Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How The Salvation Army Can Improve Family Day

  If you happen to be a big thrifter like I am, then you probably know that on Wednesday's The Salvation Army has Family Day. Now on Family Day almost everything in the store is 50% off. However there is one little teeny weenie exclusion, a certain color tag is excluded. This week that color tag was yellow.
  This is what really annoys me about family day. The color tag that is excluded in the 50% off sale. The items that you usually really want on family day are the ones with the excluded color tag. This is really insulting to the shopper. I don't want to pay full price for the item that I want there. I want it to be 50% off.
  I like to buy a lot of clothing there to test my shop scissors on to see how well it cuts through them. As for the past 3 weeks of going to the Salvation Army every Wednesday morning has been a waste of time for me. I'm trying not to spend my money at thrift stores as much anymore but The Salvation Army's color tag exclusions on Family Day really ruin it for me.
  I see something really cool and nice and it's excluded this week. What a shame. I saw a few nice items this week that were excluded and it got me thinking why do I even bother coming here anymore? Recently The Salvation Army has become a hit or miss place anymore to find anything good. I noticed that their selections of certain items have diminished significantly. One of those items is men's hats. I've found a lot of nice sometimes brand new hats there in the past for really good prices. Sometimes I found them on Family day where the hat prices were the excluded color tag. That didn't bother me at all sometimes. It's the bigger ticket items or obscure things that I see that annoy me. They haven't stocked any new hats in about a month or two.
  Other things that irk me about Family Day is that they sometimes don't include furniture. That makes sense in a way. I would never buy a couch or a chair from The Salvation Army. My uncle swears off on going in there since he once saw them one morning spraying the furniture for bed bugs. My uncle has a nickname for The Salvation Army, he calls it The Bug Store since they spray the furniture for bed bugs like the Orkin Man.
  If the Salvation Army really wants to improve Family Day they need to include ALL color tags in the 50% off sale not exclude one color. It's that one day of the week that is like their Black Friday. It really couldn't kill them to include everything at 50% off since they all got the stuff for absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. It's not like they can take a loss on anything. Rant over.

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