Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 11 WWE Flashbacks that Mattel Should Make

  The Mattel WWE Legends line never had a chance at retail or online. As a result many classic wrestlers never got made or had a chance of being made. So Mattel really needs to make these figures.
1. Pat Patterson. Now Pat Patterson is a WWE Hall of Famer and was the first Intercontinental Champion in the WWE he also was one of the Corporate Stooges during the Attitude Era. May I remind you that Pat Patterson never had a figure ever so Mattel needs to do him justice and make a Pat Patterson.
2.Gene Snitsky. I am in the minority on this one. Gene Snitsky has a connection to my area, because he is from Nesquehoning PA and I am from Hazleton which is nearby where I live. Also He is my favorite wrestler ever. He could come with a baby and steel chair. It would be Mattel's fault if they don't make him.
3. Xanta Klaus. Now I know that Balls Mahoney isn't signed to a legends contract so the odds of Mattel making a figure of one of Balls Mahoney's old WWF gimmicks would be slim to none. But nevertheless, Xanta Klaus never had a figure made of him. Sure the idea of an evil Santa Claus is stupid but it sure deserves a figure. Maybe it can be a Ringside Collectibles exclusive.
4. Dr. Issac Yankem. Ok this is another wrestler who never got a figure. Before Kane was known as Kane, he had a gimmick as Jerry The King Lawler's personal dentist, Dr. Issac Yankem. This flashback probably won't sell well but whatever, I just want one for my evolution of Kane collection.
5. Vito Lograsso. Yeah that's right I want a Vito Lograsso figure wearing a dress. I may be in the minority on this one again. But as I have stated in the past 1, 3, and 4 figures they never even had a figure of their gimmick. Vito Lograsso never had a figure when he was in WCW or WWE. Also I highly doubt Mattel would want to make a figure of a male wrestler wearing a dress. I want a Vito Lograsso Dammit.
6. The Mountie. Nuff Said
7. Hulk Hogan. Need I say more?
8. Gerald Brisco. Yeah you can't make a Pat Patterson without a Gerald Brisco as the Corporate Stooges. I would love to see them in their King of The Ring 2000 attire. Gerald Brisco had a Jakks Classic Superstars figure but his figure was one of the last ones from the CS line released and is really hard to find and expensive.
9. GI Bro. I love obscure and terrible WCW gimmicks. GI Bro happens to be one of them that was given to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.  Now we need this figure. But Mattel will never make it.
10. Queen Sharmell. We need her to go alongside E14 King Booker.
11 Lita. If Trish Stratus got a flashback, Lita should too. Lita had a huge role in the Snitsky/Kane feud.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1934 Diamond T Doodlebug

  One of my favorite trucks of all time is the elusive 1934 Diamond T Doodlebug tanker. It's one of the most popular Texaco truck banks made by Ertl. Anyway, the Diamond T Doodlebug was one of the most unique and unusual tanker designs of all time. It was way ahead of its time and it still is. The Doodlebug was lower than most tankers and still is standing at a height of 72 inches. The Diamond T Doodlebug's body was made by Heil Co who specializes in tanker bodies. Anyway the 1934 Diamond T Doodlebug wasn't mass produced unlike it's Ertl Bank counterpart was. In real life, Texaco had 6 Doodlebugs made for them. Oddly enough none are known to exist today, so finding one in a barn somewhere would be like finding the Holy Grail or a lost civilization. 
   It is one of my goals on my bucket list to find a Diamond T Doodlebug. If you want to find more info on the Doodlebug here are two links to scans of an article from Hemmings Motor News from 1995 about the Doodlebug.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Funny Mall Santa Pictures

  Since Christmas is just around the corner I thought I would post some funny mall santa pictures. So here we go.

