Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Hess Toy Truck and Race Car Review

  Yesterday at out annual Day After Christmas Party/dinner, I got the 2011 Hess Truck from my Aunt. This years truck is one of the best ones ever. I really mean it. It really is. Let's start out with the truck shall we. The truck is in the colors green and white and the truck is a rollback. The truck makes different sounds than the previous trucks in the past. It has a different sounding horn, engine start up noise, realistic backup warning, and the coolest feature, the sound of the loading ramp when you pull it down to load the race car and push the ramp back into the truck. The light features are the same. You have your all lights on position, flashers position and your lights off setting all on one switch. Now the one part of the truck that is interesting is the shocks and springs on the wheel wells on the truck so you can give the truck a realistic bounce while playing with it.
  Now on to the race car. The race car that comes with the truck is a stock car. Like the truck the race car is colored in green and white. For the first time ever on a Hess truck is Hess Express on the trunk of the race car.  Also the race car has an unusual design on the windshield and side windows, windshield wipers and two nets so the driver can get into the car. Actual stock cars don't have two nets or windshield wipers. This isn't a criticism in anyway, I'm pointing out something funny. Onto the lights and sound. Underneath the race car is a switch that turns on the lights including the headlights which ironically real stock cars do not have. To activate the sounds on the race car, there is a green button located where the gas cap is and you press it and it makes engine revving noises and the lights flash. The race car has a pullback friction motor.
  Overall I think that the truck is more fun than the race car. I highly recommend this toy. 2 C batteries are included.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mattel Basic Series 13 Vickie Guererro Review

  On Thursday I got paid, so I decided to buy myself a Christmas present. I decided on a Mattel Basic Series 13 Vickie Guerrero figure on Amazon.com for $29.99. Her expected delivery date was December 27th. To my surprise she came today on Christmas Eve. On to the review. Vickie Guerrero is a an occasional WWE Diva, but she is mainly a manager for Dolph Ziggler. So by my book she is technically a Diva figure. As with all Mattel WWE Diva figures, they are elite bodied. Unlike previous diva figures, Vickie has high heels on which may be difficult to have her stand up. If you do have trouble standing her up her feet do have holes for display stand support which is a blessing. She also has a necklace that says Cougar on it. I also would like to mention that she is the first diva figure to have a necklace. It is non removable unless you remove the head, which I don't recommend at all. Her packaging is the new WWE packaging that Mattel has given the figures for 2012 which replaces the hourglass shaped blisters on the carding. Also 2012 marks the beginning for the figures in the series to be numbered as in 1 of 6 in the set. On the rarity side, she is packed one in every 2 cases meaning that she is shortpacked and will be extremely hard to find.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Five Movies That Defined My Childhood

  I've been thinking of what my next blog post should be for a couple of days now. I have finally come to the conclusion of what the topic will be. The top 5 movies that defined my childhood.
  1. The Brave Little Toaster. Anyone who has grown up in the late 1980s to the early 1990s has heard or seen this 1987 film. I wont go into detail about the film, but I'll give you a brief synopsis. The movie is about 5 appliances that are left behind in a cabin in the woods, who go out into the world to find their master. They also talk and come alive when no human is around. 
  2. A Goofy Movie. Now I remember my mom taking me and my nephew to see this movie in the theater when it came out. Ever since that, I love this movie. Not to mention that this movie introduced me to what would be my favorite car, the AMC Pacer, the car that Goofy drives in the movie. This movie has memorable songs, and is a fun road trip movie about a father and son bonding together.
  3. Far From Home The Adventures of Yellow Dog. I love survival movies. They are one of my favorite genre of movies. Anyway this movie also caused a fascination of mine, the CH-113 Labrador and the CC-115 Buffalo, which are Canadian Forces search and rescue aircraft. Anyway the movie is about a boy and his you guessed it, a labrador retriever survive a sea storm and get stranded in the Canadian wilderness and have to survive until they are found.
  4. Baby's Day Out. Ok there is one Plinkett review that I totally disagree on and it is his Baby's Day Out review. This movie is like Home Alone with a baby with the Three Stooges which makes the movie hilarious. Many people hate this movie for some reason, but I however love this movie.
  5. Fire & Rescue. Ok this isn't really a movie per say. It is a straight to video release about being a firefighter set to music. It features fire departments from Trenton NJ to others in Conneticut and some other New England states. I still watch it several times a year just for fun. I've seen it so many times that I can recite the dialogue by heart.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Hate Fragrance Commercials

  It's that time of year again when our TVs get bombarded with fragrance commercials. Why do I hate them, well to be honest even though they are seasonal, they show more fragrance ads in a commercial block than they do show ads for Sleepy's, Progressive, Geico, and any other car insurance company. I don't get the silence that the actors and actresses have in fragrance ads. Why are they silent for 98% of the commercial until at the very end say the name of the fragrance? To be honest, I can't actually give you the answer on that one. If I knew it I would give it to you in a heartbeat. Why do fragrance companies think that perfumes and colognes will make good holiday gifts? It's probably to give your boyfriend/girlfriend a last minute gift when you were either too busy working or too lazy to go shopping for their holiday gift.
  These commercials are so stupid to the point of ad nauseum that you want to get a gun and shoot your plasma TV. I mean I could get a nosebleed from seeing all of these pesky fragrance commercials. You see so many of these darn ads to the point that you want to hide in the fetal position in a corner somewhere in your house and suck your thumb until the holiday rush is over. Seeing fragrance commercials left and right during the holiday season is just one of the many pains of the holiday season.
  However there are some positive commercials that you only get to see around the holiday season, ads for the Clapper, Chia Pet, and the CLR log. We all look forward to seeing that old lady at the end of the Clapper commercial because it is so funny. I don't know why people are attracted to the old lady in the Clapper commercial, I can tell you that I am one of her fans.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Finally Got Them

  It's been a hectic past few weeks since I last blogged, due to work and my Biology and Business Law 2 final exams. As a WWE action figure collector, I am a WFigs.proboards.com member and had just completed a trade with one of my YouTube subscribers and fellow WFigs member. I traded him a Walmart exclusive Wrestlemania Heritage Melina figure for a Jakks Lita figure. You're probably thinking why would a collector of Mattel WWE figures, trade a Mattel figure for an old Jakks figure when the Jakks figure is not in scale whatsoever? Well here's why. I am a huge fan of Gene Snitsky, who is from Nesquehoning Pennsylvania, which is 14.4 miles from where I live in Hazleton. Since I gave a former coworker a Maryse figure, he gave me his old Jakks Gene Snitsky figure. I wanted to create the first storyline he was involved in, the death of Kane and Lita's Baby. Even though it wasn't his fault.
It Wasn't My Fault!!! Any Other Questions?
   Now onto another epic pickup. This time it's something that Mattel collectors want to find. I was in Kohl's today and was doing my usual check of the action figure isle, and was looking at a rack by the girls clothing section. (Since it's the Holiday season, toys are scattered in different locations in or near the children's clothing dept.) I looked at these figures on December 8th and didn't see a 1/1000th figure. Today I look there and what do I find? Can you guess what it is? I'll give you 3 choices. Is it... A) Basic 13 Vickie Guerrero, B) 1/1000 Survivor Series figure, Or C) Best of 2010 Hornswoggle. Correct answer is B and it's Sheamus to be exact. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stork Parking

