Saturday, August 27, 2011

The 5 Most Ridiculous Batman Villain Action Figures

   Today I am writing a followup post to my Top 5 Most Ridiculous Batman and Robin Action Figures with one on Villain figures this time. So Here are the top 5 Most Ridiculous Batman Villain Action Figures.

 5. Virtual Joker. Virtual Joker is a figure from Hasbro's Batman Beyond Batlink series. Now Virtual Joker is a Joke itself. I mean this figure has got to be one of the stupidest designs ever. Virtual Joker is basically a huge emerald green Joker head on plastic robotic legs, with virus-tech lasers and byte mouth. I'm assuming that the byte mouth has some sort of chomping mechanism. I don't own this figure, but I remember seeing it on shelves and thinking how dumb this is. Really when is the Joker into cyber crime? He would never create a computer virus, at least I don't think he would anyway.
4. Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's Al Ghul from The Adventures of Batman & Robin line from Kenner has to be the worst interpretation into an action figure. The head sculpt is great, but the body is what kills it. I mean Hasbro didn't get this figure in his proper attire until Hasbro released the Shadows of Gotham City 4-Pack as a Toys R Us Exclusive back in 2001.
3. Virus Attack Mr. Freeze. This Mr. Freeze figure was released in Hasbro's Batman Mission Masters 3 line. I have this figure, and the one mentioned above. Now this figure looks like one of those mutant toys that Sid from Toy Story made. But putting an oversize Mr. Freeze head on a spider body is really stupid, especially when the head is way bigger than Batman's head.
2. Blade Attack Deathstroke. Now this is one of those Which of these things doesn't belong out of three things, like that song they sing on Sesame Street. Blade Attack Deathstroke was released with The Dark Knight action figures from Mattel. Last time I checked, Deathstroke wasn't in The Dark Knight at all. So the $64,000 question is, What is this figure doing in The Dark Knight toyline?
1. Rocket Pack Firefly. Here is another villain figure that was included into The Dark Knight toyline, that wasn't in the movie at all. As I explained the number 2 figure, I don't need to repeat myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

50 Ways to Kill Justin Bieber

Yesterday, when I was lifting weights, I had on Swrv and a the music video for Love Me by Justin Bieber came on. I hate Justin Bieber. I toughened it out and Listened to the song and hated it. Listening to that awful song made me push it to the limit. So Today's post is ways to kill Justin Bieber.
  1. Make him gargle broken glass.
  2. Throw shurikens at him.
  3. Stab Him repeatedly with any sharp object.
  4. Shoot him.
  5. Throw a grenade at him.
  6. Chain cement blocks to his feet and throw him in the ocean.
  7. Put him inside the trunk of a car that is going to be crushed on Monster Jam.
  8. Push him out an airplane without a parachute.
  9. Hang him.
  10. Crucify him.
  11. Shove him into a meat grinder.
  12. Throw him into a shark pit.
  13. Push him into a punji pit.
  14. Push him off the Grand Canyon.
  15. Make him listen to Rebecca Black.
  16. Put him in the electric chair.
  17. Put him in a Ford Pinto and rear end the car into a wall, so the car will explode.
  18. Run him over with a bus.
  19. Run him over with a semi truck.
  20. Give him the lethal injection.
  21. Dissect him.
  22. Africanized Killer Bee attack.
  23. Make him tell Fred Phelps that he is gay.
  24. Put him in the ring with Kane, The Big Show and The Great Khali.
  25. Make him fight Kimbo Slice.
  26. Make him Fight Mike Tyson.
  27. Make him referee a NHL game.
  28. Make him molest a bear cub in front of it's mother.
  29. Have him stand in front of a runaway Toyota.
  30. Cut him up with a chainsaw.
  31. Behead him.
  32. Make him neuter a rabid pit bull not the rapper.
  33. Give him the Lethal Injection.
  34. Make him go to the WWE and have all of the superstars attack him.
  35. Give his bodyguards a vacation and throw him into a crowd of his tween fans. 
  36. Have him handle venomous snakes and don't give him the antidote.
  37. Beat him with a baseball bat.
  38. Make him tell Triple H that he is ugly.
  39. Make him hang out with Trent Reznor, I guarantee that Bieber would die.
  40. Make him hug Maynard James Keenan while he is performing on stage.
  41. Have him get attacked by a killer whale at SeaWorld.
  42. Electrocute him.
  43. Throw knives at him.
  44. Make him go to the VFW and tell him to say that Jane Fonda didn't betray American Troops.
  45. Donate him to science.
  46. Run him over with a steamroller. 
  47. Put him in Crips clothing and send him into Bloods territory.
  48. Put him in Bloods clothing and send him into Crips territory.
  49. Shoot him with a nail gun.
  50. Make him drink the water in Mexico.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gene Leonhardt AKA Jessi Slaughter's Dad Died at 53

