Monday, March 21, 2011

Score Soundtracks Vs. Various Artists Soundtracks

When I go on my hour lunch break, I walk over to the music store and immediately look at the used soundtracks first. I collect score soundtracks because they are fun to collect. Now what is exactly the point of a song soundtrack? Well on the album art they say that it is Music inspired by the movie usually by various artists. I hate soundtracks that are not scores with the exception of Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Well the soundtracks that have music that is "inspired" by the movie, usually doesn't have anything related to the film at all. How is the music inspired by the movie? This makes no sense because I wouldn't be inspired to write a song after a movie.
What is the point to this?
Best score ever period.
  Score soundtracks on the other hand are harder to find than album soundtracks. I love score soundtracks because they make better sense than an album soundtrack. The only time a song is Ok on the Score soundtrack is when it is the theme from the movie. Also in my opinion is that scores will always beat songs that are inspired by the movie. I mean could you imagine if they released various artists soundtrack alongside Trent Reznor's Oscar winning score for The Social Network. It would suck. The score sets the mood of the movie not a song that is inspired by it. So Various Artist soundtracks are trash and they will never beat score soundtracks ever. The score maybe harder to find than the various artist soundtracks but they are a better investment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Steven Seagal Movie is the Same

 While coming in from outside, my mom and dad were watching a Steven Seagal movie on Spike when it occurred to me that every Steven Seagal Movie is exactly the same. Here's why.
Hmmm this looks familiar.

1. The DVD box art is basically the same thing over and over again. Lets take a look here. Ok so the picture is a movie poster for On  Deadly Ground not a DVD Box so you get the picture. Do you notice anything familiar about it? If you do notice what is familiar about it is that Steven Seagal is holding a gun. He holds a gun in almost every DVD box art and movie poster with the exception of Under Siege. Another overused feature of his movies box art are explosions. He is always holding a gun while an explosion goes off in the background.
2. The plot. What do Steven Seagal movies and Lifetime movies have in common? They have basically recycle the same plot over and over again. Lets take a look at your typical Lifetime movie. Every Lifetime movie has one or all of 4 elements. A. The Lifetime movie is about a woman being beaten by her abusive husband or boyfriend. B. The Lifetime movie is about a woman being raped and wants to get revenge on the rapist. C. The Lifetime movie is about a woman getting killed. D. The woman is being stalked. Now lets look at the typical plot of a Steven Seagal movie. A. Steven Seagal's character has to get revenge on a bad guy. B. Something has happened to his daughter and wants to get revenge on the bad guys who harmed her. Doesn't this remind you of the recurring Lifetime movie elements? C. Steven Seagal has to kick the shit out of the people who have harmed who Steven Seagal is protecting. D. EVERY ONE of his movies is about REVENGE!!!
I Rest my case
3. Nothing is original about his movies due to the fact that the same plot is recycled for only to insert a person place or thing for who was harmed and insert a person place or thing who caused the harm and who Steven Seagal needs to get revenge on. Very Original and Cleaver. WROOONG!!!  It's like the people who write this stuff have ran out of ideas.
  So there you have it. I just explained why every Steven Seagal movie is exactly the same. I just like to tell it how it is.