Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mattel WWE Basic Series 5 The Hurricane Review

The Hurricane
  Today I received one of the most sought after Mattel WWE basic figures. No it's not the canceled Elite Jeff Hardy, Its The Hurricane!! The Hurricane is one of those special Mattel figures that only got one release due to him being released from the WWE after ECW was cancelled. It's bittersweet that this is The Hurricane's only release. I mean that chances of you finding one in a retail store are slim to none. Nonetheless here is my review of The Hurricane.
  The Hurricane stands at around 7 inches. The real Hurricane's height is 5 feet 10 inches. Now as you can see The Hurricane is in a green and black paint scheme with 3 H insignias. One on his chest and the other two are on his thighs. I was really blown away at this figure when i got him in the mail today. The detail is amazing down to his hair and mask/ or his face paint.His Superhero gimmick gives this figure the right touch. Not the Jerry Sandusky kind of touch. If you want Mattel's The Hurricane you will have to pay an exuberant amount of money for him mint or loose. I paid $15 for him from a member. That site is an excellent forum dedicated to wrestling figures.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hate It When Doctor's are Late for Your Appointment

  Today I had a dentist appointment for 11:00 AM. I didn't get started until 11:35. I like my dentist and can't complain. But what really annoys me is when doctors are late for your appointment. Why do they tend to run late? If they have an appointment for a certain time then they should be on schedule for your appointment. I was late for lunch today well kind of. When doctors run late it is a major inconvenience for their patients and probably themselves as well. What really gets on my nerves is that sometimes they don't apologize for them running a bit late. I have a solution. For every minute that the doctor is late, you should charge them $5 per minute for every minute they are late. I guarantee that they will never be late again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lego Technic 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 Review

  One of my Christmas presents last year was the Lego Technic 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400. This set is the largest Lego Technic set to date and is the most challenging Lego set I have ever done in my entire life. To give you an example of how challenging this set is, there are 5 instruction books for this set. Bag one takes up book 1-to midway book 3. That is just the chassis and that was a tough part to build. Now this set has a pneumatic crane that runs on a battery box that takes 6 AA batteries. Bag 2 is the orange cab. Bag 3 is the box. Lastly bag 4 is the crane and winch which is the second most challenging part of the model. I didn't start building this set until December 27th and didn't finish until January 23rd 2012. I took my time on it to make it last. I had to rebuild the chassis from the ground up due to a missed step.
  Now onto the review of the mechanism. I am still trying to learn the ropes on the crane operated. There is the backwards/forwards/off switch on the battery box and a red and a yellow switch that can be moved up/down/down/down/up/up/down/up for a combination of different settings for the crane There is also a red switch that controls the pneumatic mechanism that moves the crane up and down. On the crane are three levers that raise the claw arm up and down and open and release the claw. The winch is not motorized.
  I commend both Lego and Mercedes-Benz for partnering together to create this masterpiece. Please note that you need a lot of patience to build this set, It can get frustrating at times. An experienced Lego Builder can do it in a day but I chose to spread it out and take my time on it. I highly Recommend this set to the Lego enthusiast and anyone who likes a challenge.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot Wheels Tucker Torpedo

  Yesterday I was in the grocery store looking at Hot Wheels cars and stumbled upon a 2011 Hot Wheels Tucker Torpedo Treasure Hunt car. It was the regular non super Treasure Hunt on the international multi language long carding. Now I wanted a Hot Wheels Tucker Torpedo ever since it came out in the Hot Wheels Classics line back in 2009. Sadly I can kick myself in the butt for not buying it for $3. However it was worth the wait when I found the Treasure Hunt version. I usually open the Hot Wheels cars that are "new" to the mainline. What I mean by new is that the car was released first in a Hot Wheels line other than the mainline and that it is technically new to the mainline since it is making it's mainline debut. When it comes to Treasure Hunt cars, I don't ever open them. I keep them MOC. Mint On Card for short. The good news is that it is worth $6. So my $1.27 was a good investment.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Hazleton Needs Animal Control