Gene Leonhardt's Mugshot for Child Abuse
   August 11, 2011 was a sad day for the internet. The internet lost one of it's funniest and unintentional memes to a heart attack. Gene Colton Leonhardt of Dunnelon Florida died from a massive heart attack at the age of 53, just over a year after he became a meme by defending his daughter from cyber bullies. This man has forever changed my everyday life from the quotes he said when he yelled at the trolls on his daughter's webcam. He brought us such things as "Ya Dun Goof'd" "Because I Backtraced It" "You've Been Reported to the Cyber Police" and "Consequences will never be the same"
  Earlier this year, Gene Leonhardt dun goof'd when he slapped his daughter in the mouth, and she bled, a neighbor saw the blood and called the police and, he got arrested for child abuse. Unfortunately he wasn't arrested by the Dunnelon Cyber Police. If you are unfamiliar with the Jessi Slaughter Meme, here are the two YouTube videos that made him a meme.
Here is Part 1.

Here is Part 2.

So RIP Gene Leonhardt 1957-2011.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 10 Lady Gaga Wallpapers

Today I am going to try to blog about something different. It won't be about the top 5 cars that should be sold in the United States, or the top 10 worst WWE entrance themes. It is simply my top 10 favorite wallpaper images of Lady Gaga in 1024x768. So here are the top 10 Lady Gaga Wallpapers from my Flickr Account.
I also have a YouTube account also where I upload videos of my WWE action figure collection and action figure reviews.

Ok that is Estella Warren from Planet of the Apes as a warm up photo. Now without further a due here are my top 10 favorite wallpaper images of Lady Gaga.

 1. Lady Gaga as a chef/waitress from her Telephone music video. The look that Lady Gaga has on her face in this picture is priceless. She looks like she's just been told that she is getting paid $5 to do the music video.

2. Lady Gaga from her Bad Romance music video. 
3. Alejandro. If this was the song that got me to become obsessed with Lady Gaga and made me a non hater wouldn't this picture be at number 1? If you want to know how I accidentally got obsessed with Lady Gaga read my older post.
4. Lady Gaga. This is just a The Fame era Lady Gaga. 
5. Lady Gaga with Her Disco Stick from the Lyrics booklet from The Fame CD.
6. Lady Gaga from her Vanity Fair photoshoot.
7. A very Sexy picture of Lady Gaga.
8. Lady Gaga's Mugshot from her Paparazzi music video.
9. Lady Gaga holding a red coffee cup and saucer.
10. Lady Gaga with Purple Hair.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Shooting The H&R 999 Sportsman

   Yesterday, when I went home from work, my Dad who was picking me up from work, asked me if I wanted to go to the shooting range with him. I said yes and we went to the shooting range. It has been 7 years since I last shot a gun at age 14. Now I am 21, and can legally own a handgun, but I don't own one yet because I am saving to buy a Colt Official Police. Now on to the Harrington & Richardson 999 Sportsman 9 shot .22LR revolver. This model is a second generation model that was produced from 1953 to 1973. This particular one was made from 1953 to around 1965 because my great uncle who owned this revolver before my father, died in 1965. I didn't look at the serial numbers, but from research on the internet, I could infer that this was a second generation model because it had a two piece handgrip. First generation ones had a one piece handgrip.
   The H&R 999 Sportsman is a top break revolver. Now my Dad only brought 100 rounds of .22LR ammo, he thought he brought more, but that was Ok. Now I saw a video on YouTube about the H&R 999 Sportsman, where the person doing the video said that if you accidentally bump the hammer when the gun is loaded it could go off. I'll dispute that because I bumped the hammer while it was loaded and it did not discharge. so there must be a transfer bar in the revolver.
    The first time I shot the H&R 999 Sportsman, was one handed in double action mode. My dad told me that when you shoot the gun in double action, the gun pulls to the right, so it is less accurate. I noticed that right away after I reeled in the target, because I didn't hit it at all. I reloaded the gun and this time, shot it in single action mode, and I hit the target pretty well. Now I would shoot some rounds in single action, and in double action with both hands so I had more control on the gun. I did a very good job shooting a gun for the second time. Now I know I still probably couldn't handle a .45.
    I actually liked the H&R 999 Sportsman. It is a very fun revolver to shoot. It is cheap to fire, because .22 ammo is pretty inexpensive compared to .45 ammo because my Dad says you get more rounds in a box of .22 ammo at 100 rounds compared to 50 rounds in a box of .45 ammo. My great uncle who once owned this gun, used this when he would go hunting. He wouldn't shoot a deer with it, but my Dad said he would take it with him in case he saw a snake or something, hence the need for a double action, so he could shoot it instantly without cocking the hammer. Now since my Dad inherited from my great aunt back in 2008 he doesn't care about the value I know these are inexpensive from research. If you are wondering why did my Dad get the gun in 2008 when my great uncle died in 1965, it was because my great aunt didn't want to give away her husbands guns because they were too sentimental to her. So there you have my experience shooting the H&R 999 Sportsman .22LR.

Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Celebrities That I Want To Go Away

   A couple of days ago I was on looking up some old flash animations. I watched one called Go Away. It was a song about annoying celebrities that should just go away. Well that flash animation might be dated but I thought that a list of celebrities that I want to go away would be a perfect topic for a blog post. So here is my go away list.
  1.    Kate Gosselin. Why Kate Gosselin? For one thing Kate Gosselin is one of those people who are famous for nothing. Well technically she is famous for having sextuplets. She is one of those money hungry celebrities that just won't quit. She should have never gotten a TV show in the first place. Why? People who have multiple births, such as sextuplets shouldn't get a TV show, because it is a waste of airtime and who want's to see a mom struggle with raising 8 kids? This goes to show that in vitro fertilization should be banned.
  2. The entire cast of Jersey Shore. Here is another prime example of being famous for nothing. I don't watch Jersey Shore because it is stupid. I just think that by acting all slutty and being a fake Guido is wrong. They are giving Italian Americans a bad reputation. The South Park episode that made fun of Jersey Shore did a good example of making fun of this. The entire cast of Jersey Shore should just go away. MTV must have been on drugs when they greenlighted this garbage.
  3. The Kardashian's. Every time I am in the checkout lane at the grocery store or Walmart, I see tons of magazines with the Kardashian's on the front cover and it makes me want to vomit. What are the Kardashian's famous for again? Well their deceased father, Robert Kardashian was a lawyer who helped Johnnie Cochran with the defense in the OJ trial. Other than that, the rest of his family shouldn't be famous at all. Except for the stepdad Bruce Jenner who was an Olympic Athlete. The Kardashian's are annoying all over. I never watch E! thank god because these people clog the damn network. I liked when South Park had them get their brains blown off. The Kardashian's 
  4. Justin Bieber.  Need I say more?
  5. Betheney Frankel. God this woman gives me nightmares. Her Husband is from my hometown of Hazleton PA. I want her to go the hell away because I don't know the reason to why she is famous in  the first place. Second Whenever she comes to my town for a visit to her in laws, I am thankfully unaware of it. She keeps getting pointless spinoffs of The Real Housewives of NYC or something. What makes a housewife real? Isn't every housewife real? Betheney Frankel GO AWAY.
  6. Bruno Mars. Why do I want Bruno Mars to go away? Well for one, his music is WAY overplayed on the radio to the point of me wanting to blow up my radio. He should just stick to writing songs for crying out loud.
  7. Russel Brand. Why in the heck is Katy Perry married to this baboon? I mean seriously, this guy is not funny at all. He is about as funny as bag of hammers. Number 1 I can't stand him because he plays the same character in every movie. I never really seen any of his movies, but I can tell from the trailers that he does. He should go away.
  8. Britney Spears. First off she is way past her prime. When I mean Way past I really mean WAY past. She can't sing for shit, and to complicate the matter, she uses autotune to enhance her vocals. Ironically she has no vocal talent because she sounds like a cat dying. Hearing a dying cat is much better. Also her music is much better in death metal thanks to Ten Masked Men.  So Britney Spears should just go away.
  9. Rebecca Black. Enough Said.
  10. The Duggar Family. Here is a perfect example of the Worlds Creepiest Family. They are weird in every way possible. They won't let their kids on the internet. They keep popping out kids every year. They won't let their girls wear jeans. I saw a demotivational poster that said Vagina It's Not A Clown Car once in my web travels. That poster pretty much sums up what is wrong with them. They should rename their show Infinity Kids & Counting. They really need to go away.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Canadian Pennies In American Change

