer than it's original release. Track 12 Nowhere to Run which is a previously unreleased track. Track 13 A Plea for Help is an odd track, it isn't expanded, it's actually 0:54 seconds shorter than it's original release, so shortening the length is makes no sense since this is an expanded release. Track 14 A Tall Man/ Arturo and his Pal/ Makes You Want To Laugh/ What's So Funny? is a previously unreleased track. Track 15 Andrea Remembers/ True Identity is also a previously unreleased track. Track 16 Phantasm and Joker Fight is expanded but not labeled. Phantasm and Joker Fight is expanded to 6:01 from 4:05. Track 17 is Batman's Destiny which is shortened to 1:46 from 3:50 also like track 13 this makes no sense on why it was shortened. Track 18 I Never Even Told You performed by Tia Carrere which is expanded 0:03 seconds from 4:20 on the original release this song is played during the end credits. Track 19 Theme from Batman Mask of The Phantasm which is a labeled bonus track. This track is not to be confused with the end credits song. This track is played after Batman's Destiny in the movie. Track 20 Welcome to the Future is a previously unreleased track. This is the song that is sung by the robots at the entrance to The Gotham City World's Fair also known as the song that the Joker hates. The Expanded edition runs at 62:05 compared to the original at 33:26.
   My opinion of the expanded soundtrack on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10. This is the true soundtrack that should have been released like this back in 1993. This is the full soundtrack of the film. Shirley Walker would be proud of this release. The expanded soundtrack has a 20 page booklet describing the history of Shirley Walker's career as a score composer and gives a track by track description of the scenes scores. The Original release doesn't have that at all.
  Pros and Cons.
Expanded Pros.     Expanded Cons.
   Complete score.      Limited Edition of 3000 copies.
   Remastered.            Not sold in stores.
   True to the film.       Can't buy on iTunes.
                                  Tracks 13 and 17 are shorter than the original release.

Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Things To Do When An Ex Relative Calls.

   Have you ever gotten a call from maybe your ex sister in law or any in law? Well if so, I will tell you some good ways to get them to stop calling you if you are sick of them calling.
   1. Tell them that the person they are calling has moved and changed their phone number. If they ask if you know it, tell them no.
   2. Threaten to call the police on them. I guarantee it will stop.
   3. Make up a fake business name.
   4. Tell the ex that they have called a murder scene.
   5. Ignore their calls.
   6. Put on an accent and say No Speak English.
   7. Threaten to report them to the Cyber Police and the State Police.
   8. Tell them that Ya Dun Goof'd.
   9. Tell them if they call one more time that the consequences will never be the same.
  10. Tell the ex that you backtraced the call.

Top 5 Vehicles That Should Be Sold In The USA

  In my previous two posts, I talked about the top 5 Toyota vehicles and top 5 Japanese cars that should be sold in the USA. Today's post will be different. Instead of talking about cars that are sold in a different country, I'll list the top 5 cars that should be sold here regardless of what country. So let the countdown begin.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class
   5. Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Making it to number 10 on my list is the small Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Now the A-Class is a car that is classified as a mini multipurpose vehicle or Mini MPV for short. The MB A-Class has been manufactured since 1997 to the present day. The car is small like a Chevrolet Aveo and is significantly bigger than the Smart car. The reason I think that Mercedes-Benz would not bring this to the United States is due to the the car would ruin their image in the USA for being a luxury car manufacturer.
2011 Holden Ute
 4. Holden Ute. The Holden Ute is a coupe utility that is made by GM's Australian brand, Holden. The Holden Ute is basically the same thing as the Chevrolet El Camino. There were talks about this coming to the United States as a Pontiac, but when Pontiac got discontinued the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck fell through also. Now if you remember the new Pontiac GTO and G8, they were both Holden's dressed as Pontiac's and they never lasted long in the USA. GM could make a new El Camino though.
2011 Ford Transit.
3. Ford Transit. Make note that I said Ford Transit, not Ford Transit Connect. There is a difference. The Ford Transit is the van that Ford sells in Europe and well not the USA. I have nothing against the Econoline here, but Ford has to compete with the high roof vans like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and its twin brother the Freightliner Sprinter. I don't care much for the high roof vans, but since Ford did bring the European Ford Fiesta, Focus and Transit Connect to the USA, they should bring the regular Transit here   while they are on a roll.
2011 Land Rover Defender 90
2. Land Rover Defender. Back in the 1990s, Land Rover actually sold this in the USA. Due to US Safety requirements, Land Rover didn't want to make the modifications needed to meet it to US standards. You see if I want a Land Rover, I don't want a fancy luxury SUV. I want a rugged, Land Rover just like the original Land Rover was. This is the Land Rover we all would know and love. If Land Rover quit that luxury bullshit that they are peddling, they should realize that America needs this badly. I mean really badly. The problem is USA safety standards that is preventing this beauty from being sold here.
Not a 2011 model but, It looks closer to one seen on The Crocodile Hunter.
1. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series.  Now the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is another basic rugged off road vehicle, like the Land Rover Defender. If I wanted a  Toyota Land Cruiser, I definitely don't want the luxury one that is sold here in the USA. I want one that is basic and rugged and one that you can have lots of fun with. I'd even buy the pickup version because they are cool. Toyota needs to wise up and start selling these in the United States.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 5 Japanese Cars That Should Be Sold In The USA