Storks Don't Drive.
  Did you ever go to the store looking for a place to park and you see a parking space with a sign similar to a handicapped sign? You go to pull in to the available parking space and then realize the sign says Stork Parking or Parking for Expectant Mothers etc. Come to think of it Storks don't drive, they fly. Why is there a parking space for pregnant women? To be quite honest nobody really knows why. Believe me when I am saying this, stork parking signs are one of the stupidest things ever invented. I heard about stork parking permits, where pregnant women can get a permit to park in a stork parking space, like a handicapped placard. All others who park there will be towed at their own expense.
  Stork parking is so stupid that 99% of the people don't take them seriously and park there anyway. My mom refuses to park at a stork parking space because of the fact that it is reserved for pregnant women. I tell her that nobody cares about the sign. She doesn't listen to me. It's not like she could get a parking ticket in PA for it.
  Why in the Hell does Stork Parking exist? I believe it is to help Lazy pregnant women who don't want to walk 5 miles to get to the store. Jeez its not the 1910s anymore where pregnant women were bed rest all day. Pregnant women are able to do more things and get out of the house at the same time. So in reality this sign is unnecessary in today's world. To be honest this sign is a complete joke if you ask me.
  If there is a stork parking sign, there should be a sign for invisible friend parking, or morbidly obese people parking. In Arizona there are golf cart parking spaces in parking lots. So there are so many stupid signs out there that don't make sense in the least bit. Common Sense has Left the Building and is Not Coming Back Anytime Soon.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Faith Tones

  In the music industry there are bound to be bad album covers. No not the album cover for Michael Jackson's Bad. I mean really bad album covers. One's that are so bad that they're good if you know what I mean. The other day I stumbled across a website that featured bad album covers. That is where I discovered Jesus Use Me by The Faith Tones. This album art is a 1960s nightmare. It looks like there are 3 men in drag on the album art. With the Beehive hairdos and the horrible glasses this is a real treat to see. The one on the right looks like Jay Leno.
   Believe it or not this is NOT a hoax like some people believe. One sold on eBay for $17. Overall not much info on The Faith Tones exist. I'm 100% positive that this is their only Album.

Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Things I Collect

  I collect many different things. In fact there are too many things that I collect. Really there is. To tell you how bad this is, since Black Friday, I have acquired 4 new hats for my collection, and a diecast NASCAR. So yeah I do have an extreme collection of many things.
My Favorite Car Key
  1. Car Keys. How did I get into collecting car keys? Well to my best knowledge, I started collecting car keys when my sister gave my dad her old 1991 Subaru Loyale wagon. In the car there were a bunch of junk keys that she was about to throw out, and she gave them to me instead, one of those keys was an old worn out Mitsubishi key for one of her old cars. I believe it was the one that caught on fire. I'm not really sure but I am certain it is. Anyway after that day I became obsessed with car keys. When my grandfather was still living and no longer driving anymore, I noticed he had old gold Cadillac keys, and I asked him for them and he said yes. They were for his Cadillac that was stolen, I also have keys for my mom's 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, and other cars my family has owned.
  2. Trucker hats. Here is another thing I collect. Again I don't know how I got started collecting them. I believe it was after watching the movie Days of Thunder, seeing all of the old NASCAR trucker hats that the driver's used to wear. So I have many friends who are truckers who I meet and they give me hats because they know I collect them, Especially the ones who drive for my employer who I will not mention. to give you the jest of how many hats I own, I have a Rubbermaid bin full of hats, Two shelves in my closet full of hats stacked on top of one another, an old Circuit City handbasket full of hats and an old coke crate with some hats. As a friend of mine says, You only have one head and you can only wear one at a time.
  3. Hot Wheels cars. Well I have been collecting them since I was a little kid. So since I was born 22 years ago you can guess around there. I have tons of cars loose and mint. The majority are loose. The ones that are mint are my Trea$ure Hunt cars and TV and movie cars and some rare cars in between. I also have a respectable NASCAR diecast collection with cars both loose and mint. I have many 48 car carriers and they take up 3 bottom shelves and counting. This is one that will never be finished.
  4. WWE Action figures. I used to have a few Jakks ones when I was around 8-9 years old. I foolishly gave them away. Now in the Mattel days, I have a bigger collection than my Jakks ones. I started collecting again in January of 2011, after a friend told me about the SVR games and how the Create a Wrestler feature is pretty good. I bought SVR 2010 to make a Lady Gaga CAW and was hooked on WWE games and was hooked on them. How this connects to WWE Action figures, is one day I was in Kmart on my lunch when I saw a basic series 8 Maryse figure and I bought it, thinking I would make a custom Lady Gaga action figure with it, my friend said don't do that and I didn't. So that's how I got into WWE action figures.
  5. Score Soundtracks. Well If I hadn't got into Nine Inch Nails because of my friend, I wouldn't have bought the Oscar winning soundtrack, The Social Network by the man behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor and his associate Atticus Ross. After buying the Social Network soundtrack, I bought other score soundtracks such as ones from the Batman movies, and The Brave Little Toaster and The Stupids just to name a few. They are way better than Various Artists soundtracks although I own the Oh Brother Where Art Though soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Things That Aren't Gene Snitsky's Fault

1. The fact that the 2011 American Music Awards sucked last night.
2. The sinking of the Titanic.
3. Autotune.
4. Barney the Dinosaur.
5. The death of Steve Jobs.
6. General Motor's Bankruptcy
7. The Penn State Scandal.
8. Joe Paterno getting fired.
9. The Hindenburg disaster.
10. Outsourced getting canceled.
11. TWA Flight 800.
12. Typos
13. Greenlighting iCarly.
14. Letting Kanye West host the 2009 MTV VMA's
15. Lady Gaga's meat dress.
16. Green Lantern being a box office bomb.
17. KB Toys going out of business.
18. Circuit City going out of business.
19. Blockbuster Video filing for bankruptcy.
20. You being late for school.
21. You being late for work.
22. The Toyota gas pedal recall.
23. The Missingno glitch on the Pokemon games.
24. Hannah Montana.
25. Charlie Sheen.
26. Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage.
27. Giving the Kardashian's their own show.
28. Justin Bieber.
29. The Great Depression
30. The Room
31. Tommy Wiseau's strange accent.
32. Illegal immigration.
33. The Ford Pinto.
34. Maryse Ouellet getting released.
35. The economy's current condition.
35. Red Ring of Death.
36. WWE going PG.
37. Home Alone 3&4.
38. Greece's economic crisis.
39. Fred.
40. You getting fired.
41. You getting an F on your report card.
42. You dropping out of high school.
43. You're dog's death.
44. Kane losing his mask.
45. Your girlfriend dumping you.
46. Cap'n Crunch cutting the roof of your mouse.
47. Disney buying Marvel.
48. Jimmy Johnson not winning the 2011 Sprint Cup.
49. Mattel moving the Legends line to Matty Collector.
50. The Annoying Orange.
51. High Fructose Corn Syrup
52. Old People driving Buick's.
53. Old age.
54. New Coke.
55. Window's Vista.
56. The Star Wars Prequels.
57. Howard the Duck.
58. Troll 2.
59. Twilight.
60. Solyndra.
61. The spread of Communism.
62. 9/11.
63. The Enron scandal.
64. WMG muting YouTube videos.
65. Pearl Harbor.
66. Obamacare.
67. Inflation.
68. Being drafted to ECW.
69. Hurricane Katrina.
70. Gas prices.
71. The check engine light coming on in your car.
72. Hummers getting 10 MPG.
73. The Cuban Missile Crisis.
74. Annoying commercials.
75. Commercials being so loud.
76. NASCAR switching from Unocal 76 to Sunoco.
77. Crappy lifetime movies.
78. You not getting your promotion at work.
79. Jeremy Mayfield getting banned from NASCAR.
80. You getting carded at the liquor store with your fake ID.
81. Getting put on hold with a customer service representative.
82. Memorex CDs not burning right.
83. Blu-Ray DRM.
84. Your action figure collection falling over.
85. The rust on your car.
86. You getting thrown out of a bar.
87. Canceling Freakazoid!.
88. Your lousy summer vacation.
89. Homeless people.
90. The Cleveland Show not being canceled yet.
91. Canceling King of the Hill.
92. Greenlighting Allen Gregory.
93. The Critic getting canceled.
94. Locking the keys in your car.
95. Your house getting broken into.
96. Keeping America's Funniest Home Videos on the air.
97. Amish people not having electricity.
98. Cicadas.
99. The $.99 Cent Store charging you sales tax bringing your item to over $.99 cents.
100. Movie ticket prices.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Dirt Devil Model 103 Hand Vac Review

