Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dumping Junk at USAgain Dumpsters

  We've all probably have seen those green and white colored used clothing dumpster bins around since they have become quite popular in recent years. However there is one problem with these donation dumpsters, the dumping of junk that isn't clothing or shoes. At my Walmart they have 3 of these USAgain dumpsters in the top of the parking lot and everytime I seem to go past them I notice a trend, bags of junk left there that people don't bother to put in the dumpster because they are too lazy or my personal favorite CRT Television sets.
  Now in bold lettering all over these USAgain dumpsters it clearly states USED CLOTHING AND SHOES ONLY. I don't think anyone ever takes notice to this policy. People love to dump everything in front of these used clothing bins. I think a lot of people in my opinion do this after they have a yard sale and just take the unsold junk and leave it in front of a dumpster. Heck one time I saw a person dump a huge trailer full of stuff in front of a USAgain Dumpster and didn't bother to put a single thing inside of it. It was all boxes of stuff that didn't sell at their yard sale. This is a problem with illegal dumping but it's a grey area since it's technically donations.
  As a matter of fact most thrift stores won't take old CRT TV's for donations since nobody want's them. Well maybe except for the classic gamers who have systems like an NES or Sega Genesis. Every time my area has a huge electronics recycling drive they fill up the amount of stuff they can take within an hour or two and then they can't accept items anymore, thus leading people to dump their unwanted CRT TV at the nearest USAgain dumpster.
  The fact that people disobey the clothing and shoes only rule doesn't surprise me one bit. People just don't give a damn about it. If they want to get rid of it they'll get rid of it. Just don't dump a bag full of old Baby toys and moldy clothes. It's disgusting to see what people leave in front of these dumpsters once they are exposed to the elements such as rain or snow.
  The overflow of donations that people dump in these dumpsters is what gives these donation dumpsters a bad rap. It's not just USAgain dumpsters that fall victim to this dumping and overflow, other competitors such as Planet Aid suffer from overflow. Secondly the other problem which helps feed the fire here is the fact that these dumpsters are found in just about every parking lot from here to eternity. I wonder how often Planet Aid empties their dumpsters out. I've never seen their truck around cleaning them out.
  A solution to this dumping problem with these dumpsters can be solved by cities and townships passing ordinances limiting the amount of these dumpsters that can be allocated to a parking lot or geographical area. These dumpsters need to be limited to where they can be placed and how many you can place in  a parking lot. These dumpsters are nothing but trouble and makes illegal dumping acceptable

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