Mike McQueary and Jerry Sandusky

What are you going to do to me Santa?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Don't Donate to Goodwill

  Recently I wrote about why you shouldn't donate to The Salvation Army. Well today I'm telling you of another so called Charity to avoid, Goodwill. Why shouldn't you donate to Goodwill? Well Goodwill exploits the disabled, paying them less than minimum wage, at around $0.22 an hour. That is just as bad as being anti gay. In PA where I live Goodwill pays $0.22 an hour.
  Now how in the hell can Goodwill get away with paying workers $0.22 an hour? Well it's due to an outdated US Law called 14c. Anyway it permits employers to pay its disabled workers less than minimum wage. This law dates back to the great depression and is called subminimum wage. So basically subminimum wage is obsolete and should be abolished.
  What agitates me is that the CEO of Goodwill makes $725,000 a year which is too much for a CEO of a nonprofit organization. So don't donate any goods to Goodwill thrift stores because they markup the prices of stuff that is donated for free, for a high price, like the Salvation Army Thrift stores do. I think Goodwill should be renamed Badwill.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fiat 500L Wedding Commercial

  One of the many commercials that gets on my nerves is that Fiat 500L commercial where the two girls get dressed for a wedding in the backseat of the car. Now it's not possible to get dressed in a compact back seat of a car like they did in the commercial. If two people actually tried to undress themselves and change into a fancy bridesmaids gowns in the backseat of a car, you would get pulled muscles and cramps. Not to mention you would probably accidentally rip the expensive bridesmaids gown as well. There goes $250 down the drain.
  I also would like to think what if they were stopped by a police officer for some random traffic law the driver broken, and he saw the girls changing in the backseat. The police officer would probably give them a hefty citation for indecent exposure on top of the traffic citation as well as make them late for the wedding they were attending. The thing that scares me the most is the ending to the commercial when they reveal there was a boy no older than 10 years old in middle of the backseat where the girls were changing into their bridesmaid dresses. The look on the kids face was kind of sick and twisted if you tend to notice it. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for someone to Photoshop Brian Peppers head on the little kids body. It would make the perfect YTMND site.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Donate to The Salvation Army

 One of the things that you shouldn't do this Christmas season is donate to The Salvation Army. Why? well The Salvation Army is anti gay. That's right, part of the money that is donated in the red kettle campaign,goes to anti gay lobbying. So The Salvation Army's Doing The Most Good slogan is kind of ironic if you ask me. They should have a new slogan that says Doing the Most Evil instead.
  Anyway an Australian Salvation Army official stated in an interview that all gay parents should be put to
death. I find that rather appalling that an Organization would say something like that. First off if you think The Salvation Army is a charity, you are sadly mistaken. The Salvation Army is not a charity at all. As a matter of fact they are a church. Churches and charities are two different things.
  So basically you shouldn't put any money in their red kettles or donate goods to their thrift stores.
Here is legal proof that The Salvation Army is anti gay. "[Homosexual activity is] as rebellion against God's plan for the created order... Homosexual practice, however, is, in the light of Scripture, clearly unacceptable. Such activity is chosen behaviour and is thus a matter of the will. It is therefore able to be directed or restrained in the same way heterosexual urges are controlled. Homosexual practice would render any person ineligible for full membership (soldiership) in the [Salvation] Army." That quote was taken from the Australian branch of The Salvation Army.
  As an American I find it wrong for somebody or organization to discriminate on someone based on if they are LGBT. It's not just right at all. Think of it this way, Jesus had two dads and turned out alright. One of my classmates brought up that point at a Business Club Meeting.
  So please think twice before donating money to The Salvation Army's red kettle campaign, or donating goods to and shopping at their thrift stores.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Censored NASCAR Diecast