  I recently acquired an old Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac from my sister and brother in law. It used to be my brother in law's Hand Vac before he got married to my sister in 1999. Back in 2008 my I stayed at my sister's house for a couple of days in the summer, when they were cleaning the house. In the family room they had the Dirt Devil Hand Vac being used to clean up the dog hair in the dog crate. I immediately tried out the Hand Vac because I love vacuum cleaners. My nephew told me that their one dog was scared of it because the cloth bag inflated, and not meaning to scare the dog, tested the myth and confirmed it. The dog is afraid of anything. I tried the Hand Vac on the squares of carpet that they had over the tile floor and was very impressed on the pickup it had. I asked my sister if I could have it and she said no. A few more trips to her house with the same question ended up with the same answer no.
  A few days before my 22nd birthday, my sister called my mom and asked her if I still wanted the Hand Vac. My mother said your sister asked if you want the Hand Vac and I immediately said yes. So on November 11th my mom went to my sister's house to babysit her kids. I couldn't go because I had to go to work on Saturday for 9 AM. So my Sister told my mom to take her kids to our house so they can sleep there and We can drive to your house after the Penn State game on Saturday. So my mom brought my niece and nephews and the dog that is scared of everything to our house and the best for last the Dirt Devil Hand Vac.
  Now onto the review. The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac is an iconic Dirt Devil hand held vacuum. This vacuum was introduced in 1984. I don't know what year this one was made but I assume 1984. This is the model that put Royal's newly founded Dirt Devil brand on the map. The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac has a red cloth shakeout bag with a black Royal logo pattern on it. There is a paper dust bag adapter available for it. For a hand held vacuum it has a very descent sized cord. It has a 2 amp motor and is very compact and lightweight.
  The Dirt Devil model 103 Hand Vac ironically outperformed the Hoover PortaPower we have in our garage to clean the car. Since my mom had taken her 3 grandkids, their dog that sheds like its going out of style, I decided to give the Hand Vac the car test. The results were outstanding. I had no trouble picking up the dog hair in the cargo area of the Subaru Outback, with the Hoover PortaPower, I have to scrub the wand to get the dog hair out, with the Dirt Devil I had to just move the Hand Vac up and down, and there was no pet hair anymore. I cleaned underneath the car mats and the mats themselves and compared to the Hoover, the Dirt Devil, beat the competition away. The only con about the Dirt Devil is that the cloth bag when it is inflated can get in the way of the car interior's contours.
  I highly recommend the Dirt Devil 103 Hand Vac. If you find one at a garage sale, or thrift store, buy it, it's worth the investment. eBay can be a bit expensive because if someone is selling a vacuum cleaner on there, they think it is rare and worth a ton of money, when it is just a common item.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome To America Now Speak English

  One of the things that really grinds my gears is that more and more forms and applications and signs in America are in Spanish. I believe that English should be the official language of the United States of America. Why? Well for one reason, printing and creating forms in English would save the United States Government on printing and paper costs if they don't make forms in Spanish. Another thing I believe is that if you want to become a United States citizen, there should be a requirement that you can speak the English language. Not only some words in English, all of it. In addition, writing English fluently should also be a requirement as well.
  Not having English as an official language of the United States, promotes laziness with the immigrants who come here for a better life. I am not bashing immigrants in any way, I'm not racist. I'm just pointing out how some immigrants think that we should adapt to their language. Historically speaking, did you know that all of the signs on the RMS Titanic were in English only? Another interesting and ironic fact I would like to give you is that India has more English speakers than the United States has. Makes you go huh doesn't it? The problem with having job applications in Spanish, is that for the management staff at their potential employer, probably doesn't speak or read Spanish, so they would have to go to a non management employee who speaks Spanish, to translate their job application and or give the applicant their interview if they are selected. See the problem here? If you don't you are probably unaware of this epidemic.
   I think that Congress has to do something about this problem. Did you know that when Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and Joe Biden were still US Senators, they voted no on making English the official language? See who you have running our country, the Three Stooges. The real Three Stooges would do a better job in office.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Troll 2 is the Best Movie Ever Made

  After seeing clips from the 1990 movie Troll 2 on YouTube, I decided to buy the movie on Blu-Ray. People say that this was the worst movie ever made, but I however disagree. Troll 2 is one of those movies that is so bad that it's good. It is an unintentional comedy by my standards. Everything about this movie made me laugh so hard that I couldn't stop laughing after the movie was over.
They're Eating Her, And then they're going to eat me. OH MY GOD!!!!
  Troll 2 contains, bad actors, a story that has nothing to do with the first Troll movie, which I have to admit I never saw it. First off the actors who were cast in Troll 2 were local actors from the Salt Lake City area, thought that they were going to be cast as extras, boy where they sadly mistaken. Second the entire crew spoke little English whatsoever, I believe the director did speak a little and wanted the actors to read the script "As is". Troll 2 has some memorable scenes, such as when Michael Waits (George Hardy) yells at his son Joshua for Pissing on Hospitality and telling him You Can't Piss on Hospitality, I won't allow it. Another Infamous scene was when Arnold (Darren Ewing) witnesses a girl getting eaten by the Goblins, "They're Eating Her, and then they're going to eat me! Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" As he says that quote a fly lands on his forehead. A common joke associated with this scene is that the fly won an Academy Award for his acting in Troll 2.  Everything about this movie is laughable from the acting to the story. The Director was so embarrassed by this movie, that he used a pseudonym when it was released.
  The movie does have some positive things about it. The score for Troll 2 was composed by Carlo Maria Cordio was excellent for a film score considering it was a low budget movie. Troll 2 is great for riffing. There is even a Rifftrax available for it. It is also a great comedy. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barmes & Noble is Overpriced

  Yesterday I went into Barnes & Noble with my mom. She went to look at books for her library wish list and I went to look at CDs and DVDs. While looking at the score soundtracks, I happened to notice that Barnes & Noble's prices are no worse than FYE's prices.
  Why would their prices on CDs and DVDs be so expensive? I asked myself the same question. They are a large retailer, and they have great buying power, so they must have the power to sell CDs and DVDs at little markup. For instance their Blu-Ray prices are out of control. I saw the Blu-Ray for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory there once and they wanted $34.99 for it. I don't know if they still want that for it. But I know I can get it cheaper on Amazon.com. I just checked the price on Amazon.com and found some third party sellers selling it for $16.95.
  Paying $20 for a single disc soundtrack is outrageous. I would never pay that kind of money for a damn soundtrack unless it was a limited edition of lets say 2,000 copies. I know the CD/DVD section of Barnes & Noble is minuscule compared to the rest of the store that sells books. There are some advantages to Barnes & Noble over stores like Walmart. I'll compare and contrast Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Barnes & Noble sells hard to find DVDs and soundtracks, and sells Parental Advisory CDs. Walmart on the other hand sells censored CDs and almost no score soundtracks, and doesn't carry British TV shows and Movies, Documentaries, and most TV shows on DVD unless you go to Walmart.com because they sell more items that are not sold in the store. Also Walmart tends to be a lot cheaper. I rarely buy CDs or DVDs at Barnes & Noble because of their prices, I do however buy books, like the Imponderables series, which are Question and Answer books. So Buy online if you don't like to get ripped off.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FYE Is Overpriced