  I was emptying out the change in my pocket to put into my change jar, when I happened to notice that a Canadian penny was in there. I despise getting Canadian coins back when I pay for something in American Dollars. I live in America and have never been to Canada just to let you know. It bothers me that it just goes to show that cashiers in America don't give a damn about what somebody pays for their items with. I have friends who work as cashiers, and I am not bashing them in anyway shape or form. I just hate how much it shows that the cashiers don't care about their job as long as they get paid.
   If I were a cashier, I would take the time to check to see if the customer has handed me American pennies, nickels, and dimes and quarters. If they handed me a Canadian coin, I would say I'm sorry but this coin is from Canada, it is not good in the United States. Then the customer would start giving me bullshit like A penny is a penny. Or they would say this. A Canadian penny is equal to an American Penny. I would get into some kind of argument back, saying about the exchange rates between the American Dollar and the Canadian Dollar and how they are never the same. Then the customer says fine and hands me an American penny.
    Come to think of it, Canadian coins are about the same size as American coins. The Canadian is about the same size as the American Penny. The same goes for the Canadian dime, nickel and quarter. Here's the $25,000 question, Why would Canada, design their coins to be about the same size as America's coins? Is it to annoy us American's? Is it to copy America? Or is it to cause confusion? Sadly I don't know the answer to this question and if I did, I would tell you.
    Getting Canadian coins back from paying with American Dollars, is more annoying than Justin Bieber who also comes from Canada. Well Canada can keep Justin Bieber and their coins, because I don't want to see Justin Bieber in America or Canadian coins in my change. Lets put it at that. So If a cashier hands you a Canadian coin, tell them that the change they gave you isn't accurate, because the Canadian coin is not equal to the American coin.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 8 Discontinued Cereals I Want Brought Back

    Every time I get to like a new cereal, it usually ends up being discontinued. I was on the internet today looking at peanut butter cereals and trying to find an answer to why Peanut Butter Toast Crunch was discontinued. Alas, I couldn't find an actual answer to why it was discontinued. But nevertheless here are the top 8 discontinued cereals I want brought back.
    8.  French Toast Crunch. Here is a great cereal from my childhood. I remember when this first came out. It actually had the cereal shaped like pieces of toast. Then General Mills had to go ruin a good thing by changing the shape of the cereal by making it look more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Then in 2006 it was discontinued. Ironically French Toast Crunch is still sold in Canada. I don't live in Canada so I can't get the cereal. 
    7. Urkel-Os. This is one of those short lived cereals that I never got to taste because I was a too little to remember it. From my understanding Urkel-Os was a fruit flavored cereal that was based on Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Urkel was a cool character that stole the show, but his cereal failed big time. 
Oh Look A Toy Inside!!
    6. Tony's Cinnamon Krunchers. Now here was a great cereal with a good idea unfortunately it got discontinued also. If I remember the slogan correctly, the cereal's cinnamon flavoring wouldn't wash off in milk unlike Frosted Flakes which also had Tony the Tiger on the box. It was a good idea, but the it doesn't wash off in milk should have been applied to Frosted Flakes, because when you add milk to them, they turn into Corn Flakes.
Crunch Bustin' Fruit Flavor!!!
   5. Ghostbusters Cereal. Here's a great cereal that I was too young to remember. In fact it came out before I was born. So It was before my time. Ghostbusters Cereal makes my list because it is such a kick ass cereal. Who wouldn't want to bust ghosts while eating breakfast. Movie themed cereals never last but, I wish this would've. I wonder if the marshmallows were made by Stay Puft.
    4. Chocolate Honeycomb. Here is an apparently discontinued cereal made by Post. It is a chocolate variation of Honeycomb cereal. I remember when this was a test product, because a family friend gave us a box of this stuff, and I liked it. But every time I look for this cereal, it isn't on the shelf. This stuff was good and I loved it.
    3. Post Oreo O's. Here is one of the best cereals from my childhood. As you can see the cereal is Oreo themed. Oreo O's had chocolate O's and marshmallow pieces to simulate the cookie and filling that actual Oreo's had. I had a lot of fun times at breakfast eating this cereal. I'll never forget that this cereal made your teeth black from eating them. So RIP Post Oreo O's 1998-2007. This is still sold in South Korea interestingly enough, but I don't live there. Damn It.
    2. Mr. T Cereal. This one really doesn't need to be explained that much. It is Mr. T's own Cereal. I wasn't born when this came out, but I can tell you that it did actually exist. That is no joke, to prove that Mr. T Cereal appeared in Pee Wee's Big Adventure where Pee Wee Herman did a lame Mr. T impression. So Mr. T Pities the fool who doesn't eat his cereal. From What I understand, Mr. T cereal tasted like Cap'n Crunch for those of us who don't know.
    1. Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Well we made it to number one on my list. Peanut Butter Toast Crunch was a peanut butter flavored variation of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This cereal was amazing. It was like a peanut butter orgy in your mouth. It was a peanut butter lovers dream come true. But sadly it was discontinued. Why do all of the peanut butter cereals get discontinued? Why? This was by far my favorite cereal ever. I don't care for Reese's Puffs anymore and that is peanut butter flavored. General Mills Dun Goof'd up again.