   I love cars. I love them so much that I talk about them a lot. I even collect toy cars. But If you read my last post about the top 5 Toyota Vehicles That Should Be Sold Here In The USA, you know I like Japanese cars, well some of them. Anyway without further a due here are the top 5 Japanese cars that should be sold in the USA.
Honda Civic Type R Euro.
   5. Honda Civic Type R Euro. Now Honda sells many variations on the legendary Honda Civic here in the United States. However they don't sell the Type R Euro here. Now the Honda Civic Type R Euro comes in three different colors, Milano Red, Alabaster Silver Metallic, and Championship White. What makes this Civic so different? For one, it's a $42,000 Honda Civic. Also It's a high performance Civic which pretty much explains the high price tag. I'll keep my Matchbox version thank you.
Mitsubishi Triton
   4. Mitsubishi Triton. Here is a perfect example of something that Mitsubishi can make a ton of money on here in the USA. As you can see, the Mitsubishi Triton is a direct competitor to the Honda Ridgeline and the American Chevrolet Avalanche. But at a price of $41,800 it's a little expensive for a four door pickup truck. I think I would rather keep my Matchbox version of this thank you.
2011 Daihatsu Hijet
    3. Daihatsu Hijet. For those of you who remember the failure of Daihatsu in the USA back in the late 1980s probably can guess that Daihatsu will most definitely come to the USA ever again. Anyway here is the Daihatsu Hijet kei truck. Used kei trucks are already sold here in the USA, but not many places sell them. There is a use for these here in my opinion. Rural Postal workers can use these because they are already Right Hand Drive so it would be easier to put the mail in the mail box. Small farmers could use the Hijet to carry crops to the local market and so on. At a base price of $9,800, this kei truck won't break the bank. 
Nissan Civilian Bus.
   3. Nissan Civilian Bus. If you read my post on Toyota's you probably noticed the Toyota Coaster there. Well here is Nissan's equivalent to the Coaster. There is a huge market for small buses here in the USA, but the Japanese automakers fail to realize that. The Nissan Civilian Bus sells for $73,000 for a 26 passenger model, if you want 29 passengers you'll pay $3,000 more.    

    1. Subaru Exiga. Now here's a car from my favorite Japanese automaker, Subaru. My family loves Subaru's. Let's Cut to the chase here. The Exiga is a station wagon that is different from the Subaru Outback. For one thing, it seats 7 compared to the Outback's 5 passenger seating. It also has an optional glass roof and a turbo option. I know that this is not a minivan, but this car is the perfect alternative for the minivan. The Exiga is priced at $28,300.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top 5 Toyota Vehicles That Should Be Sold In The USA

  I was thinking about some of the many Toyota vehicles that they don't sell here in the USA. Frankly because, I don't like any of the Toyota's that are sold here already.
2011 Toyota Coaster
  5.  Toyota Coaster. The Toyota Coaster is a minibus that well you guessed it, is not sold here in the United States. Toyota is missing out on a great market for this in the USA. The Toyota Coaster would make a great limo coach, party bus, handicapped accessible bus, airport shuttle. There are so many different options for this vehicle, that Toyota can make a fortune selling this in the states.
2011 Toyota Crown Majesta
  4. Toyota Crown Majesta. As of 2011, the Toyota Crown, family of cars is the the oldest Toyota still in production. The Toyota Crown is a luxury car that is kind of like a Lexus, but it isn't badged as a Lexus. The Toyota Crown Majesta is Toyota's flagship sedan that is sold in Japan. Now the Crown Majesta competes with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Maserati Quatrroporte, and BMW 7 series. I think that if Toyota would import this to the USA, They will be making a risky move because the crown might be brand cannibalism towards the Lexus brand. It's worth a shot, but I don't see people shelling out $93,400 for a Toyota.
2011 Toyota HIAce van
3. Toyota HIAce Van. The Toyota HIAce van is a commercial vehicle, that well, isn't sold in the USA as you may have guessed. Now since Nissan started selling commercial trucks and vans in the USA, wouldn't you think Toyota would do the same thing? Nope they won't consider selling the HIAce van due to several reasons, COE or Cab over Engine vans are obsolete in the USA. The last Cabover van Toyota sold in the USA was the MasterAce back in the 1980s. The HIAce would be a good vehicle but cabovers are not good when it comes to front crash tests. Also at $32,600 the price is a little steep.
A 2011 Toyota QuickDelivery
2. Toyota QuickDelivery.  Ok where to begin with this one? Well as mentioned in the name of the vehicle, it is a delivery vehicle. As a matter of fact it is a hybrid delivery vehicle. One that costs a whopping USD of $72,300. It's basically a step van made by Toyota. In my opinion, Toyota can make money from these here, from companies like FedEx and UPS could use them as package cars. With the $72,300 price tag, I highly doubt Toyota will bring this to the United States.
A Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series
1. Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series. Well we made it to number one on my list. What's so special about a Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series? To tell you the truth, this is the coolest bare bones basic, rugged 4x4 truck that Toyota doesn't sell here and never has. There is a huge market for
this in America but Toyota doesn't realize that. Millions of people here in the USA like to go off roading. This is the perfect truck to do it in. The late Steve Irwin owned one of these. I have the toy version for his action figure. Another thing that makes this truck so special that it has an optional diesel engine for it. Toyota hasn't sold a truck with a diesel engine in the USA since the 1980s. With this truck there are so many possibilities.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Hate The Waiter In The Golden Corral Commercials