  The City of Hazleton Pennsylvania is in dire need of Animal Control. While Hazleton does have an animal shelter, Hazleton has a problem with stray cats and dogs living under people's porches and or sleeping and pissing on their front porch at night. The animal shelter does try to do a good job and can't take all of the strays in due to not enough room or lack of supplies/ volunteers and people who want to adopt a pet.  However Hazleton needs an animal control force extremely bad. Why? Well for starters people sometimes own a dog(s) without having a front gate in their yard so if the dog breaks off the chain, the dog can escape and cause harm to somebody. I can relate to this. When I was 9 years old I was coming home from Sunday dinner at my brother's house. I just got out of the car when the neighbor's dog from down the street broke off the chain and bit me. This caused a me to have cynophobia or the fear of dogs. I have since overcame that fear. The neighbor did not have a front gate in their yard so the dog couldn't escape. This all could have been prevented if they had a gate. The animal control department could enforce laws requiring dog owners to have a proper enclosure ex giving the homeowner a fine.
  Another thing an animal control force could do is fine dog owners whose dogs escape on a daily basis. If Hazleton had an animal control force, the students who walk home from the schools would be protected from dogs that might escape causing harm. Here is a made up example. Let's say a student is walking home from school and a dog nuzzles it's way out so the gate open's because it is not latched properly. The student has a fear of dogs and tries to dodge the dog. While doing so he tries to stop a car in the street for help and gets hit and gets paralyzed and is now wheelchair bound. If an animal control force were established this may have been prevented. If the dog got out of the yard frequently, the animal control department could implement a three strikes rule system on dog owners. Strike one is a verbal warning. Strike two is a fine. Strike three is placing the dog in animal control custody or having the enclosure locked with padlocks so the dog cannot escape.
  Hazleton needs an animal control department. If the City of Hazleton cannot do anything about it, maybe Luzerne County can create a county animal control department. With the new Home Rule government, this can be possible. Animal control would relieve homeowners of unwanted pests around their homes and make the streets safe for walkers. Animal control would also relieve the burden the police sometimes have with animal pests, such as taking out a rabid dog or arresting a cat hoarder.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Spin a Revolver

  Did you ever watch a Western and see one of the characters spin a revolver on their finger? Or in gamers terms seeing Revolver Ocelot in the Metal Gear Solid series spinning a single action revolver. Did you ever want to learn how? If so Here's Your Chance to.
  Here is what you will need.
  1. A Single Action Revolver. For starters DO NOT use a real revolver for your own safety. Use a non firing replica such as a Denix Colt Peacemaker replica. You can buy one on for $58
  2. Fast draw holster (Optional)
  3. Denix Replica Bullets (Optional Not included with revolver)   
WARNING NEVER Take the replica firearm ,outside someone may mistake it for a real gun, the Denix Revolver does not have an orange tip.
   Now how to spin the revolver. If you are right handed, use your right hand, or vice versa. Start by holding the revolver in your hand and take your index finger and place it where the trigger is. (in other terms hold it as you are about to shoot it one handed.) Open up the rest of your fingers except for the index finger and slowly twirl the revolver BACKWARDS. Why backwards? If you go spinning it forward you will bust your knuckle on your middle finger. Keep spinning it backwards slowly until you get comfortable with spinning it on your finger. Stop if your finger gets tired. As you get better spin it faster. If you want to give the revolver the actual loaded weight feeling, buy the replica bullets, they are sold separately and I believe they are sold individually. I could be wrong, but I bought my 6 bullets at a specialty store in NJ individually.
   Here is a YouTube video I made on How to Spin a revolver. I included a bonus at the end.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