  On Saturday night I went to the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre to look around. As usual I check FYE to see if they have anything interesting. While walking around FYE, I noticed that they are way overpriced on the CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays that they sell. For instance I looked at the Thor soundtrack, they wanted $19.99 for it. I know I can get a better deal for it on Amazon.com. Later that night I checked Amazon.com for their price for the Thor soundtrack and they wanted $11.19 for it. That is a difference in price at a savings of $8.80 if you buy it from Amazon.com. I can see clearly why FYE is closing stores left and right. I collect score soundtracks and FYE wants $18-20 for one average. If you look at the record label's website where you can sometimes buy directly from them, you can see that they want like maybe $12-15 for a soundtrack average. Now I don't understand why FYE has insane markup on their CDs and DVDs. They have the same buying power as retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.com. Is it ethical to sell a CD that costs $11.19, a markup of $8.80? The answer is no. If places like these want to stay in business in this economy, they better lower their goddamn prices on their CDs and DVDs.
  Another thing that annoys me about FYE is their DVD prices. For instance I like terrible SyFy original movies, so I look at these also when I look at soundtracks. Take the movie Mongolian Death Worm for instance. FYE wanted $27 for Mongolian Death Worm, whereas Amazon.com wants $15.51 for the DVD. FYE markups a DVD $11.49 that should cost around $15.51 or less. I find that FYE's corporate management are to blame for these prices. I can't tell you how many times I've walked out of FYE disgusted because of their prices. In January 2011 the FYE that was located in the Laurel Mall in Hazleton closed. What a damn shame. No it wasn't. I can get better deals at Gallery of Sound which is a local chain of record stores in Northeastern PA. For instance when Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way came out, I bought the deluxe edition at Gallery of Sound for $15.88 on May 23rd 2011. A few weeks later I went to the Whitehall Mall in Allentown and saw the same CD at FYE for $19.99. I laughed because I got it cheaper. Also FYE doesn't give a hoot about the condition that the CDs or DVDs are in when they get traded in either. I bought the Batman score at FYE used and it was slightly scratched. I was able to fix it with a banana. Gallery of Sound on the other hand checks the CDs when you are trading them in to see if they are scratched, if they are, they won't take them. I like that they care what is being traded in unlike FYE who most of the time doesn't check at all.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 25 Worst Movies Ever

My List of The Worst Movies ever.
  1. Howard the Duck
  2. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
  3. Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus
  4. Gnomeo and Juliet
  5. Christmas on the Pecos
  6. Home Alone 3
  7. Home Alone 4
  8. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
  9. Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones
  10. Star Wars Episode II Revenge of the Sith.
  11. Batman & Robin
  12. Snakehead Terror
  13. Mega Python Vs Gatoroid
  14. Dinocroc
  15. Dinocroc Vs Supergator
  16. Dinoshark
  17. Hybrid
  18. Santa Claus
  19. Manos the Hands of Fate
  20. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
  21. Son of the Mask
  22. Baby Geniuses 
  23. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
  24. Barney's Great Adventure
  25. Mansquito

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Start A Collection

  For today's post I thought I should try something different. Something that I haven't blogged about before. I thought It through, and it came to me, how to start a collection.
  Why start a collection? Well collecting is a hobby someone has. If you are wondering if hoarding is the same as collecting you are sadly mistaken. Starting a collection keeps you busy, and constantly on the lookout for more things to add to your collection. You could collect anything, there are endless possibilities for what you can collect. Collecting is also fun and educational. For instance I collect old car keys, and whenever I acquire more keys to my collection, I like to research them and find out if they are for a door or ignition or trunk. So you can learn a lot from collecting.
  How To Start Collecting. This step can be the easiest or the hardest. On the easier side, you should collect something that you are familiar with. I collect a plethora of things, such as Hot Wheels Cars, Trucker hats, Truck Banks, Keys, and WWE Action Figures, and plastic army men. You don't have to collect only one type of thing. On the other hand the hardest part is knowing what you need and what you don't. For instance doubles of a certain item, or repaints. Ask yourself is it worth buying before you make the decision to buy it. When you have a collection you need a place to display or store your collection. If you collect keys, a pegboard or key rack would be a great place to display your collection. Also if you don't want to show off your collection, such as a key collection, cigar boxes and plastic containers are a great place to store them.
  Know Your Spending Limit. Every collector has their limits. You can't have everyone but you'd like to have them. I'm referring to WWE action figures. Also if there is an item you really need and it is over your budget, don't buy it unless you can't live without it. The internet is a great place to find items for your collection. The downside to the internet is that there are tons of scalpers, especially on eBay. A scalper is someone who buys an item at retail and puts an extremely high markup so they can make money on the figure, usually at the collector's expense. As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." These are the people who usually buy from a scalper. Put a budget out for every month for your collection. That way you have a strict limit on what you can spend. Don't over do it on spending. Use your credit/debit card only when you have to.
  Now you have the basics on how to start a collection.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Top 10 Worst Cars of All Time