  As you may already know or do not know, I collect many different things. One of those things is NASCAR diecast. Mainly I collect the 1:64 scale cars, however I do have some 1:24 scale cars. One of the things that makes no sense in diecast cars is the censorship of sponsors. I know what you are probably thinking. Censoring sponsors? Well they do that on certain types of cars in certain places. I'll explain.
  If a car is sponsored by an alcoholic beverage or tobacco or ED drug and they make a diecast of it that is sold in stores where kids can buy the cars, then they have to censor it. Usually the censorship is pretty humorous. I'll give some examples of the non censored and the censored versions. Lets begin here.  Uncensored will be in bold and censored will be in italics.
  • Viagra, Pfizer (Mark Martin's Viagra 6 Ford.
  • Coors Light, Sterling Marlin Team Sabco. Coors Light 40 Chevrolet/Dodge
  • Miller Light, Rusty Wallace/Rusty
  • Skoal Bandit. Would just be left blank, Harry Gant's 33 Chevrolet
  • Budweiser. Ricky Craven, Dale, DEI, Various drivers including Dale Earnhardt Jr and Ricky Craven
  • Timber Wolf, Purvis,, Jeff Purvis' 37 Chevrolet
  • Kodiak, Stacy Compton, Melling  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mattel Basic 34 Ricardo Rodriguez

  Ok first off I didn't buy this figure when I had the opportunity to buy him when I was at Walmart on Thursday. I just thought the headscan was horrible. His Build a Figure's headscan is a lot better looking than his B34 figure.
  I find it odd that Mattel is now making suited basic figures now. I remember a time when they said they would never make them. However with B34 Ricardo Rodriguez and Battle Pack 35 Paul Heyman, it seems like Mattel has changed their minds about them.
  Mattel seems like they cheaped out on this one. For instance his microphone doesn't have the WWE logo on the flag which reminds me of the generic microphones that came with the Jakks Rocky line.
  I'm glad I passed on this figure because it's not Mattel's best because I think they kinda halfassed it. If you want a Ricardo Rodriguez buy his Build a Figure.

The Face Of Evil

  I'd thought I'd post a picture from one of my favorite movies called The Stupids. It's a picture of Charles Sender, played by Bob Keeshan.
The Face of Evil, Seems Legit

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Irony of The Day Number One: Shipping

  I am a huge fan of the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away. Ever since I saw it in English class in 9th grade, I fell in love with it. Everybody knows about Wilson the Volleyball. He was Tom Hanks' costar in Cast Away. So Wilson Sporting Goods made a Wilson the Volleyball replica with the bloody face handprint on it.
  I've always wanted a Wilson of my own so I decided to buy one from Amazon. Here's the ironic part, In the movie Cast Away, Wilson was shipped through FedEx. However, Amazon shipped my Wilson through UPS. Go figure that one. Anyway my Wilson should arrive at my door on Monday. So I'll be having a volleyball to talk to if I ever get stranded on an island in the South Pacific

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Hate Christmas Music

  Ok I really don't hate Christmas music because I own Christina Perri's Christmas EP. However I do hate Christmas music because every store you go into, is playing Christmas music nonstop. The day after Thanksgiving the music becomes a staple in all stores music playlist. If you work in a store, you feel the pain and get sick and tired of the same Christmas songs being played nonstop.
  If there ever happened to be the best music to use for music torture at Guantanamo Bay, Christmas music is the best choice. Christmas music isn't even original anymore. Practically all Christmas songs performed by today's artists are 99.9% covers of classic Christmas songs. So basically the originality has lost his luster since every Christmas song has been covered a million times over by so many artists.
  I think that some Christmas songs are good, such as Something About December by Christina Perri, and Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas by John Denver. Then there is the terrible stuff, such as The Christmas Shoes by Newsong, and Christmas Time by Paul McCartney, or any Christmas song recorded by Justin Bieber.
  Christmas Albums are the biggest direct to dumpster genre next to dog movies. Yeah I'd rather be tortured in a Turkish Prison than have to listen to Christmas Music. Another reason I hate Christmas Music is that there is a Salvation Army Bell Ringer who sings Christmas songs way out of tune. If you work outside of a major big box store and have to put up with him for a 6 1/2 hour day, you'll see my point.