20 Trent Reznor Facts

  1. Trent Reznor can win an Oscar without even trying.
  2. Trent Reznor Doesn't take requests
  3. Trent Reznor can read Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  4. Trent Reznor can gargle peanut butter.
  5. Trent Reznor once put down walk off stage when fans yell Head Like a Hole on a math test for every answer and got an A+
  6. Trent Reznor once got into a knife fight, the knife lost.
  7. Trent Reznor can throw a keyboard helluva far.
  8. 10 out of 10 doctors recommend not annoying Trent Reznor.
  9. Ladies open doors for Trent Reznor.
  10. Trent Reznor can slam a revolving door.
  11. Trent Reznor can strangle you with a cordless phone.
  12. Trent Reznor Can Make a paraplegic run for his life.
  13. The Candyman can't but Trent Reznor can.
  14. If you have $5 and Trent Reznoe has $5 Trent Reznor has More money than you.
  15. Trent Reznor can hear silence.
  16. Trent Reznor can speak braille. 
  17. Trent Reznor can show a keyboard who's boss.
  18. Trent Reznor hates pigs.
  19. Trent Reznor wasn't a boy scout, he was a man scout.
  20. Trent Reznor hates Twilight.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Official Vs Unofficial

  The other day I was thinking about things that are official and things that are unofficial. Why are there unofficial guides to things as in books? I don't really know off hand, but here is what I have to say about it.
  Unofficial guide books as in price guides or guides to a movie or book series are pointless. Why? Well first off they are unlicensed and not the official thing. Another thing is that an unofficial guide my be the only option because the manufacturer of let's say a toy company never put out an official price guide. Why do people make unofficial guides? They make them if they are not authorized by the person who invented what the guide is based on as I mentioned the toy company.
  Official guides on the other hand are usually written by the creator of a movie series for example or someone who is a renowned expert on a particular subject. Toys for example is a particular subject. I do own some unofficial price guides. I own a Batman price guide, and I owned a McDonald's price guide at one point I don't recall if the McDonald's one was official. Official price guides are authorized and or licensed by their respective creators and or copyright holders whereas an unofficial one is not. I don't get how unofficial ones don't get sued over the fact that they are not authorized to do so. Why don't they go the extra mile and get it authorized? It's baffling how authors of unauthorized guides are so lazy to do so.
  On the other hand Unofficial price guides can be just as useful as an official one is. Sometimes they can be better than the official one. But unofficial guides lack the luster as the official version does. You get that bootleg feeling when you read it, knowing it comes from a fan not an expert.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 5 Worst Superman Action Figures

  In the past I have blogged about Batman action figures. So I suppose I can blog about Superman figures as well. As with Batman action figures, Superman figures are no walk in the park either. Some are dumb, while others are just plain What the heck. So here are the top 5 worst Superman action figures.
This can't see through walls
  5. X-Ray Vision Superman. Ok if you think that this figure actually has X-Ray vision, you are a moron. First off how does this misleading toy work? Why is it misleading? Well for starters a toy that would have real X-Ray vision would cost millions of dollars. This toy probably does not add up to its standards.
  4. Bulletproof Superman. I know for a fact that this toy ain't bulletproof because if I shot it, the figure would be destroyed. So why label a toy bulletproof when in reality it is not? I don't know but it is really stupid.
  3. Street Guardian Superman. Who greenlighted this? Whoever did should have been fired. Why? Ask yourself this. When do you ever see Superman wearing half his Superman costume and half street gear? If you answer when he is changing from Clark Kent to Superman you are an idiot. All this figure looks like is a hustler trying to sell bootleg Rolex watches wearing a Superman shirt and wearing a trench coat.
  2. City Camo Superman. Ok what in the heck is city camo? Let me take a guess. Is it camouflage in a skyscraper pattern? I don't know and they don't really explain it. Take a guess for yourself. It's baffling. 
  1. Capture Net Superman. When does Superman ever use a net to capture a criminal? I don't recall when. This is probably a parody of the cellophane S from Superman II. I don't know if that's for sure but it sure does seem like it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How To Shoot The Dog in Duck Hunt

  Have you ever missed a duck when playing the classic NES game Duck Hunt? If so does the dog laughing at you piss you off? If so here are 4 easy steps on how to shoot and kill the dog in Duck Hunt without hacking the game.
  STEP 1. Take the NES Zapper and miss a duck.
  STEP 2. Get a handgun and load it.
  STEP 3. Point loaded handgun at the dog on the screen and shoot the dog.
  STEP 4. Play the song Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J.
Who's Laughing Now?
What you will need.
An old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV set
An NES Zapper
A copy of Duck Hunt
A handgun any caliber will do.
Jessie J Who You Are CD and CD Player or mp3 player.