  Previously I've blogged about the top 10 ugliest cars, top 5 Toyota's/ Top 5 Japanese Cars that should be sold in the USA, and the Top 5 Cars that should be sold here in the USA. Unlike the previous posts, I thought a post on the worst cars of all time should be given a try. I have read several books on the worst cars, and I compiled my own list of my top 10.
1971 Ford Pinto
  1. Ford Pinto. We all know how shitty the Ford Pinto is and how dangerous it is when it is rear ended. When it does get rear ended it will explode because the gas tank is located in the rear of the vehicle. The Ford Pinto was manufactured from 1971 to 1980 9 dreadful years of this garbage. To add how dangerous this car was, in 1973 Henry Smolinski developed a flying car based on the Ford Pinto, with the back half of a Cessna Skymaster called the AVE Mizar. Ironically Henry Smolinski died in a crash in a test flight of the AVE Mizar. The cause of the crash was a right wing strut detached from the pinto and the right wing folded and crashed. Not Such a Bright Idea is it? 
1988 Cadillac Cimarron
  2. Cadillac Cimarron. Here is a prime example of a badge engineering gone wrong. The good folks at General Motors must have been on drugs when they thought it was a good idea to rebadge a Chevrolet Cavalier as a Cadillac. The Cimarron, introduced on May 21, 1981, was initially advertised as "Cimarron, by Cadillac" and sales personnel were instructed by GM to not refer to the car as a Cadillac and to inform customers that it was, technically, not a Cadillac. This strategy failed, and it became the Cadillac Cimarron for 1983. Wait does this mean that we can't call it a Cadillac but it is a Cadillac? I guess GM thought that the buyers were stupid. Paying $12,181 for a Cavalier in Cadillac's clothing is ludicrous. 
Shitty Renault
  3. Renault Fuego. Where should I begin on this piece of shit. I could tell you that my uncle once owned one of these and doesn't like to be reminded of his experiences with it. His was a Renault Fuego Turbo. Every time he drove it, the radiator would melt on him, not to mention that the radiator was made of plastic. May I also add that French cars are not the greatest cars in the world.
Can You Say Girl Car?
  4. Mitsubishi i Hello Kitty Edition. Thankfully there was only one of these made. I'm not bashing the Mitsubishi i in anyway, only the Hello Kitty Edition from 2006. If this car doesn't describe "Girl Car" I don't know what is. I'm a guy and I wouldn't be caught dead driving or riding in this monstrosity. Just the thought of driving it gives me nightmares. I could get beaten up for driving this.
Trabant 601
  5. Trabant. If there has to be a prime example of why Communism sucks, the Trabant would be it. This car comes from the former East Germany, which was Soviet controlled from the end of WW2 to 1990. This car was ultra cheap and crappy. Also not to mention there was a waiting list for this shitwagon which is also a reason why Communism is a bad thing. Enough said here.
  6. Citroen 2CV. This car defines peasant's car. Not only is this car a piece of crap, it was also a very cheap car. 42 Miserable years this car was in production from 1948 to 1990. As you may have guessed, the French make bad cars. Actually the Citroen 2CV sold very well. A total of 5,114,966 of these ugly cars were produced in its 42 year run. Also I'd like to mention that the 2CV is very good for kit cars.
  7. Ford Mustang II. Why? Why? Why in the hell was this monstrosity produced? This car is a disgrace to the Ford Mustang nameplate. Shortening the wheelbase on a legendary car is just wrong. Hey this is what the Oil Embargo brought us back in the 1970s downsized muscle cars. Not only is this car despised today, it is ironically very desirable in the collectors market. I would like to add that the Ford Mustang II was based on a Ford Pinto. In addition to this being despised, the Ford Mustang II was produced from 1974 to 1978. 
  8. Hummer H2. Why is the Hummer H2 on this list? Well the answer is simple, it is unnecessary and a total waste of money. You see the typical person who wants to buy a vehicle that is based off of a military vehicle  has money burning a hole right through their pocket. Another thing is that the Hummer H2 is a total gas sucker. A Gas hog, a gas guzzler, that gets like 10 MPG or less. Thank God that General Motors discontinued this brand.   
 9. Aston Martin Lagonda. All I can say about this car is what the fuck. This car is beyond words in describing. It is an embarrassment to the Aston Martin brand by being an ugly ass sedan. Aston Martin does not need a sedan. Nor do I see James Bond driving one of these either. It looks like your typical 1980s boxy car. Enough said here. 
  10. Rolls-Royce Camargue. You'd think that the words Ugly Rolls-Royce would never be used in the same sentence together. Well think again. This has to be the ugliest Rolls-Royce ever made. It is a disgrace to the brand and should be shunned. The Camargue was made from 1975 to 1986 with 531 of these ugly ducklings produced.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Alone in Real Life

  Around two years ago, I remember having a conversation with a former coworker about the movie Home Alone. We talked about how if you did the things that Kevin did in real life you could get into trouble. I'll explain why and how.
  First off in Home Alone, Kevin's parents could get in trouble for leaving their 8 year old son home alone. Even though it was an honest mistake, you could get in hot water for welfare and endangerment of a child. Recall the scene where Kate McCallister calls the Chicago Police Department to send an officer to go check on there son. There is a major problem here. I am not trying to review this movie, it is one of my favorites. Wouldn't you think that the police officer would even question Kate because of the fact that she left her son home alone? Nope they don't even ask that at all. These cops seem pretty lazy to me, like the police in Hawaii.
  Now how about the scene where Kevin pranks the pizza delivery guy from Little Nero's Pizza? You know when he turns the volume up on the TV with Angels With Filthy Souls playing? When Kevin scared the living shit out of the pizza guy wouldn't the pizza guy call the damn cops to say that he was being shot at? Apparently not. Kevin was lucky that this pizza guy wasn't a war vet who has nightmarish flashbacks of his war experiences.
  Since I'm on the subject of the Pizza guy, how about we talk about his driving habits. Did you notice the running gag where the pizza delivery guy knocks over the statue every time with his piece of shit Dodge Omni? Little Nero's Pizza must have a similar 30 minutes or less policy like Domino's has but it's an obvious parody of Little Caesar's. If the pizza guy broke the statue from knocking it over, he could lose his job. Statues like that aren't cheap.
  I'd also like to mention that shooting someone in the head with a BB gun is a crime. Assault with a deadly weapon to be more specific. Kevin was lucky that he didn't kill Marv when he shot him in the head at point blank range.
  The booby traps that Kevin sets up is also illegal because he could he could be sued by the robbers for injuries caused by the booby traps. When Harry and Marv slip and fall on the icy steps, lets say that Harry or Marv broken a bone when the slipped and fell, they could sue for their injuries. I know this sounds backwards that a burglar sues the homeowner in court because of injuries sustained and he tells the court that he was robbing the house when he got injured. But the court does not look at the fact that he was burglarizing a house, they look at the injuries sustained while doing so. If the burglar wins his/her case, then they can arrest him/her for burglary.
  Now you know that you could get into trouble for doing things seen in the movie Home Alone in real life. This wasn't a nitpicking of the movie it is just, a what would happen in reality if you imitated the movie.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 Ugliest Cars

  Today I was thinking about ugly cars. I mean REAL ugly cars. Not just cars sold in the United States. Upon seeing these eyesores you wonder what the designers were smoking when they designed them. Face it there are some cars that are bound to be ugly. So here is my list of the ugliest cars. 
1. Hyundai Veloster. Now this car is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen from Hyundai. Aside from all of the shitty cars that they make, this one is just plain ugly. Is it the hatchback thingy? or is it just the fact that it looks like the Bastard Child from a Mazda 2 and a Ford Fiesta? You be the judge here. 

Honda CR-Z

2. Honda CR-Z. You see even Honda makes ugly cars once in a great while. Now the Honda CR-Z is riding on the coattails of the Honda CRX which has a cult following on it's own. The CR-Z just looks like the original Honda Insight fused with a Honda Del Sol. Nevertheless it's just damn uglier than Seals face or that boy from the movie Beastly. Heck it's just an Ugly Honda. The CRX was a legendary Honda something the CR-Z Will Never be.

Honda Element
3. Honda Element. Ok so it looks like another Honda made it on the list. Why the Element? Well considering that it looks like a Toaster on wheels, makes it really ugly and doesn't appeal to my taste. Not to mention the Element and Friends advertisements that were featured in magazines where the element would be talking to a critter of nature. Stupid and pointless like this car and the people who bought it.

Ugly ass car.

4. Kia Soul. You probably already heard of the Kia Soul by now.  Chances are you seen the dumb commercials with the urban gangbanger hamsters driving this ugly car with one hit wonder rap songs being played in the background. This car is marketed towards younger buyers, where I only see older buyers driving one. This car looks like it was designed by the French and the Italian car designers, and is an ugly ugly eyesore.

Scion Xb
5. Scion Xb (Second Generation) Boy oh boy did someone get uglier or what. The good folks at Toyota's design center ruined a really iconic thing by making it even uglier than before. Preferably I choose the first generation Scion Xb over the second generation one, because I like the boxier version better. This one looks like the Scion Xb gotten fat and ugly and doesn't care about it's image anymore.

Pontiac Aztek
6. Pontiac Aztek. Look at this ugly thing. It is really super de duper ugly. I mean Come on couldn't they have at least spelled Aztek right? There are really no other words to describe this.

Nissan Cube

7. Nissan Cube. The Nissan Cube is one of those cars that is trying to mimic the Scion Xb and the Honda Element. Not only is this car super ugly, it is now no longer exclusive to Japan. For one thing what is with the left side window, how it wraps around the back of the car. I mean really that right there wasn't thought through. Not to mention that this car doesn't even look like a cube.

