Sunday, May 21, 2017

Snap-On SGDMRC44B Soft Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver Review.

  I wanted to make a YouTube video reviewing this screwdriver but I no longer have a tripod for my digital camera. The tripod broke when I tried putting a full size Panasonic Omnimovie VHS Camcorder onto the tripod and it couldn't support the massive weight of the behemoth camcorder from 1988. You'll have to excuse me for that apology. I haven't made a new YouTube video in years. I need to get back into the reviewing various toys and other stuff that I own.
 I had acquired the Snap-On SGDMRC44B Soft Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver from my father around 2016. When my father still had his appliance repair business, he would buy Snap-On Tools. Now lets get this straight here, Snap-On Tools aren't really marketed at the appliance repairman demographic, they are more or less in the professional automobile mechanic demographic. So my dad had bought this ratcheting screwdriver from Snap-On, when he did I have no idea. 
SGDMRC44B The best damn screwdriver there is

  Let's review the screwdriver now. The Snap-On SGDMRC44B Soft Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver has got to be the best screwdriver I ever owned and used. It's very convenient and easy design to use. The Black and red soft grip handle contains a thumb dial where you can turn it to three positions, right side to turn to the right, left side to unscrew or loosen. The middle position locks the ratcheting mechanism. This thumb dial makes it easier to switch fastening positions by just flicking your thumb left or right. It can be used both left handed or right handed.  In order to use the Ratcheting mechanism of the screwdriver you need to turn the handle back and forth very gently so it drives the screws in or out very easily. This ratcheting mechanism saves your hand from getting sore from driving screws. It's very ergonomic and has a comfortable feel in your hand.  I've used this screwdriver extensively to hang up MOC Hot Wheels cars on my wall in my attic. I can drive screws into the paneling without any problem. This ratcheting mechanism can act like a manual drill so to speak.
  I've used this screwdriver to disassemble a fan. however due to the fan being metal and the magnetic hex shank this can be a tricky issue with the screwdriver. The magnetic hex shank can sometimes stick to the area you are trying to reach the screw at.
  Now here's the best kept secret about this screwdriver, you can use any magnetic bit for it. You don't need to use the Snap-On bits in it. Although the screwdriver does come with a #2 Phillips bit and a flat tip bit. While we are on the subject of bits, the handle of the screwdriver can hold up to 10 different bits. There is a little red cap on the end of the handle that comes off to store the bits inside of the handle.  
  Now the Magnetic hex shank can also magnetize screws as well in order to hold them into place. This makes it convenient in case the screw falls out or slips out, you can easily pick some screws that are magnetic back up. Not all screws will get magnetized by the hex shank. Not all screws are made out of a magnetic metal. So don't get angry if it won't hold the screw in place just because some screws aren't magnetic. Overall it holds the screws in just fine.
  The Magnetic Hex Shank will fit any magnetic screwdriver bit from any brand. There are some screwdriver bits that won't fit this hex shank such as a #4 Phillips bit which is the largest Phillips Screwdriver type that there is. Snap-On does make other Hex Bit Shanks for this screwdriver such as a 9" one and a 3-1/4" inch one as well. They even make a Speeder for this screwdriver. All of these shanks are sold separately.
  The price of this screwdriver is $77.95 which may seem a little hefty for a screwdriver. Don't let the price scare you away, it's really worth the money. If you buy it online from Snap-On you get free shipping on all orders under $500.
  Now for a $77.95 screwdriver this is the best screwdriver there is on the market. It's manufactured here in the USA which is very uncommon for tools to be made domestically nowadays. Snap-On manufacturers a majority of their tools here in the United States. As Snap-On once said as their slogan There Is A Difference. That slogan is the truth. There are two types of tools out there, OK made tools and then there's quality made tools. Snap-On is quality. You're paying the price for unmatched quality and an unbeatable lifetime warranty.
  Overall I give this ratcheting screwdriver an overall 10/10 stars. I will never go back to my old screwdriver again.

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