  Whenever I am watching TV there will be commercials. Alongside Sleepy's commercials, I also hate those Golden Corral commercials with that creepy waiter guy. First off that waiter from Golden Corral seems like a jerk. Do you ever notice how smug he acts when the other waiters/waitresses get chased away by a spatula or get piledriven into the ground by a huge skillet? Well just for that reason I hate the smug waiter. Every time I see a commercial for Golden Corral, I want to reach in to my TV screen and punch that waiter in the face and if I have time to kick him in the nads. I think that we all want to do that to him. I hope all of the waitstaff at Golden Corrals are not smug like the waiter in their commercials. If they are all like that, I'll never set foot into a Golden Corral ever.
   Now why is this waiter a jerk? Well lets see here. Lets theoretically think of him as an actual waiter, not an actor. Now usually waiters and waitresses make less than minimum wage because they get tips. So we can say that this guy is making around $2.75 per hour plus tips. Now the reason for him being so smug is that his girlfriend cheated on him, maxed out his credit cards, he has to pay off his student loans, his crappy 1998 Chevrolet Caviler got repossessed and he got into a fight with Matt from Operation Repo and lost. So He is unhappy about losing to a brawler when his car was repoed and all the other factors made him this smug person that he is. Wouldn't you be smug if you were a waiter or waitress in this position?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teen Mom Is The Worst Show On TV

Gene Snitsky should do this on Teen Mom
  Once in a while I'll catch my mom watching that god awful Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant on MTV. I cant help but ask her why do you watch that garbage. She responds that she only watches it because she likes to see the babies. I'll tell you what right now, that this show should have never seen the light of day. Why? Well to tell you the truth, this show makes teenage girls think that if they get pregnant they will get a damn reality show. At least that is my theory on it. This show teaches a good lesson to be abstinent until you are married, but it also shows how trashy and unfit these teenage mothers are.
  Personally I think that the only thing that would make this show more interesting for me to watch is if they got Gene Snitsky to be on Teen Mom to take away the baby from the mother and punt the baby to a foster home or an adoption center. It would be the Mom's fault not Gene Snitsky's fault. The odds of this happening are against me here but it would be hilarious if they added him though.
  There are far worse shows than this on MTV such as Jersey Shore, Skins, and The Real World, and every other show that isn't music related except for Beavis and Butthead. Another thing I can't stand about Teen Mom is that the Moms are on the covers of Magazines all the time as much as the Kardashians who I also cannot stand and wish they would go away. I think that Teen Mom should have been a one time special not a TV series just so we don't have to put up with this garbage. So please MTV cancel Teen Mom.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To Make Your Own Western Adventure Playset.

Go Save yourself some money and make this at home.
  I like to collect plastic toy soldiers. They are one of my many hobbies. A few months ago, I was looking at some of the different BMC toy soldiers, when I stumbled across one called Western Adventure. You could not see a close up picture of the toys in the polybag, so you had to go by the description. Well the set included American soldiers, and Native American figures, and some accessories, such as a play mat and cannons, and horses. Anyway I decided against buying it. Ironically when I was on vacation last week, I stumbled across this Western Adventure playset in a 5&10 store, I realized I made this set along time ago, as a makeshift one. If you are unaware of Americana toys, they are another brand that BMC toys are branded as.
   To save yourself the money here is what you need to make a makeshift one.
1. BMC/Americana Civil War Union Soldiers.
2. Ja-Ru Native American Figures. You can buy these at Dollar General for $1 they do come with cowboys, in a 25 piece bag.
3. Plastic Horses and a Covered Wagon. 
4. BMC/Americana Plastic Civil War Cannons.