Nissan Puke.. I mean Juke.
8. Nissan Juke.  It looks like another Nissan made it on my list. This car is really Super Ugly. It looks like a stillborn Nissan Murano or Rouge that has some kind of birth defect. Someone owns one where I go to college and when I see this car I want to throw up. This car has no appeal whatsoever. Not to mention that Nissan makes a convertible of this also.

Citroen Xsara Picasso
9. Citroen Xsara Picasso. Thank God this car isn't sold in the United States. Did you ever wonder why French cars never sold well in the United States? Well the reason is that they had designs that were too weird for American car buyers taste. Not to mention that they were all mechanically pieces of shit. The Xsara Picasso looks like half of a lemon on wheels. Pun intended. What's with all of the weird windows in the car. It does look like Picasso designed this himself.

Honda Ridgeline
10. Honda Ridgeline. If this is Honda's attempt at a pickup truck for the American Market then they fail big time. I find it funny that Honda should have made this a 2 door instead of a 4 door pickup, because their competitors Nissan and Toyota make 2 door pickup trucks. Making a truck that is exactly like the Chevrolet Avalanche is stupid. Honda dun goof'd with the most ugliest cars on my top 10 list and came out the Champion with 3 cars.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slam Bamboo

  Back in the 1980s Trent Reznor played keyboards for a synth pop band called Slam Bamboo. Being in this band is something that I wouldn't be proud of telling about my experiences with playing with them. Slam Bamboo is indeed an 80s nightmare. Why is it an 80s nightmare? Well you see everything that was wrong with the 80s when it came to hairstyles and fashion were in Slam Bamboo, with the exception for Trent Reznor, who wore what he basically still wears to this very day. If the Fashion Police were real, every member of this band, except for Trent Reznor would be in jail for fashion crimes.
   For instance take a look at Slam Bamboo's lead singer, Scott Hanson's hair, it's like he didn't have enough money to get his fro cut all the way off, and only could afford half of a haircut. He's also wearing a bola tie. Who even wears those anymore? Cowboy's and Western folk probably do but that's not important. Not to mention his yellow satin jacket. Jeez what were they thinking back then? Not to mention that this guy has had several ups and downs in his music career, ranging from Slam Bamboo to Hanson: The Movie, to Son of Slam, to his newest venture Scott Hanson and the Champagnes. If you take a look at Trent Reznor's career, he has had success with all of his albums, won two Grammy Awards for his songs Wish and Happiness in Slavery, a Golden Globe and an Oscar for The Social Network score. This is all something that Scott Hanson will never have. I am not going to pick on the other members of Slam Bamboo.
    This next band has everything it takes to make it big. Doing their single now called House on Fire let's welcome Slam Bamboo. LOL! Scott Newell on AM Cleveland saying that Slam Bamboo has everything it takes to make it big. Ironically only one man in that band has everything it takes to make it big, Trent Reznor. Not only is House on Fire really cheesy, it is one of the worst songs that ever came out of the 80s. Nine Inch Nails' song Maybe Just Once, a cheesy unreleased track from the Purest Feeling demo is better than this song.
  I found it hysterical when Scott Newell asked Scott Hanson how hard it was to get airplay on a record around here. Scott Hanson must have bribed local radio DJ's in Cleveland to play this horrendous song. Scott Newell asks also how hard it is being the opening act. Scott Hanson mentions Slam Bamboo had opened for The Bangles, Glass Tiger, Micheal Stanley, The Starship,Models. I believe that they only way Slam Bamboo had opened for these acts is because their original opening act crapped out on them and they got Slam Bamboo as a replacement. I don't know if that is the cause. Then Scott Newell throws in an applaud for Trent Reznor because he showed Scott Hanson's kids some synthesizers. Trent has that embarrassed look on his face when Scott Newell acknowledges him when Trent probably doesn't want to be seen with these losers.
  Now we have Slam Bamboo performing White Lies from their upcoming single due out in 1988. This song is ultra cheesy and is lame like House on Fire. This song was so terrible that Trent went home that night and wrote Terrible Lie, based on how Terrible White Lie(s) was.
  Finally we have a live performance of the B side to White Lies by Slam Bamboo called Cry Like a Baby. Boy oh boy is this one a dandy. I believe this song is about Scott Hanson Crying Like A Baby when Trent Reznor Becomes more Successful than Slam Bamboo will ever be. May I mention that Trent Reznor is not playing keyboards in this performance. I don't know why, but Trent was probably too embarrassed to be seen with this band in another performance.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Scariest Picture on the Internet

  The other day I became obsessed with Creepypastas. If you don't know what a Creepypasta is I'll explain.
 A creepypasta is an urban legend or a paranormal story that is made up and posted on an imageboard or an internet forum, and is meant to scare the person. Some of these creepypastas include story's such as lost episodes, that cause people to commit suicide or die, such as in the fashion of the movie The Ring. These stories are quite addictive and are best read at nighttime so you get that creepy feeling of the chill down your spine, and the feeling that you are being watched. I will now share with you a creepypasta that is completely false. This one is called The Scariest Picture on the Internet.
  The story is this, in Japan shortly before a teenage girl comitted suicide, she drew this picture, scanned it and posted it online. In korea this story broke out and it spread like wildfire. There are various posts around in korean forums that say that the viewer gets drawn to the girls blue eyes, they say they can detect a hint of wraith and sadness within the eyes. Maybe the girl had died with so much sadness and anger that her spirit haunts the image, or maybe the image provoke sadness, similar to the song 'Gloomy Sunday'.
The freaky bit is this, they say it is hard for a person to stare into the girls eyes for longer than 5 minutes, there are reports that some people have taken their own lives after doing so. People say the picture changes, as you view it there is a hint of a growing taunting smirk appearing on the girls lips or a dark ring grows around the girl or her eyes.
  Now I will debunk how this creepypasta is fake. The story says that the girl who drew this picture of herself was Japanese. Take a good look at that picture. You can clearly see that she is NOT Japanese. She is in fact more Caucasian looking than Japanese. This picture is a CGI drawing by a man by the name of Robert Chang titled "Melancholic Princess" http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/view.pl?id=9270 That is where the picture originates, However I don't know where the suicide story comes from.
This is what happens when you open the Ark of the Covenant.
You think that is the scariest picture on the internet? Well prepare to go back to 2005. Remember the Many Faces of Paula Oliveria? She's the girl who has that scary facial expression. Look to the right of your screen feast your eyes upon that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ToyWiz.com Is A Rip Off

