Monday, January 18, 2016

Hazleton PA Needs New Street Signs

  If you have ever been to Hazleton, PA and got confused on the streets because there wasn't a street sign to tell you where you are on every corner, that may be a good indicator that Hazleton shouldn't be applying for stupid government grants such as one to widen Broad Street. I have been a lifelong resident of Hazleton since I was born, and Let me tell you something, if you would ask me where a certain street is, I wouldn't be able to tell you where it is. Why is that? The answer is there aren't any street signs on every corner. I remember when I was a little kid there was street signs on every corner. I guess the were vandalized or got worn out over the course of their lifetime and never got replaced.
  In fact the newest street signs Hazleton has is on Broad Street ever since they widened the street. Now one time an out of town couple asked my parents where Maple Street was. My parents had the couple follow them which seemed like a wild goose chase. They went around in circles trying to find Maple Street. Here's the kicker my parents lived in Hazleton there whole life too.
  This is asinine that the city doesn't do diddly squat about the lack of street signs. I know it's not a priority, but it gives Hazleton a bad first impression to somebody who may be visiting from out of town. Hazleton needs to apply for more logical government grants such as one that could get the city new street signs, not widening Broad Street or fixing all of the damn potholes that plague the streets.
  It seems that Hazleton has gotten more newer street signs. But it still isn't enough to satisfy me. There are streets that cut off and then pick up in another area. Why don't they have a sign that tells you that this alley cuts off and picks up 3 blocks down? As a matter of fact a lot of places have streets that do that but they don't have a sign that tells you how to continue on the street.