  I collect action figures, and Hot Wheels cars, and Lego. Whenever I am shopping online for WWE action figures I tend to shop around the internet before I make my decision. There is one website however, that is insane for their prices. Any guesses to which website it is? If you guessed ToyWiz.com, then you get the good noodle star. If you guessed some other site, you don't get the good noodle star.
  For instance, when I started collecting WWE figures earlier this year, I found Kelly Kelly at Kohls for I believe $14 or $15. It was somewhere in that price range. She also was the second Diva figure that I bought. She is an ultra rare figure. Anyway, I checked ToyWiz to see what their price was for her. It was $64.99, not including shipping. WTF? $64.99 for a Diva figure are you kidding me? That price was a couple of months ago. It has since gone up to $79.99. In my opinion ToyWiz is nothing more than a scalper site if you ask me. I never buy anything from there because of their prices.
  Back in 2006, when the movie Cars came out, ToyWiz was the place to go online to get these cars, in regarding selection. If you couldn't find it in stores, you had a better chance of getting it there. I remember looking at the cars to see what they were charging for a single car when I was in my junior year of high school. ToyWiz also sells custom painted Cars diecast. I still wouldn't buy them.
  This brings me to the next part of my rant, the Jakks-Pacific foam Pokeballs. Now these foam Pokeballs are made out of foam, and they are painted like Pokeballs from the Pokemon games, such as the Ultra Ball and the Master Ball. I will add that they don't open up. I collect the Johto Edition Pokeballs from the Gold&Silver and Crystal games. These foam Pokeballs should not retail for over $3. Here's a prime example of ToyWiz being a scalper site again. Take the Heavy Ball, a Pokeball from the Johto edition series, ToyWiz wants $19.99 not including shipping. That is a $18 markup for crying out loud! Do you see what is wrong here?
  This brings me to my final complaint with ToyWiz's prices, Lego. I have the Lego Batcave. I got it when it first came out. Anway ToyWiz wants $999.99 for it. According to ToyWiz, they just sold the last one and they are trying to restock it. If I am not mistaken this set cost $90 back in 2006. I know Lego Batman didn't last very long so it's a popular item. Why did they have to charge almost 100% markup? I don't care because I already own it. Is it really necessary to charge $999.99 for a 5 year old Lego set? Ethically the answer is no. I hate scalpers. I really do. I name another Lego example on ToyWiz, another Batman set,  Batman's Buggy: Escape of Mr. Freeze for $324.99. That set back in 2008 cost $10. I am not going to bitch anymore on Lego prices on ToyWiz.
  So if you like scalper websites, ToyWiz is your perfect match. The prices are so ridiculous, and out of control, that I'm surprised that they don't go out of business because of their high prices. I swear that I will never buy from this site ever. I really do promise that. I am a smart collector, and a smart collector knows where to buy things from. So if you are looking for action figures or toys in general, STAY AWAY from ToyWiz.com.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 Matt Burch Facts

  Today when I was in my Business Law class, A student mentioned something about repo companies being an agent, because we were learning about agencies. All of a sudden it hit me, with today's inspiration, 100 Matt Burch Facts. If you don't know who Matt Burch is, he is the bald muscular white guy who wears the overalls on Operation Repo on TruTV.
  1. Matt Burch once got into a knife fight. The Knife lost.
  2. Matt Burch can slam a revolving door.
  3. If you look up the definition of badass in the dictionary, the definition is Matt Burch.
  4. Matt Burch finished The Neverending Story.
  5. Matt Burch can watch 60 Minutes in a half hour.
  6. Matt Burch is the reason that Waldo is hiding.
  7. Matt Burch trained his own dog to pick up it's own poop because Matt Burch doesn't take crap from anyone.
  8. Matt Burch can swim on land.
  9. Matt Burch can see John Cena.
  10. Matt Burch is stronger than Mark Henry.
  11. Matt Burch can read Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  12. Matt Burch can throw a person all the way to the moon.
  13. Someone tried to repossess Matt Burch's car once. That person was Chuck Norris and he died.
  14. 10 out of 10 doctors recommend not annoying Matt Burch.
  15. Matt Burch scared the black out of Michael Jackson.
  16. Matt Burch once caught Missingno on Pokemon Red and didn't screw up his game.
  17. Matt Burch can play cassettes on his CD player.
  18. Matt Burch will repossess your car.
  19. Matt Burch defied MC Hammer and touched it.
  20. If you have $5 and Matt Burch has $5, Matt Burch has more money than you.
  21. Matt Burch can do donuts on a unicycle.
  22. Matt Burch approves this fact.
  23. Matt Burch is the one who can try this at home.
  24. Matt Burch can drive on the right side of the road in England and not get into an accident.
  25. Matt Burch is the reason you rely on your mom to take you to school.
  26. Matt Burch can hear silence.
  27. Matt Burch can laugh with a straight face.
  28. Matt Burch won a staring contest while blinking.
  29. Matt Burch beat Atlas at arm wrestling.
  30. Matt Burch can access blocked websites in China.
  31. Matt Burch's tears can cure any disease. Too bad he never cries.
  32. Matt Burch once ordered a whopper at McDonald's and got it.
  33. Matt Burch once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King and got it.
  34. Matt Burch knows where the beef is.
  35. When Matt Burch goes to the airport, TSA agents grope themselves.
  36. The word phobia is Latin for Matt Burch.
  37. Matt Burch won American Idol using sign language.
  38. The perfect bedtime story goes like this, Once upon a time, Matt Burch, The End.
  39. Matt Burch can get Blackjack with one card.
  40. Matt Burch won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon cards.
  41. Ladies open doors for Matt Burch.
  42. Matt Burch can handle the truth.
  43. They say it was curiosity that killed the cat. In reality it was Matt Burch when he ran over one with a repoed car.
  44. Matt Burch is the only one who can give 110%.
  45. Matt Burch once won Iron Chef by simply cooking Ramen noodles.
  46. Matt Burch once beat a wall at tennis.
  47. Matt Burch counted to infinity twice.
  48. Matt Burch convinced an Amish housewife to buy a toaster.
  49. Matt Burch can speak Braille.
  50. Matt Burch can speak sign language.
  51. Matt Burch scared The Brave Little Toaster.
  52. Matt Burch can win a game of Connect Four with 3 moves.
  53. Matt Burch can pump his own gas in New Jersey.
  54. Matt Burch can pump his own gas in Oregon.
  55. Death once had a near Matt Burch experience.
  56. Matt Burch can strangle you with a cordless phone.
  57. Matt Burch can play the piano with a violin.
  58. Matt Burch can drown a fish.
  59. Matt Burch can play CDs on his iPod.
  60. Matt Burch can unscramble an egg.
  61. Matt Burch can play Sega Genesis games on a Super Nintendo.
  62. Matt Burch can play PS3 games on his PS1.
  63. Matt Burch once repoed General Motors.
  64. Matt Burch has bigger Balls of Steel than Duke Nukem.
  65. Matt Burch is bald is because hair is afraid to grow on his head.
  66. Matt Burch won a Lego building contest using Mega Bloks.
  67. Matt Burch can gargle peanut butter.
  68. Matt Burch can win solitaire with only 18 cards.
  69. Matt Burch can clap with only one hand.
  70. Matt Burch is the only living person known to have deflected Chuck Norris' Roundhouse kick.
  71. 71 cars were repoed by Matt Burch by the time it took you to read this fact.
  72. Matt Burch has a buddy of his whose an expert on Matt Burch Facts.
  73. If Matt Burch had a weakness his name would be Superman.
  74. Matt Burch got an email telling him that he won $475 million in the Nigerian lottery, responded and get his check in 2 days.
  75. Matt Burch once went on a wild goose chase and caught the goose.
  76. Matt Burch can make a paraplegic run for his life.
  77. Matt Burch can sneeze with his eyes open.
  78. Matt Burch eats the core of the apple first.
  79. Matt Burch once punched a man in the soul.
  80. Matt Burch can kill two stones with one bird.
  81. Matt Burch can delete the recycle bin.
  82. Matt Burch once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now known as The Islands.
  83. Matt Burch knows it wasn't Gene Snitsky's fault.
  84. Matt Burch wasn't a Boy Scout. He was a Man Scout.
  85. Matt Burch can buy happiness.
  86. Matt Burch can never have a heart attack. His Heart knows better.
  87. Matt Burch once killed a gun.
  88. Matt Burch can travel around the world in 80 minutes.
  89. When the fire department catches fire, the fire department calls Matt Burch.
  90. The Miz isn't really awesome, Matt Burch is though.
  91. Matt Burch bought something from Pets.com in 2011.
  92. Matt Burch can overnight first class mail.
  93. Matt Burch can sleep with his eyes open.
  94. Matt Burch is a real American hero.
  95. Matt Burch once called 867-5309 and reached Jenny.
  96. Matt Burch can play Blu-Rays on his DVD player.
  97. Matt Burch can play Region 2 DVDs on his Region 1 DVD player.
  98. Matt Burch is the reason you can't get a ride to work.
  99. Matt Burch can drink ipecac without throwing up.
  100. Matt Burch can watch Friday Night Smackdown live on Monday night.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 5 Best Batman Action Figures

Unlike my previous posts about the worst Batman action figures, I decided today I would post about the top 10 best Batman Action Figures.
Combat Belt Batman
1. Combat Belt Batman. Now Combat Belt Batman was the first Batman figure released for the Batman The Animated Series toy line. As you probably guessed this Batman's attire is based on the one he wears in the TV Show. It is probably the few Batman the Animated Series you will ever need. Combat Belt Batman came with a snap on utility belt, with handcuffs, a spring launched grappling hook, and a Batarang.
2. Robin from Batman The Animated Series. This Robin figure is probably the only Robin you'll ever need. As with Combat Belt Batman, Robin appears in the way he does in the TV show. Unlike Combat Belt Batman, Robin comes with a glider. This robin figure has been released a couple of times with the same accessory as a repaint. Still a good figure in my opinion.
Power Cape Batman
3. Power Cape Batman. Power Cape Batman is another true to the series painted figure and is the most accurate of them all. Power Cape Batman is from the Batman Beyond line. Power Cape Batman is painted black unlike the others that are clear, and has two cloth wings that are attached to his back and clip on his wrists, he also comes with clip on jets that go on his legs. I highly recommend it.
Detective Batman
4. Detective Batman. Detective Batman is another true to the series figures. This Batman figure is from The New Batman Adventures series when the show was redesigned. Unlike previous Batman figures, this one had wider shoulders and had a rubber cape that went over his neck. Still a great figure that I highly recommend. 
Retro Batman
5. Retro Batman. Retro Batman is from Batman Mask of The Phantasm. This figure also appears in the Animated Series in a couple episodes in flashback form. Unlike other Batman the Animated Series Figures, Retro Batman, has taller points on his cowl an older bat logo on his chest, no spikes on his gauntlets, and a utility belt with pockets, kind of like a WWII GI ammo belt. This is another figure that you must own.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Reasons Why UPS Mail Innovations Is Ineffective

  When I checked the status of the tracking info for my WWE Series 12 Alberto Del Rio figure, I noticed that It moved from Groveport Ohio to Logan Township NJ. I live in Hazleton Pennsylvania, and my package went from Ohio to New Jersey. This is messed up big time. Last time I checked, Pennsylvania is between New Jersey and Ohio. So sending this package to Logan Township New Jersey is pointless. Here is the distance between Groveport Ohio and Hazleton Pennsylvania 454 miles, equivalent to an 8 hour and 4 minute drive. Now from Groveport Ohio to Logan Township New Jersey is 506 miles and is equivalent to a 9 hour and 6 minute drive. UPS Mail Innovations give your package the complete run around. Now from Logan Township New Jersey to Hazleton Pennsylvania is 107 miles or a 2 hour and 8 minute drive. Believe me this is really a screwed up logistics system. Why in the Hell can't UPS deliver a freaking package to the state it is going to without taking it to another state that it doesn't belong in? Does a package being sent from Ohio to Pennsylvania have to be sent to a sorting facility in New Jersey? No it does not. I don't think that UPS doesn't give a fuck about how ineffective their UPS Mail Innovations is. They don't belong in the mail prepping business in the first place. If UPS loves logistics so much why won't they fix this damn UPS Mail Innovations. FedEx Smartpost is better than this shitty service called UPS Mail Innovations.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Chevron Cars Wendy Wagon Review.

  I recently bought The Chevron Cars Wendy Wagon on Amazon.com because there aren't any Chevron gas stations in Pennsylvania. Wendy Wagon was the second Chevron Car that was released in a series. She was originally released in 1997 along with Sam Sedan and Tony Turbo.  Also in 1997 Wendy Wagon was in a Chevron with Techron commercial done in Claymation by Aardman Animations. Now Wendy Wagon is not my first Chevron Car that I own. My first one is Brent Blizzard. I bought him on a trip to Arizona back in November of 2006 when I went to visit my Brother and his family.
Wendy Wagon and her box.
  Now Wendy Wagon is well, a green station wagon, as her last name implies. Wendy Wagon has a black roof rack, and black side view mirrors that actually work. Wendy's wheels are a silver metallic color, with real rubber tires. Now to compare Wendy Wagon with Brent Blizzard, Brent has plastic wheels and tires. Like all Chevron Cars, their rear license plate says Techron. Wendy has green eyes with blue eyelids. Her eye movement is her eyes blink when you push the car down and push her. Wendy's two front doors open also. Her hood also opens up just like she does in the commercial when she shows off her engine when talking about Techron.
  The box art for Wendy Wagon is just like her commercial. On one side of the box, she is parked next to the gates of a school with a soccer ball in front of her, the one that bounced off of her in the commercial and you see the child peeking up over the schoolyard wall whose soccer ball hit Wendy. The front of the box is a cropped picture of the sides. Overall this is a very cool toy especially if you are a station wagon enthusiast like myself. For an adult collector this toy may seem babyish to other adults.  If you are contemplating buying her don't let the babyish factor scare you, they make great conversation pieces.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh No Not UPS Mail Innovations Again

  On Saturday I ordered WWE Basic series 12 Alberto Del Rio from Toys R Us.com and my package is being sent through that damn UPS Mail Innovations again. I blogged about this horrendous service that UPS offers. I'll go through explaining this process again for those of you who don't know. UPS receives the package, and prepares it to be delivered through the USPS. Now the tracking information is shittier than the USPS' Track and Confirm where if your lucky enough, your package might get a tracking update once in a while.
  What annoys me is that for the $5.28 I paid to have the figure shipped could have went to UPS to deliver the package instead of their Mail Innovations crap. Or Better yet they could of shipped it USPS for the amount of money. UPS Mail Innovations Sucks big time. I think that when you choose to have something shipped that they should give you options at least to what shipping service you want so you don't get stuck with this so called UPS Mail Innovations.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Hate The Kia Hamsters

  While I was flipping through the channels the other day, I saw a Kia Soul ad with those stupid hipster hamsters. To add to my raged fury, the commercial featured the hamsters and robots dancing to that god awful Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. I wanted to scream because, I hate hamsters that are urban thug hipsters. I don't even know what category they actually are. But did they have to have LMFAO's song in the ad? No I HATE LMFAO. I've Had it up to my brains with hearing that awful song on the radio. That has got to be the WORST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! I thought I was safe from that horrible song when I watch TV. Well I guess I'm not then am I.
  Ok now I've got the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem rant out of my head, and on to the hamsters. These Hamsters are annoying. Why are they annoying? Well considering the fact that by having Hamsters dressed like urban gangbangers and driving a car that is uglier than the Nissan Cube doesn't do it for me. I like the older commercials with the Hamsters when Kia took shots at the Scion XB and the Honda Element, portrayed as a toaster and a cardboard box. I interpreted it as the Scion XB as the cardboard box and the Honda Element as the toaster. Now these ads are being played over with one hit wonder rap singles which makes me want to hate them even more. The CGI hamsters are really getting old now. And I think that Kia has gone way too far with these damn Hamsters. Once is enough. These commercials are cute once. The second time around they are vomit inducing. Hamsters that are the size of humans won't sell me a Kia. In fact I'll never buy a Kia because they are crap. So there you have my Kia Hamster rant.